Simple....modern engineering with a 2 row aluminum radiator results in better cooling than a 40 year old 3 or 4 core radiator. Not a good radiator. It's time for a new radiator in the Fury, because she's still overheating even with a new water pump and 160 thermostat. Thanks for the indepth study you did!! 348 / 4-speed air car and so far, 1st summer and I have had no issues. The warranty for a lifetime sounds good...but, after about 6 months … Champion Radiators We manufacture the nation's best all aluminum radiator. Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2018. This is an old post from last fall, I brought here because I was asked about my radiator… Thanks Update It's been not even a year and my rad … purchased thru Jeg's for my 1982 Chevrolet Class C RV . Having it recored and repaired will cost you 3 times as much and you'll still have a 40 year old radiator. My Champion Aluminum Rad . Now the truth comes have an Axe to grind perhaps then you won't be so uptight. They Handle Higher Horsepower at over 850! You certainly have alot of other choices if you've got $1000 to spend. Obviously I can't see all the way inside each a new or boiled rad may have done better, but I honestly doubt it. We are closed to … Priced right and I like it . I was going to get me a 2 row 1 inch tubs, but no one had them available when I got mine over a year ago. Our 3 Rows Feature Polished Tanks Price Range from $220-$260. Champion Aluminum Radiators - Premium Quality & Free Shipping! Will it fit? All Champion Radiators … I have read several reviews about 2 row 1" tube aluminum radiators. Great write up. Plus today's technology and it's made out of aluminum is more efficient in cooling. I wonder if having the old radiator boiled out and new antifreeze would have improved the temps of the old radiator? From American Muscle and Hot Rods to Classic cars and trucks, find out why CC All Aluminum Radiators are the most … Instagram user badazzclassicsnmore was pleasantly surprised to see how easy their Cold-Case radiator was to … Champion’s line of three-row radiators come with three rows of either 5/8’s or 3/4-inch-spaced tubes, with 14 to 16 louvered fins per inch. Around $230 these are rated for 500+Hp. I bought this $193 radiator off Ebay, with free shipping: Ebay cheapo Patriot radiator Note it is made in the Champion factory…as are all the reportedly cheapo junk foreign assembled aluminum radiators. My 4 row INCLUDING dual fans was less than $500. Our 2 Rows with 1inch Tube Feature Polished Tanks and Billet Style Cap. Champion Cooling System Monster Cooling-Series Radiators have four rows of 11/16 in. Showing 1-1 of 1 reviews VetteZ06 3.0 out of 5 stars A nice product for a great price but, they should fix the little things. 1.0 out of 5 stars Plan on leaks at 6 months. ... Champion Cooling … Just like my condenser that the kids in California designed (for … Champion All-Aluminum Radiators are manufactured to the highest of standards paired with … The Champion aluminum shroud … But the engine itself is actually a WT code out of a 1970 Firebird 400 4 speed. with a cooling capacity to approximately 800-1200+ horsepower. (I also found out that I have a 360 manifold instead of a 318 manifold when buying the thermostat.) Is it a ripoff? And the Antifreeze was fresh and clean...less than 1 year and less than 1000 miles since I last had the motor out. Had to modify one mounting bracket hole but other … This aluminum radiator offers a perfect fit for most of the classic racing vehicles. Champion Cooling Systems reserves the right to change, delete, supplement, or otherwise amend the information contained in this catalog at any time without prior notice. I also purchased a Champion Radiator for use in my 1959 Impala. CHAMPION RADIATORS ARE reliable and proven, quality performance Aluminum radiators. Champion Radiator does quality work at affordable prices. Welcome to our site! Maybe you can educate me on that. This radiator is very lightweight, … Just like your engine, a radiator needs air to function. I am looking into possible causes but nothing definitive yet. Maybe the pulley setup all came out of that car? Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 7, 2010. My aluminum champion radiator is now leaking from both tanks after only 3000 miles. I have the exact radiator in my watch list. Five Stars. Please take a moment and Register today. Go get yerself a snack first: Nice study Craze, I have a champion rad, with 3 rows with .75 tubes and I have a 160 t-stat and my 400 runs between 180 and 190 on about 95 degree days at around 80-90% humidity driving in different conditions.. IE stop and go, abusing it or just cruising. Pontiac and Firebird are Registered ® Trademarks with General Motors. The price point of a quality radiator and fan system like this is a bit higher than most people expect, but it’s well worth the investment – especially with the results that we obtained. It's a water-to-air heat exchanger, so it requires air to flow past a sufficiently large network of tubes that contain flowing engine coolant. great review, I am in the market for a rad now and this helped me along. We are open for business during this COVID-19 pandemic. Champion Cooling Systems Reviews. Seals the deal for me. It looks very well built and even the tanks are polished . 13 reviews. A typical aluminum radiator can be a little less, and good quality cooling … My cheapie foreign made Aluminum radiator review.. Re: My cheapie foreign made Aluminum radiator review.. Pretty much zero scale visible thru filler and both necks top/bottom. Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2015 All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 428 were here. Cold-Case radiators are built to fit directly on your car without the need for any modifications. I cant complain about the temps now and I am happy with it. The #1 distributor of Champion Cooling and American Eagle all aluminum radiators for muscle cars, classic cars and trucks. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY But online reviews indicate they seem to do fine for most, so I tried it. 1967 1968 1969 Camaro, Champion 4 Row WR Radiator, Big Block Cooling MC370 5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - 1967 1968 1969 Camaro, Champion 4 Row WR Radiator, Big Block Cooling MC370 60 Day Money Back guarantee. 5 of 5. I've brought numerous vehicles in for both radiator and exhaust work and whether it … This aluminum radiator is designed to provide maximum cooling … Is it any good? Call For Faster Service (855) 40 - CHAMP / 951 - 245 - 9464 Mon - Thurs 8-4:30pm / Fri 8-12pm PST There's enough material on that aluminum one to mount a shroud. Champion Cooling Systems® EC945 - All-Aluminum Engine Coolant Radiator. One big important detail about this rad in the video! 1,301 Posts . An update on the Champion Radiator I purchased 9 months ago for my 1966 mustang 289 V8. So it has 11 bolt water pump/timing cover setup, etc. It's a Frankencar made out of all kinds of stuff that came with it when I bought it as a botched project back around 2000. Each radiator is manufactured to the highest standards and craftsmanship at an ISO-certified facility. Copyright © 1996-2020 First Generation Firebird, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. and you'll still have a 40 year old radiator. Go for it unless you're one of those guys that just have to OEM stuff. Patriot, American Eagle, Champion…,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). The high-quality aluminum material… 3 reviews of Champion Radiator "Don't let the looks fool you. excellent review, it looks from the photos that you are using the later (70's) style brackets and pulleys with overdriven water pump which probably also helps keep the temp down. All-Aluminum Radiator by Champion Cooling Systems®.
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