I guess you and chrisb have never seen a joist never split at the notch. The larger the deck, the larger the joists. Or how the beams under steel bridges are often joined at mid-span? good luck. If it's a basement ceiling ( 1st floor ) I'd sister w/ 2x6, and run solid blocking the length of the floor. You may have to attach the sisters rigidly to the original joists (i.e. Unless there is some other issue, just get 2x8's and sleep good at night. Yeah, I just realized in the Pemaquid thread that you probably didn't know it was me. How often do joists fail in shear, versus showing excessive deflection? 2x6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Decking As one of the hardest and most dense of the softwood species, Douglas Fir makes a practical, as well as a beautiful, addition to your home. A grand piano and a room full of drunk dancers should split them. halifax, nova scotia. Span Tables for deck joists, deck beams, and deck flooring, giving . 112 Fourth Street P.O. Some folks use 2x6 … Min of 1,500 lb stress design capacity for each device … It may help to know the span. "seams on opposite ends" Sorry, I don't understand. What seams? Decking made of 2x4s or 2x6s can span up to 24 inches. it works according to the the residential deck guide. Sistered a 2' - 2x6 to the seam with a ton of 16s and called it good. Gotta disagree that that the notched 2X8 provides little gain. At 16' that's 39 pier blocks. Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. Bolt with 2" long 1/4" lag bolts to the bottom edge of the 2x6. But even with steel, this floor is seriously overspanned, so I still think that a beam with posts under it all is called for. My front deck (480 sq) has 2x6 decking and the rear deck (300 sq) has 5/4 decking, both 16" on center. If possible, your best bet is to add more 2x6 so that you end up with 2x6 @ 12" oc. Added to that is the powder post beetle damage.Basically, anything I do is going to help. However, your joist spacing needs to be shortened from 16 inches to about 12" or less so the 1" material will not deflect and and break under stress. What about a mid span beam? For a low deck like this I would run 3 doubled 2x8… Podcast 305: Asbestos Flooring, Panned Return Ducts, and Adding On to a Log Home, Podcast 303: Advanced Framing, Wood Floors in a Bathroom, Unsafe Pools, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. Can't replace the 2x6s w/ 2x8s; would be nice but not possible w/o raising the whole upper floor. (like a flinch beam) The wider you make the rip the stronger it will be and I would keep the grain going horizontal. Find the correct deck joist spacing and span before you start building. I once learned that a good engineer is lazy and cheap--they are supposed to find the easiest solution to the problem, using the least amount of resources. Stiffness varies directly with the width of the joist. Apr 28, 20 11:17 AM. If you use 5/4 decking, joists must be no farther apart than 16 inches. In this episode of Shop Class, learn how to measure, cut, and build window casing made of cellular PVC, solid wood, poly-ash boards, or any common molding material. Price it out and see. LLive loading on a deck is estimated at 40 … Quality wise, I prefer the 5/4 decking… I would not even consider it to drive a vehicle over unless it were just a covering to a solid sub-floor… If you dig you really got to get down below the frostline or you are wasting your time.For a coop … The problem is that in all the old homes I have worked on, probably a quarter to a third of the notched 2by framing joists have splits in them, originating at the point of the notch. Your best bet is to install more 2x6's "in between" (12" oc) and even then your still not within code. 2x6 V 2 Sides. In typical deck construction, with a ledger on one side of the joist and beam on the other, the size of the joists is driven by the size of the deck … A bouncy floor means the joist needs more meat towards the middle of the span. Now that full disclosure has been made...You need to sister all of those joists with 2x6 AND run a beam with posts down the center under it all. I am building a 10'x12'deck (not attached to a ledger board). Also, if you have a drill press, the lowest cost, easist method has not net been mentioned. CULPEPER PORCH FLOORING is a superior choice to help you enjoy that lazy summer day. 2 … My plan was to pour concrete footings, then run doubled up 2x8 beams setting on the footings. If you can slightly jack up the ;middle of the 2x6 while installing the bolts, it is even better. It is hard to tell whether you are asking sister 2x6 OR replace with 2x8 OR sister 2x8. Sistering has its applications, but can not correct all situations. About the same effect on stiffness increase as a sistered 2x8 (BTW, you only need to sister an 8 ft piece of 2x8 if glued, agree with previous poster on don't even need end support on a sistered 2x8. will provide more support, strength, and improved floor assembly compared to 2x4 of the same grade and species. Splitting longitudinally at the notch is another issue. For example, 2x6 joists that are spaced 24-inches o.c. I'm always surprised by the smart old carpenters who don't seem to get this principle. You would be better to check the national building code - joist spacing - before you buy your lumber. Your IP: Frequently used for loft flooring and roof decking… I would use 3/4 plywood "glued and nailed on both sides with seams on opposite ends" to sister up the 2x6, if a beam at midspan will not work. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Mark. The floor is spongy with the current 2×6 @ 24 OC. I may be wrong. - posted in Machinery: I have to replace boards on my stock trailer floor, the boards are 5 ft going width wise. glue and screws) to get the full advantage. Rule of thumb 1" of dimension to 1 foot of span. boracare is what you want to google up for treating, unless you want to hire an extermoinatortor. The cube of 1.3636 is 2.5357, so the stiffness value of the 2x8 by itself is 2.5357 times the stiffness value of the 2x6. My calculation says that sistering another 2x6 will reduce the deflection by 50%, while sistering a 2x8 will reduce it by 72%. Notching the ends of the joists reduces the shear strength, but a 2x6 has plenty of material in shear for most floor loads. You could use 1x6 for deck. Beetle damage does not seem to have been covered by others, what is the extent, will the 2x6s hold bolts??? In my experience usually 2x6 don't span more than 9 feet (new const.). Boss Hog has instructed us that the "feel" of a floor depends on its resonant frequency as well as the the actual deflection. live load floor joist span … Which is better for deck flooring: 2x6 or 1x6 deck boards? of the three, the 2x8 sister is best. What would be better to “stiffen” a floor: sister another 2×6 or to put a 2×8 with the ends cut to a 2×6 and then use a hanger? • Thanks for the reply.I'm looking at 10 feet between walls that is being spanned. Use a 1/8" or 3/16  1-1/2 wide piece of steel strap (or angle if clearane, etc) about 9 ft long(for the 10 ft span) . JB, Replacing with a notched 2x8 will gain very little for the trouble. You will get most of any bounce on a deck from the span/size of the joists, not the decking, so one up your joists for a sturdy deck. Assuming that a notched joist's shear strength is reduced to that of a 2x6 and force is applied at the end where the notch is, there won't be much deflection. The majority of the bending stress is closer to the center of the span; that's where he needs the most material added. If there is to be a railing, you need the joists to be at least 2x8s. Deck Joist Existing Floor Joist Ledger Board Hold-Down or Similar Tension Devise located in at least 2 locations, within 24” of each end of deck. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. x 5-1/4 in. If op runs 2x6" with 11' as the joist run, they will need 3 per joist. Yes and noyou are citing paper knowledge that demonstrates values at new installation. Add that to the stiffness of the original 2x6 and you get a total stiffness of 3.5357. ... 2x8 Sloppy V *Tongue & Groove is available in all grades ... 2x6 Square Edge. in a previous dicussion on this issue, it was pointed out that making the notch cut with a jigsaw to spread the forces along a curve instead of focused on a point in the grain, this is reduced. Or some type of ground contact skid. There is a LOT of labour involved in a flitchplate arrangement, so we commonly only do it for beams, though it could work for joists too. But then I don't build temporary. There are interior walls but not under the seam. ArmorGuard 15/16 in. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. This wise old carpenter said nothing about shear strength, and I don't think any others do either. These guys were so narrowly focused that they didn't seem to notice the specific application re sistering. If that's not possible, a mid span beam would be the next best option. Again, deflection varies as the inverse of stiffness, so the deflection of a 2x6 and 2.8 sistered together is 1 / 3.5357 = .2828, relative to the deflection of the 2x6 alone, for a 71.72% reduction. Read More. - M.K. Active 11 months ago. Height of Deck … Ask Question Asked 9 years, 6 months ago.
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