Chaeto is a plant and requires light to conduct photosynthesis and convert nutrient-rich or dirty water into cells. if it is growing, then there are excess nutrients. Chaeto not growing. If you do have a larger tank with a large refugium this is a perfectly viable alternative for growing chaetomorpha. Macroalgae is making a huge comeback in reefkeeping. In the past, I had good growth with a 12W Home Depot Daylight LED floodlight, but last year it stopped growing. Some species of Chaeto may survive for short periods of low salinity, but the long-term effects of these environments have not yet been studied. The Chaeto has more than doubled in size in less than 5 days with these changes. The prolific green algae Chaetomorpha spp. Balance your nutrient levels and watch your in-tank ecosystem thrive! The point of keeping chaeto is to get it to grow so you can harvest portions of it; removing "bound" nutrients. In some other cases, it is kept in so-called algae reactors (indeed, Chaetomorpha is by far the most commonly used algae for this). Chaetomorpha will need at least 12 hours/day of light to grow. I do water changes bimonthly-monthly. Provides 13 elements critical to long-term health, growth, and coloration of aquatic plants I want to know why my chaeto never grows. Chaeto is a species native to marine environments and most likely will not grow in freshwater aquariums or refugiums. Many other factors. Feeding Chaeto is pretty simple. This picture shows 6 weeks for growth with my Kessil H380. Nutrients matter. All that you need to get a nice stand of Chaeto growing in your aquarium, sump, or refugium is a moderate amount of flow, decent lighting, and a handful of Chaeto from your local fish store. Previously my Chaeto … Hope this works. Chaeto can grow extremely fast. New posts … With my 90w led my chaeto has experienced insane growth in just 15 days. Accidentally ran across this stuff that grows Chaeto like crazy! Chaeto is normally one of the easiest macroalgae species to keep in the marine aquarium, as it is fast growing, not very demanding and non invasive. Chaeto can be grown floating or attached to an object in your saltwater marine aquarium. However, it might be as simple as your chaeto isn't getting enough light on it's own. Watch my previous video to see how much growth has occurred in 5 days. Tilted as the fastest growing macroalgae, Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is an alternate option to Chaeto. My display tank is filled with small pieces of Chaeto. Menu. Rising Nitrates after adding chaeto. The second concern is that the bulbs supplied with the unit will work as a grow light however they are not ideal. If there is a nutrient that is limiting, then it will not grow. Generally, it is maintained in large clumps within a specially set up refugium. My Chaetomorpha algae is not growing so I decided that I will need to change my LED bulb to a new T5 light system. Still Not Growing? If you place it near a rock, it can grow its tendrils and entangle itself and remain anchored to the rock. Depending on your situation this may not even be a practical option. Chaeto does not have roots. Get your REEFTEEZ shirts here If it is not possible to have a moderate water flow, you can simple shake or rinse off the Chaeto in saltwater from time to time to removes all the detritus. that would indicate a healthy reef to me. If you are combining it with chaeto for filtering use, or for growing pods, then you should mix it into the Chaeto ball so it grows within the Chaeto. Can you guess what happened? The matted structure of the masses it forms very effectively traps particulate organic matter from the water column. You can typically see when the chaeto has grown to the capacity of its container and is could literally be … As long as it has a reliable lighting source, it is quite easy to cultivate and does not need any nutrient supplementation. If your chaeto isn't getting enough nutrients, it will starve, no matter how good your light source. I would trim the chaeto weekly when it's growing good... after it fills up about 1/2 the refuge and keep it at about that amount... pruning weekly or bi-weekly as needed. My experience with chaeto is it will not grow well in a newer tank, parameter swings of a new tank I would guess, but It can be a number of things. Look into a nitrate or phosphate supplement, but be sure to read the label instructions to keep the ratios balanced. Adaquate lighting is key to growing chaeto Chaetomorpha. The very first day, the caulerpa started to turn white, possibly going asexual, so i freaked out and tossed it in the trash. Measuring at 10. New posts Trending Search forums Unanswered threads Today's Posts. It serves the same purpose to eliminate nutrients in the water. the object is to be able to put some Chaeto in a system and watch it die. While more flow is usually better for chaeto, you want it to tumble around if you can get it to, it will grow in … The sump on the LEFT (edited) is how my Chaeto had been for months: not really growing. If you add chaeto and nitrate keeps rising or is crazy high, you know you don’t have enough chaeto or room for it to grow. Algae is thriving in the DT, changed up the light schedule to reduce it in … Remove Excess Nutrients. Obviously since the goal of chaeto is to remove nitrates, a lower level is ideal, but your chaeto will grow slower (and at extremes can create issues where there's too little nutrients in the water) Maintain the right levels of phosphates. It could be used on smaller tanks or tanks without refugiums. I just started my sump up and put some Chaeto in Refugium section. It generally does not require any supplementation of nutrients or trace elements. Home. When you harvest the Chaeto, remove the Ulva and add it to the Chaeto that remains in your tank, as Ulva grows slower than chaeto, and should not … Again with my Chaeto tank, it’s more about holding versus growing so I did not paint the tank. Phosphate levels should not drop below 0.02 ppm. The best light for growing chaeto is about the same intensity required to grow most corals. I have a sump/refugium with Chaeto and a flourescent bulb that runs alternate my tank lights. Chaeto just floats around like in the ocean, looking like a large Brillo pad. Chaeto is sought out because people have not figured out what it means when it grows. The cheat on the other hand started to grow like crazy. Periodically I have to get more chaeto and I noticed now that I have trace Nitrates.. Be sure to avoid excessive trimming, you can actually take important nutrients away from your Chaeto by doing so. If you notice that your Chaeto is starting to take over your refugium, you may need to give it a trim. Especially when gives the proper light and nutrition. I decided to go all out on a Kessil h380 and give it a shot. Give your Chaeto some light. So I've tried and failed 3x now with chaeto in my sump. not a good thing. The light i was using kept everything alive and grew at a slow rate. If copepods and amphipods are present in the aquarium system, the chaeto turf will be like a magnet to them. As a result, copepods love hiding out in the ample interior spaces of the chaeto. We ship a tennis ball size of Chaeto with each purchase.This should be enough to start a refugium. Pruning often will not only keep a continual export, it will also help keep the cheato clean and healthy. I have the AI fuge light. Clean Chaeto grows quickly and cleans your tank by consuming excess Nitrates & Phosphates for easy nutrient export. The most obvious downside is the size of the unit. Macroalgae should be able to outcompete other types of algae in the display tank and also “scrub” the excess nutrients from the water. Chaeto is a slow growing species of algae because of it’s thick cellular structure, and if conditions favor faster growing algae you will get green hair algae which attaches on top of the chaeto, causing the chaeto to be blocked from light and flow, and eventually causing the chaeto to die and rot. It's best to keep it growing so you can prune it as often as possible. has become one of the most widely used “macros” by saltwater aquarists. How do I stop that? A perfect … I have nitrates and phosphates, not too high but still there, just had an ICP test no contaminants that should be killing it. I kept chaeto and caulerpa. For best growing results give it bright lighting and moderate flow. Sea Lettuce. A Chaeto reactor is just a normal media reactor with a light strip wrapped around it. My Nitrates were at about 40ppm. Sharing some progress on my Chaeto growth. ANy help. Forums. Not long after the Chaeto in your refugium either dies out or stops growing altogether. Feeding the Chaeto in the Growout Holding Tank.
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