The shelf life of this bread is incredible and noteworthy. Altamura bread has different shapes and sizes. Our O-tentic durum is based on 100% durum wheat flour, just like the Altamura bread, creating the typical Mediterranean taste: aromatic, nutty and creamy. Perhaps the Latin poet Horace was the first to praise, that the bread of Altamura is so amazing “wise travelers carry a load on their shoulders for later.”, Today, visitors to Puglia can enter the Altamura Cathedral to see this bread depicted within ancient art. It is famous in Italy as one of the finest and oldest types of bread in the country and is a protected name within the European Union. Historically, it was eaten by both peasants and royalty, truly bridging the gap and reflecting the entire community of Altamura. Add salt and dough. In Puglia, rolling fields of wheat swaying in the gentle breeze unfurl as far as the eye can see. The cathedral, built in 1232, features examples of. This means it’s a highly regulated product. The other common shape is called u sckuanete in the Puglia dialect, meaning “overlapped bread.” This shape is a large, rustic knot. Curious about the taste? Pane di Altamura's fantastic taste is partly down to the local wheat used, which has to be one of four specific varieties So why do people rave so much about this marvellous bread? Bread made with 100% semolina does not develop a thick crispy crust like bread made from high protein all purpose or bread flour. In fact, the crust tends to crack. To make the “Priest’s Hat,” bakers will work the dough into a round ball and cut an “x.” Once baked, the bread will split, forming four distinct peaks. This bread is only authentic and traditional when made with its regional ingredients. I developed this recipe from one in the Il Fornaio Baking Book, by Franco Galli. The bread from Altamura is nutty and mildly sour. These wood-burning … Their pride in this cherished product is what turned a local bread into a celebrated champion of the baking world. The bread’s distinctive yellow colour comes the from the use of semolina, which has a 10–15% higher capacity of water absorption than traditional flour. Pour semolina with water. Altamura (Semolina) Bread Makes: 1 small loaf. Don't feel obligated to write up the whole recipe; a source would be much A century-old Italian bread appreciated worldwide, the first to have obtained PDO status (products with protected designation of origin) in 2013: the Altamura bread.A round loaf with a crisp crust, inside it is soft, yellow and slightly honeycombed. 100g sourdough biga - … Throughout its history, Pane di Altamura was eaten by both peasants and royalty, bridging the gap between rich and poor, and reflecting the unity of the community of Altamura. Before being placed into wood-burning brick ovens, bakers will work the dough into a round ball and cut a cross into the top to make u cappidde de prèvete (or ‘priest’s hat’). Finally give the loaf the shape of the bread and let rise in two kitchen clothes. Grano duro flour. PDO regulations insist the crust of this bread should be at least 3 mm thick, making for quite the crunchy bite. The recipe for this Semolina bread is from Bread Matters: The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own. Working method. Primoforno Frozen Bread line is an unique speciality. They were built in the 1800's and can bake up to 300 kilos of bread at 200-300°C using oak wood. During his travels through the lands of what we now call Puglia, the poet discovered the famous bread, and took a supply of it with him for his return trip. Pane di Altamura n/a Named after a town settled on one of the Murge plateau hills, pane di Altamura is a country-style sourdough bread that has been traditionally produced in the provinces of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani for centuries. That way locals and visitors who taste the bread know what they’re eating is the same as what Horace sampled in 37 BC. Semolina Flour gives it a distinct texture, flavor and aroma that is unique to Italy! Altamura’s bread is made from whole grain wheat flour and baked in wood-burning ovens, as they have been made traditionally. translates simply as “bread from Altamura,” pointing to its origin town within the Bari province of Puglia, Italy. 350gr water. Recipe. It all comes down to its inimitable texture and taste; a three-millimetre crust gives Pane di Altamura a crisp, compact shell, which makes for a hearty, crunchy bite. The bread is therefore highly regulated; if bakers want to use the name Pane di Altamura DOP, they must meet all PDO benchmarks to ensure that they are using traditional methods and ingredients. The bus to Altamura dropped us off at the edge of town. Delicious enjoyed in salads or simply with anchovies. Altamura is a small town in the olive-clad hills of inland, central Puglia. Francisco Cabrera. The superb Altamura bread is made from remilled durum wheat semolina from the Alta Murgia in the Province of Bari, mixed with a natural sourdough starter, warm water and sea salt. The water used in producing the dough should be 34 … The bread from Altamura is nutty and mildly sour. We want to find out how to make bread – more specifically, Italian bread, and Italians know that Altamura bread is one of the best in the country. A product completely handmade in artisan way. Add water until the bread is covered and bring to a boil. Likewise, the yeast, grain, sea salt and water always comes from the local region, which is what makes the bread so unique. Curious about the taste? So why do people rave so much about this marvellous bread? This bread’s history is long, a recipe that was made in all of pugliese society and brought to local bakers to bake in communal wood ovens. Until now, we had only assumed that we were going in the right direction. Let rise for 3 hours. This means it’s a highly regulated product. Here's the Italian secret to make the best homemade bread ever! Surrounded by fields and fig trees, we followed the main road up the hill where the view flattened out and I could see the two towers of the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. That’s pretty precise! Learn how it’s made and why it’s held in such high regard. Mix. Altamura bread is particularly special, as it is the only bread in Europe that has Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, which it was granted by the EU in 2003. —Milano, Antonio Mancinelli | [gallery]Photographer Federico Garibaldi for Essen | a taste magazine. In fact, Latin poet Horace mentioned the famed bread in writings from the 1st century BC.
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