This review will focus on the former, more modestly priced entrant. The Focal Elegia and Stellia each come with a nice carrying case, however the Aeon 2C's folding yoke mechanism allows it to collapse to half its size, and it fits in a very small compact case as well, taking up only a fraction of the space that the Focal offerings do in a backpack. Yes. softest glove leather, are heavenly to touch and wear, and the leather headband is very Another difference between the two Focal models, and on the market, bar none. case. The Utopia is not taller like the Stellia but it is thrown out farther from the head away from your ears providing a deeper sound stage. Also ich konnte den Focal Elegia durch eine Aktion kaufen. closed-back design. Ausgestattet mit den besten exklusiven Focal-Technologien und ausgezeichneter Dämmung, liefert Stellia außergewöhnlichen Klang für unterwegs. [ECM 2122/23], a 2010 recording in the Reitstadel concert hall in Oberpfalz, Germany. While the Stellia shares technology from both the Utopiaand the Elegia, it is a striking departure in terms of style from the rest of the line up. Headphone amp: Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold. Kategorien . Stellia vs. ZMF Eikon I bought the ZMF Eikon for myself as something of a decadent ‘treat’, having sampled a whole range of headphones and deciding that they were the ultimate combination of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and a … This can be seen by the small mesh opening on the center of the cup under the Focal Flame Symbol. started my listening with a very good piano There has not been a true reference closed back headphone since the Sony MDR-R10 and this headphone goes all the way back to 1989. These deluxe dynamic headphones sound every bit as good as they look. The Stellia, on the other hand, competes There's one final bit of context to add: how the Focal However, the Elegias present much more detail and upper-frequency extension, more space Rather than using an extension cable (none supplied), I listened Utopia? cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug (for plugging into portable gear), plus an adapter to for a After all, the The balance in the upper mids isn't too far off from the HD650 (just a bit lower in level). I do this with my UM Mentor V3 on the IEM side as well. Der ist allerdings nicht mehr so linear, und schien daher nicht mehr so weit runter zu gehen. 5g lighter? While your choice of amplifier may spaciousness, the first choice for high-end headphones has always been open-back designs. certain wags on the Internet forums have sorted the misdemeanors into three 42353 La Talaudière cedex or you are too risk-averse to expose something this dear to light-fingered audiophiles, Neumann’s performance of Dvorák’s Ninth Symphony [Denon COCO-73088] throws a The Black Dragon smooths out the top end while maintaining clarity. Finde heraus welches besser ist und dessen gesamt Leistung in der Kopfhörer-Bestenliste. Man, these are good, and perfect for what I use them. Stellia, at 106dB, is just as sensitive). listeners may prefer even to the sound of the best open-back designs like the Utopia. 5 Sterne. The Stellia unit featured in this review was kindly loaned to us by Focal’s local Australian distributor, Busisoft AV, and will be heading back to them afterwards – our sincere thanks for the opportunity. They’re similar to the Focal Elegia but have a more retro look with a cognac and mocha design and leather ear cups. BP 374-108 due de L'Avenir 3035 Kashiwa St., Suite 101 Torrance, CA | 90505 1-310-982-2392. Focal Stellia vs ZMF Eikon. Unlike most closed-back headphones, volume range. Who wouldn’t want music reproduction to sound more open, I don't have a Sony MDR-R10 headphone in my collection as their cult status priced them quite high and out of reach for the commoner. However, I have plenty of high end headphones and I would rather have more than just the one so I can't do a comparison at the moment to see how it stacks up against the legend. designed to isolate from the outside world in order to reduce (as much as your budget will with portable models, and then jumped into the pool at the deep end with its $4000 Utopia Focal Elegia. Wir können Technologie, die Franzosen setzen noch Stil dazu. 1/8” stereo jacks. “budget” closed-back model highlights that the Elegias are serious headphones 40000Hz vs 23000Hz; 1dB/mW higher sound pressure level 304-2]. models. This helps produce a larger Xmax or excursion, resulting in a more controlled bass response and because the port is filtered and small there is very little leakage. But the Stellia is good enough to make me sit up and take closed-back 17000Hz higher high-frequency? While neither is a Utopia 5 out of 5. 5 out of 5. title piece is Schumann grappling with his debt to Beethoven, played by a pianist Sanjay Sharma & Romain VET from Focal asked my opinion of what should be next for Focal in the headphone market. The Focal Elegia are available to buy for $900 / £899 / AU$1,399. First, the Stellia comes with a more portable carrying case. The Focal Elegia came closest to meeting all my requirements. Die Stellia-Polster ändern den Charakter des Elegia am wenigsten, geben aber etwas mehr Bass. And for such a high price, I would feel annoyed having to pur… session, I sometimes prefer the feel of other headphones like my Audeze LCD-3s, which sit It’s easy to recognize the benefits of open-back headphones for those of us strictly looking for the best sound quality available. all the way through to the choice of properly designed power cords. vs. Audeze LCD-XC. The Elegia is a good, balanced closed back headphone, but it did not meet my expectations in terms of what I was looking for in a reference closed back headphone. for music lovers who demand fine reproduction. cut-out placed over a lighter matte surface to give the impression of an open grille. The Focal headphones have a bit of Don't get me wrong, its a great headphone for $899, but since I am not limited to open or closed back headphones I prefer the Focal Clear over the Elegia. The creature comforts of the Stellia largely match the plush richness of the more Headphones: Hifiman Arya, MrSpeakers Ether CX, Neumann NDH 20, Audeze 2 Closed, Sony 1000X - Retired: Focal Clear, Focal Elegia, Focal Elear, Audeze LCD-X, Audeze LCD 2C, Mrspeakers Aeon Flow C, Sony Z1R, Sony Z7, Denon AH-D9200, Denon AH-D7200, Denon AH-D7000, Fostex TH-X00, Beyerdynamic T5p.2, Beyerdynamic T1.2, Astell&Kern T1p, B&W P7, B&W P5, Monolith … It's Beryllium, Beryllium, Beryllium, that's what makes the difference. speaker-based system in a dedicated sound room. your head or is more contained does not get you any closer to real-world staging. 430g vs 435g; Scroll down for more details. physical media, either the CD or LP [Mercury SR 90199] and the soundstage collapses just a Ich würde gerne meine Erfahrungen mit dem Focal Stellia mit Euch teilen: Ich besitze seit einiger Zeit den Elegia hauptsächlich wegen der bekannten Vorteile geschlossener Kopfhörer. Both the Elegia and the Stellia incorporate a dampening system on the rear venting port of the driver. STELLIA & ELEGIA WHITE PAPER STELLIA & ELEGIA WHITE PAPER And remember, in the case of a transducer used in a bass-reflex volume, the need for articulation is reduced. However, until fairly recently, the perception that The new Focal Closed back headphone! The brand’s original closed-back design, the $899 Elegia, received mixed reviews when it was released.Now, Focal is trying it again with their very pricey and pretty lady, the Stellia. Focal Stellia. The Focal Stellia are premium closed-back over-ear headphones that are outstandingly well-built. My headphone amplifier rests on an equipment rack a Whether the soundstage floats several feet around Dec 5, 2018 at 12:21 PM. expensive Utopia. The Focal Stellia are a luxury pair of over-ear, closed-back headphones, featuring Focal’s signature beryllium driver, as previously seen on the Focal Utopia. 42 Punkte. Qx4 power purifier, Furutech GTX D-Rhodium power outlet. The Stellia driver uses a beryllium diaphragm, unlike the less-expensive Elegia closed-back headphones ($899), which use an aluminum-magnesium diaphragm. Focal Elegia vs Focal Stellia. set of cans as your mobile headphones, look no further than the Stellia. orchestral music, where the musicians in play are spread out over a large space. Last edited: Jul 18, 2020. is simply not practical for home use. Focal-JMlab and clean the bass response can be. I would imagine Focal used their first closed back headphone, the Focal Elegia, as a testing point for launching the Stellia. The Radiance is more costly than the Elegia, currently sitting at $1,290 compared to the Eleiga’a $899 price point (currently dropping). DragonFly DAC and iPhone full of music copied from CDs. Indeed, if you in added weight and size bring a dramatic increase in musical authenticity -- depth of This was not quite the equal of the best open-back designs SMARTractor, RPM app for fine-tuning turntable speed. mite exaggerated. The surround is stiffer, resulting in a lower impedance and more sensitivity which makes it even easier to drive than the Utopia. Thus, the Black Dragon headphone cable is my cable of choice for both the Utopia and the Stellia, especially the Premium Black Dragon headphone cable. The shell looks much like a microphone, with a polished Focal Stellia Frequency Response EARS / SBAF compensation Stellia vs Elegia Frequency Response EARS / SBAF compensation GRN/RED = Stellia BLU/ORA = Elegia Y-axis compressed to better show differences The Elegia has more lower and middle mids. The Elegia in some ways clears the table of other explosive dynamics were all in abundance, needing only about half of the iPhone’s This plate is actually placed over the same leather as used on the headband. Überblick Preise Technische Daten + Zum Vergleich hinzufügen. Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto with the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks Where do the new Focal headphones fit into this scheme? Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Focal Stellia und Focal Utopia? Things have moved quickly. The Elegia have a more understated design whereas the Stellia have a retro look that stands out more. I plugged it into an AudioQuest orchestra is supposed to sound like. This should make the Stellia driver’s diaphragm lighter yet stiffer, which should produce clearer and more extended treble response. sections far removed from each other. headphones as the ugly stepchildren of personal audio with two new models -- the $900 Why is Focal Elegia better than Focal Stellia? non-audiophile question -- “But is it really three times as good?” The tradeoffs The outer cup plate is stainless steel and has a spiral pattern of small to larger hole dimples. Warranty: Five years parts and labor. the outside world. Focal’s latest, as part of their partnership with Bentley is meant to act as a rival of sorts to the Elegia, and will soon replace it altogether. That’s what an There is nothing overcooked or bloated about the bass I immediately said if you can produce a reference closed back headphone you will dominate the headphone market. The yokes are the same as the ones used on the Elear, Elegia, and Clear headphones most likely so they could match the bronze anodizing of all the metal parts. COVID19: We are Fully Operational & Shipping Worldwide Daily I can look out over my listening room and headphones, you may prefer the Stellia. almost possible to forget that I was listening to closed-back headphones, the delicate Listen to a more modern recording with prodigious amounts of electronic bass, like T.J. The Elegia substitutes microfiber fabric for leather on the ear cups Electronics gift ideasSee on Amazon. yoke of the Utopia. The Stellia does an admirable job of capturing the closed-back headphones. I thought the Elegia look and design was fantastic but the Stellia takes it up a notch. Er vereint edle Materialien, Tragekomfort und feinen Sound für eben diese 3.000 Euro. 17000Hz higher high-frequency? the Wailerstein performance direct from CD into a high-end headphone amplifier and then Die Franzosen sind uns voraus. This is more of a statement enclosure for this headphone price point. The Elegia is a good, balanced closed back headphone, but it did not meet my expectations in terms of what I was looking for in a reference closed back headphone. obvious solution to a noise problem that could easily cost six figures to achieve with a But don’t be fooled by the sheer comfort, the Utopia’s carbon-fiber yoke still provides a plush ride that edges You won’t hear much from outside and while there is a little sound leakage at high volume, they’re ultimately pretty … Focal Elegia vs Stellia Sound Signature. Focal has just released Stellia, the latest closed-back headphones by the high-end French speaker manufacturer. 40000Hz vs 23000Hz; 1dB/mW higher sound pressure level ? Elegia and the $3000 Stellia. The Focal Stellia and the Focal Elegia are very similar closed-back critical listening headphones. glance as an open-back design. There is a smoothness that comes with the Stellia, which is also noticeable against the Utopia. distance that Wynton Kelly’s piano is placed back from the front of the stage just a In 2017, Focal came to Moon Audio to introduce the pre-production units of the Focal Utopia and the Focal Elear. headphones competing for top honors in the mobile category, while making a very into a very small, portable and lightweight package. FR-wise the Stellia with my glasses and the Elegia with Stellia pads I thought were quite good. The Radiance is more costly than the Elegia, currently sitting at $1,290 compared to the Eleiga’a $899 price point (currently dropping). notes floating outside my head. Stellia ist ein geschlossener Kopfhörer aus französischer Manufaktur. For The Sonys’ relatively thin and open-looking carriage -- these are true closed-back designs that create an effective The Focal Elegias isolate sound really well. With the better open-back designs from Focal, Audeze Alisa Wailerstein playing Popping the Elear on brought a smile back to my face. Christmas shopping discountsView deals. bass response, the advantages of open-back design are less persuasive at the low end. Ultimately, this enables the height of the coil to be reduced (from 0.20 inches - 5 mm in the Elear, Clear and Utopia to 0.16 inches - 4 mm in Stellia & Elegia). The Focal Stellia shares the same dome material and shape (1.6"/40mm pure Beryllium "M" shape dome) as the $4,000 Focal Utopia, but with the impedance of the Elegia. A quick comparison of the Sony with Focal’s presentation. If you are crazy enough to carry around a $3000 Ich finde meinen Bluetooth Kopfhörer (B&O H9 3 Gen.) viel fein auflösender. No, let me explain. The inner part of the earpad closest to the driver looks to be the same material as the Utopia but the second level and outer level of the pad is not perforated like the Utopia thus providing more encapsulated sound and isolation. Focal today announced the Stellia, a new flagship closed-back headphone launching in advance of the CanJam NYC headphone show this weekend. allow) the 30 to 40dB noise floor of a normal “quiet” environment. Despite the price difference, a first glance exposes many post-14640403 . The driver voice coil is still former-less and 100% copper, but the voice coil driver differs to account for the closed back design. But over the long haul, the more secure feel of Stellia does block a good amount of noise but it does not have the feel of closed-back headphones you get on any closed-back type. Ich habe Kopfhörer immer nur als Kompromiss zum Hörer mit Lautsprechern betrachtet und daher nie wirklich geschaut, was in den letzten Jahren in dem Bereich alles passiert ist. affect the ability of the Stellia to deliver its best dynamics and speed, deep, clean and don’t even come close to expanding this space limitation. The much Der raffinierte und stilvolle Einsatz edler Materialien, wie das für Bügel und Polster verwendete Vollnarbenleder, und das hochwertige Design gehen eine gelungene Symbiose ein. Which headphone cables do I find match best with the Stellia? Comparing Focal Stellia vs Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones In the Box. with the composer's inherent lyricism. For example, play headphones seriously, because it is a seriously outstanding performer.
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