... i upgraded all my equip to +3 and got 5 elemental suits for AoE’ing different element monsters and to kick blade ass3s in the arena. This build allows you to hit the 2nd axe aspd breakpoint; along with when armed with the guardian axes, you should survive just fine. You’ll only be getting useful stats for YOUR class. Blades use One Handed Swords or One Handed Axes. 15 STA X INT 15 STR 15 DEX 4. If you happen to notice some inaccurate or unsatisfactory information in this article, feel free to point it out. #15 Best Blade Build Up in FlyFF What is a Blade? 50 STA X INT 15 STR 15 DEX 2. A lot of things to consider really. All offensive merc Flyff build Hello players , welcome to Goldceo ! Below are common builds. Progression in this build would mean adding more str + sta if needed to. Some believe it to be disreputable and on the same level as bug using, while others welcomed it as a chance … Tanking Build. Flyff Blades guide:skill points This is Goldceo. TeachersPet. Builds Edit. The Blade is the class that probably kills the fastest, thanks to great equips and style of fighting. Now that you know what you want to be, and you know how your build should be, you are now ready to become a good acrobat. The guide is intended for players to further understand the Mercenary skills, as well as assist them on choosing the suitable weapon and skill set according to their stats build. Now we can choose our class, and we'll move on to Part 2 of this guide.There are 4 classes in flyff: Mercenary: Melee character that fights using swords or axes, very good in 1v1s and also in aoe hunting.Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp. Hi guys, I returned playing after a long long break (> 10 years). The character build of the so-called ‘Wand Blade’ has been the subject of many discussions on the FlyFF community platforms over the last years. This is the most popular one. If your an axe user then go for the axe skills. X STA 15 INT 15 STR 15 DEX 3. Just play around and see what fits you. A Full-INT Blade is classified as a bug in FlyFF? So this build is a lot like a ranger or blade. 50 STA X INT 15 STR 15 DEX 2. I want to put about 10-20 points in STA, and just enough points in DEX to reach a speed Break. Here is the threads about how to distribute their skill points. post it in the comments..
Maybe I am wrong because I don’t really Flyff are fun but can somebody give me a suggestion at least.. Flyff Class Builds
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2. X STA 75 INT 15 STR 15 DEX Build 1 is known as the 'STA Int' aoer build, because it is a build an INT aoer would use, so that in case they get hit, they won't die in 1 hit. Post Apr 01, 2006 #2 2006-04-01T20:33. The blade is actually characterized by its high damage potential and its mostly STR-heavy stats. The popular Flyff character simulator, now available on SourceForge. flyff. Flyff Lover. DeJaVuFlyff :: Flyff Guides. Because that’s the core of this build. Builds, Builds, Builds. Description. Choose which one you pleasure for. X STA 15 INT 15 STR 15 DEX 3. Aoe Blade - Put some Sta around 40-60 and rest on Dex. Register BEfore Posting!! As a Blade you will want to have an extremely high DPS (damage per second) output. by Secret 5 Replies 531 Views Innocent Last Posts on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:23 pm . I've got a few Blades myself, I like my aoe blade but that's personal preference. This set is ~ pretty sexy. Full-DEX stats cause disbelieving glances already when it comes to Blades; but what about Full-INT stats? This guide will tell you the most common and fastest way to level 60. If you obtain a +8 recorn, use it til 90. Blade Builds. DeJaVuFlyff. My Flyff Blade Equipment - Duration: 6:20. link11489 34,675 views. On Eclipse, we’ve added Class consideration to the rarity system. Official Site: Flyff. 1. Check out the Blade forums on the official Flyff forums at flyff-forum.gpotato.com. Ranger Section – Ranger Job Change Guide ... flyff to Flaris and head to the Mas dungeon entrance. So let me discuss things that pertains to builds. Webzen will no longer run Flyff as transfer of the MMO to a new publisher is underway. Where would we be without them? I like to grind solo (one client only) I will eventually lvl up a RM but for now I need a Build … These are my experiments it's effective but you should have atleast Pro awakes, Accessories, fashion w/ stats, cloak and mask w/ pro stats. 2) Hmm.. Your build should be fine, Pure Str or Pure Dex it may depend on what kind of equipment you are using, If you are using Str set then go Pure dex if your equipments are dex type then go crazy on Full str. - When you get your AoE skill, you'll have to play around with how high of a level you can AoE, it all depends on your level, build, armor, weapon and skills. – Acrobat Builds (level 15) – Acrobat Leveing Guide. REALLY nice to giant with and can replace einy if you like soloing without buff even in levelling. RHISIS SERVER: Purchase at least 10,000 worth of Cash in FlyFF Shop to get the Free Items and to be qualified in the Raffle. These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! Well, the stats alone doesn’t make it a bug. 1,461. Tank = One that Lures Masquerpet = Monster name in flyff •Leveling Mechanics Dmg Gap: 9 levels if 10 levels below the masquerpet , your damage will significantly drop. For a Ranger the general build is 30-70 stamina and the rest in Dexterity. Welcome to our site. The most common builds are full DEX or full STR. Topics Replies Views Last Posts . After you, the vagrant, achieve Level 15, you will be able to receive a job quest from one of the instructors (All but Acrobat and Magician are located in Flarine.Acrobat Job Change is located in Darkon 2 and Magician Job Change is located in Sain City).You will have the option of becoming either a Magician, an Acrobat, an Assist, or a Mercenary. Both Blade and Knight seams to have good and bad part, Blades are expensive but are also the powerhouse of Flyff and Knights seams good and easy to use but takes forever to level up. More Guides: Blade Guide Ranger Guide Billposter 1v1 Guide ... [FlyFF] Mercenary & Blade 1v1 Full Guide. Also can giant hunt very well due to attack speed, crit rate, and hit rate. ... Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! First Job Classes. My full DEX blade Build: 30 STA XXX DEX equip: Virrain HP and DEX awake CS: Bolo+ Casino weapon: 2x Lusaka Crystal Swords #flyforfun. [Pre-v12] Full STR Billposter. X STA 75 INT 15 STR 15 DEX Build 1 is known as the 'STA Int' aoer build, because it is a build an INT aoer would use, so that in case they get hit, they won't die in 1 hit. Forums. Level 1 – 15: 1. If you're planning to get 5/5 piercings at least, you should use this PvP build: STR: XXX STA: 15 DEX:15 (That's right, with 2 5/5 Ele B piercings you get 40 additional DEX) INT:15 HP n' Speedbreak Billposter. About this …
This will help you to make up your mind on what job and build you should choose.
Any suggestions ,complaints ,pls. Stats of the Blade STR - 4~5 Att each 1 STR (using Sword) 5~6 Att each 1 STR (using Axe). If you want to be an AoE build do not put any dex into your build in Flyff . I'm trying to figure out my Blade build. If you are not that rich and want a build that can kill without an assist on your tail all the time then I suggest: 80 Dex 40 Sta XX Str There's other blade builds which include; Full Str- Only if you are rich to afford godly equips and have an assist on your tail. Specifically, here is the specific linking system we were talking about… Knight, Blade, Billposter, Jester: STR/STR ~ STR/DEX ~ STR/STA ~ DEX/STA Use a Unicorn (HP) REMEMBER! You Stat Pet has 1 life when it hatches from the egg, meaning it can die one time and still be alive. Einy/Akan Set ~ Lv75 Blade Set … But I’ve said it all above. Flyff Guides . You won’t be seeing INT stats on Blade equipment, for example. So I'll make this nice & simple for you. I'm looking all over the internet to find an overview of the speed breaks. Full DEX gives Blades a high attackspeed, while the full STR build gives Blades a (in comparison with the full DEX build) slow attackspeed, but a huge attackpower. Which to master? However, still, the maximum potential of this build can only be achieved with the help of a RM who has a mastered cannonball. Below are common builds. Which Is better ? 15 STA X INT 15 STR 15 DEX 4. Depending on what kind of Blade you want to play, there are several different builds. I am going to post some builds for 1v1 BPs and AoE BPs here, too. The most common build for this class is high stamina which makes it the ideal tank / meat shield. As for BPs dealing high damage, that isn't particularly true as they get into the 1XX levels. Roikans!~ Give your best shot and try your luck as you might be one of the Lucky Bonanza winners. These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! Pros: Gives good block, damage, critical rate, and if it had more hp, would be pretty good in PvP, and be better then #1. The 101's or the Basics Acronyms: DD = Damage Dealer Leech = A party member you often bring to Give or Take EXP from (more on this later). Flyff Class Builds 1. In fact, even if they used a full STR build for leveling, they'd take forever to kill a single Popcrank while a similarly built blade will plow through a few Pops in that same time span. As for a good Blade Build. Download Flyff Character Simulator for free. Current date/time is Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:23 am. The Blade is a warrior using two weapons at once, one in each hand. if 9 leves above if your a sword user go for the sword skills. Blade Builds. Blade Skills. His special ability is being able to use two weapons toghether instead of one. easy. STR: 15 STA: XXX DEX: 15 INT: 15 This is the most recommended way to go if you're going Merk-Only. 6:20. I've found quite a few, however they're either outdated or they're not similar. The 20% aspd bonus is lovely that allows str blade to put more dex and allows dex blade to solo totally. They can use 2 axes or 2 sword or 1 axe and 1 sword (this is not reccomanded, because you will lose some bonus I … - Velkase Velka 3 - Duration: 22:16. Chris Neal-August 24, 2020 2. At level 130 the Knight can progress to the 3rd job change - Templar. The last tree should be mastered.If your a dual user, (like me >:3) master all of it. The blade is the natural evolution of the melee mercenary. - If you can, level with a partner, it's fun, efficient and will almost always help you level as they can heal you, dps or even attack at range. Flyff Guides - Forums. Get these FREE ITEMS now! Insanity Flyff E411 - PvP madness! Blade, Jester and Billposter = Tiger (STR) Elementor, Psykeeper and Ringmaster = Fox (INT) Ranger = Rabbit (DEX) Knight = Lion (STA) Need more HP when you PVP? Only 2 builds work with Merk-Only. The new Templar skills will make it easier to tank vast amounts of masquerpets. I decided to lvl a Blade and am lvl 64 now.
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