Manuals and User Guides for Canon XA15. • “Full HD 1080” refers to Canon camcorders compliant with high-definition video composed of 1,080 vertical pixels (scanning lines). A fully featured but 3 year old 20x optical zoom, 1.1kg video camera. A wireless connection on your camcorder allows you to easily transfer videos to your computer, store them on the cloud or upload them to Facebook, all without having to worry about connecting via a wire. Can anyone know the difference between them? Ahead of NAB Show 2019, Canon now officially announced previous leaked five new 4K camcorders today: Canon XA40, Canon XA45, Canon XA50, Canon XA55, Canon VIXIA HF G60. The standard battery lasts 100 min. ... XA11, XA15, XA20, XA25, XA30, XA35, XA40… Video resolution is the amount of pixels that make up each frame of the recorded video. with an improved circular aperture, the XA15/XA11 can record more natural, beautiful images. Highlight AE, Exposure lock, Auto backlight compensation, Exposure compensation amount shown as ±3 when locked (±12 increments) or ±2 in AUTO (±8 increments).Daylight (Approx. Learn More † Prices and specifications subject to … Sales & Expert advice … The absence of a C-LOG picture profile, ISO settings (dB marking only), and “creative” aspect ratio markers can indicate that this camera was designed to catch the attention of news crews on a budget or independent documentary filmmakers. Canon XA11 vs XA15; Canon XA11 vs XA40; Canon XA50 vs XF400; Panasonic HC-WXF991K vs HC-VX981K; Canon Vixia HF G20 vs G21; Tweet. The impressive image quality is enhanced by an 8-blade Circular Aperture design which helps create smooth out-of-focus areas. The Newsshooter forums have just launched. Slow & Fast Motion recording with a maximum speed of 1200x in both 4K and Full HD is also possible. Canon XA25. Canon XA15 was released this year in January. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Canon … The XA50 and XA55 are the first models in the XA-series to include a 1.0-type CMOS sensor with Dual Pixel Autofocus technology. vs. Canon XA20. XA40. Any closer than this and the subject will be blurry. A site for working professionals in the TV & Film industry. The Canon XA15, XA11 and VIXIA HF G21 Full HD camcorders are all scheduled to be available at the end of December 2017 for an estimated retail price of $1899.00, $1399.00 and $999.00 respectively. … Design. The XA40 slots between the XA11 and the XA15, while the XA50 fills the gap between the XA15 and XF400. In our awesomeness score Canon XA11 ranks #4 out of 96 and Sony HXR-NX100 ranks #12 out of 96. Canon Service Tool for Projectors Canon Service Tool for Projectors Canon Service Tool for Projectors. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The XA15 Professional Camcorder features a Genuine Canon 20x HD Zoom Lens that provides a highly versatile zoom range with 35mm equivalent of 26.8–576mm, and a minimum object distance of just 23.6 inches (60cm). That's 5.38MP higher than the Canon XA15 (2.91MP). Matthew is available to hire as a DP in Japan or for work anywhere else in the world. The Canon XA40 has a face detection, whereas the Canon XA15 does not have this feature. 5-Axis IS. The XA55 sits between the XF400 and the XF405. The XA40 is a palm-sized camcorder that weighs in at 730g (body only). Specifications. You need to charge the battery on the camera, until you get one. Professional-quality audio is possible with linear PCM 4-channel audio recording and two XLR terminals, while 3G-SDI terminals (XA55 only) provide a Full HD of 4:2:2 10-bit signal. 20x optical/400x digital zoom. The Canon XA40 has a max video resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels pixels, which is 4 times higher maximum video resolution as the Canon XA11 (1920 x 1080 (Full HD) pixels). XA55 / XA50. I solved this problem via Amazon where I got a third-party travel charger for $5 and third-party 2XL batteries (Canon BP-828 equivalents) t… Canon XF405 Review Conclusion. Canon XA40/XA45 have a 20x optical Zoom (35mm equivalent 29.3-601mm zoom range) Canon XA50/55 – have a 15x optical Zoom (35mm equivalent 25.5-382.5mm range) The XA55 and XA50 camcorders both feature a 1.0-inch sensor, nine-bladed circular aperture and Dual-Pixel CMOS AF with a 15x genuine wide-angle Canon … Uses the 4K UHD sensor to deliver superior Full HD images. A compact, professional Full HD camcorder with 20x optical zoom. A built-in microphone isn't going to be as high quality as a professional mic, but it's a good alternative if you want to record audio alongside your home videos. High quality Full HD. Any closer than this and the subject will be blurry. MP4 up to 150Mbps. Face detection makes it far easier to make sure that people always appear in full focus, meaning no messed up videos due to bad focus. VIP. The XA40 is a more compact palm sized 4K UHD camcorder with 1/2.3-type sensor and 20x Optical zoom. The Canon XA40 has a closest focusing distance of 0.01m, however the Canon XA15 is a 0.02m closest focusing distance camcorder (0.01m bigger). vs. Canon Vixia HF G20. The XA15 Professional Camcorder features a Genuine Canon 20x HD Zoom Lens that provides a highly versatile zoom range with 35mm equivalent of 26.8–576mm, and a minimum object distance of just 23.6 inches (60cm). The Canon XA15 has a built-in microphone, but the Canon XA40 does not have this feature. The Canon XA20 came out on the market first before the XA30. Canon XA15 … Canon XA15 is a very popular and one of the cheaper options. $1,499.00: Get the deal: Canon XF-105 "High Definition Profession... Canon XF-105 "High Definition Professional Camcorder, XF Codec, CF Card Media, 10X HD Zoomlens, 1920 x 1080 CMOS Sensor Waddizzle. The XA40 slots between the XA11 and the XA15, while the XA50 fills the gap between the XA15 and XF400. Motorized drive zoom lens brings you up close to distant objects and scenes. A surprise was my … The Canon XA55, XA50 and VIXIA HF G60 are scheduled to be available in … Page 3 Highlights of the Camcorder The Canon XA45 / XA40 4K … The resolution of the videos a camcorder produces is measured in megapixels (MP). He is the Editor of and has been writing on the site since 2010. Customers like Canon XA11 way more Canon XA11, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Sony HXR-NX100 [4.6 vs 4.1 ]. Canon XA40, XA50 and XA55. This additional shadow detail is extremely beneficial. Price comparison. 'Weight' denotes the weight of the camcorder, including battery. We take a look at the successors to Canons very popular XA30 & XA35 camcorders. One megapixel is equal to 1 million pixels and is a result of the pixel width multiplied by the pixel height of the image. Comparing Canon XA40 vs Canon XA15 vs Canon XA11 . Wide-angle 4K zoom. If you need to travel with a camera, you will benefit from the camera’s small size., but you need to add a few things to the XA40 before you can get shooting. Also, the XA55 model is equipped with a 3G-SDI out port. Objevte mimořádně kompaktní, profesionální videokameru 4K XA40 od společnosti Canon s rozměry do dlaně. AVCHD: 28|24|17|5Mbps | MP4: 35|24|17|9|3 Mbps; Canon XA40 vs Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema. Both the XA50 and XA55 feature a 1.0-type sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF and 15x Optical Zoom with Super UD elements (Ultra-Low Dispersion). This innovative guide applies Dual Pixel CMOS AF phase-difference technology to assist in achieving the same highly accurate focus. Features. Canon XF100. Find Out More. Continuous Slow and Fast motion recording are available in both UHD and Full HD with a maximum speed of 1200x. Add at least two items to compare. Back to product overview. The Canon XA40 is a small and mighty UHD camcorder yielding canon’s color as a weapon against single-lens camera hate in an s35mm and full-frame world. The Canon XA15 Full HD Camcorder is a compact run-and-gun camera that is suitable for ENG, event coverage, and independent and documentary filmmaking. The Canon XA15 offers all the ports and design for pro use, but skips the 4K for a more palatable price. Price & Availability. Canon XA35. The cameras have low power consumption with their battery supporting more than two hours of continuous operation. The new XA-Series cameras will retail for the following prices: Matthew Allard is a multi-award-winning, ACS accredited freelance Director of Photography with 30 years' experience working in more than 50 countries around the world. Price & Availability. Canon XA40 Specifications SheetDownload. For a refresher of the advantages of worldcam vs segregated cameras, check out my 2015 article (illustrated above) Why we should only use worldcams. Canon XA40 Specifications Page by category. The XA40 is the most compact camcorder of the three and features a1/2.3-type sensor with a 20x Optical Zoom. The only difference between the XA50 and XA55 is that the XA55 has 3G SDI. Posts: 10,424. 'Closest Focusing Distance' indicates the closest distance that the camcorder can be from the subject to achieve a perfect focus.
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