However, for the students who are serious and apply themselves to learning the material presented in each class, their knowledge will be greatly broadened, as they become well-rounded professionals in the careers of their choice. Learn More >, Northcentral University (NCU) was founded to provide accessible, high-quality, online graduate degrees to working professionals. This section explores some of the factors we include in our ranking and how much they vary depending on the school you select. It’s pretty small compared to other colleges so it’s better because you can interact with professors and classmates better! It is a Christian University. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I transferred to Claflin University in 2018 going into my junior year. The campus is very much family oriented and looks out for every student and not a select few. Also, administration does not listen to students concerns and desires to enhance the culture, or even work on student retention or enrollment rates. The College made sure to keep students connected through events online or events where they could social distance. I have attended Winthrop throughout my whole college career. In fact, I was accepted here the day I applied. In fact, many people like you choose to acquire a graduate degree in a supporting field like law, business, geography, or … The top online history programs prepare graduates for a variety of careers, including roles in fields outside of history. In the end, it teaches you how to be a strong person in the world. You learn leadership and professional development skills that can definitely be of value in any career field students decide to pursue after graduating.Read 388 Reviews, Sophomore: This University is amazing! The campus is very much family oriented and looks out for every student and not a select few. The students are kind and diverse, which enables everyone to walk among other walks of life. In the end, it teaches you how to be a strong person in the world. Whether you need a bachelor's degree to get into a career or want a master's degree to move up in your current career, All in all, I love Erskine and think it's a great school. I love my professors at Winthrop. A major in Military History is a very popular major and is offered at a wide variety of colleges and universities, all of which are listed below. The teachers are willing to help and provide for you by offering resources for internships, jobs, gallery openings, and many more things. America's Top Colleges. 119 of 619. The dorms have some problems here or there but, I prefer my dorm over my home sometimes! This year's Best Colleges for History in South … Claflin, the oldest HBCU in South Carolina, is a university I would recommend to all students, especially African American students. The class sizes are very small which makes it easy not only to get to know your classmates but also your teachers really well, who are available pretty much always through office hours and email. I absolutely love the Criminal Justice curriculum offered at USC-Upstate, as well as the professors that teach the material. The university itself is just too small and there is little to no "night life", which is why I am transferring. Wofford has been a wonderful home away from home! Starting off the semester online, then coming to the college, and then finishing it off back online. The classes are smaller than most which creates a much more closer learning experience. Welcome to our ranking of the 25 best small colleges for history majors on a budget. I love it at UofSC! List of Sewanee - The University of the South majors by size and degree. Best Colleges with Art History, Criticism and Conservation Degrees in the U.S. No matter who you are, Converse will make room and time for you to grow.Read 596 Reviews, Freshman: The school is definitely challenging, it involves people yelling at you, a lot of physical activity, and extra military aspects that make it a lot different than attending a regular college. Rice University 3. It is hard to beat Citadel Military College of South Carolina if you want to study history. They cater to those with disabilities VERY well. I really like Erskine. This particular curriculum taught is vigorous and aggressive. However, despite the difficulties that the school puts in front of its students, the overall experience is one that students and their families can be proud of. As such, I never had many friends. The professors are nice, reasonable, accessible and want to actually help you succeed. There is so much that you can do. Best Colleges with Military History Degrees in the U.S. The professors care a lot about the individual and their path for the future. The staff and faculty are VERY caring, intelligent, upbeat, open-minded, and they often go above and beyond for their students.
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