ARS provides a lifetime guarantee for design and manufacturing faults. Both the spring and lock are simplistic and visible. They're probably most associated with various watering systems and other combination solutions for the garden. Even though Felco has a wide range of spare parts and all components can be replaced, we think you should be able to expect better rustproofing from a secateur in this price category. Product Title 21V Electric Cordless Secateur … The soft handles mean you can use them for a long time without straining your hand. The cuts on the branches are clean. When you cut a branch off a bush it makes somewhat of a wound on the bush. They are easily charged with the Bosch micro USB charger. I have spoken of which types of garden shrubs, trees, climbers or roses that need to be pruned to keep them healthy and attractive. One of the reasons is that both blades are made of stainless steel. Elegant, sharp and a neat tool for rose bushes, Price class: Medium Blade design: Bypass Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: No Max. Is the grip sufficiently big? Budget secateurs with wirecutter and downward angled cutting blades that are easy to use, Price class: Budget Blade design: Bypass Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: No Max. Another disadvantage is that the cutting blades aren't rustproofed. It’s also the maximum size of branch we feel this model can manage. Cordless electric secateurs designed for pruning vineyards. Bosch for example sell 2 blades at £12.95 as well as other spare parts. Tax and other fees are not shown in this price estimate. Gardena state that it's possible to cut branches up to 24 mm thick, and this is true providing you've got a fair amount of brute strength in your hands. Find further information on many cordless garden tools and other gardening essentials on my product reviews, The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers are sure to help you achieve neatly maintained hedges in your garden. The PTFE coating means that the friction between the blades is barely noticeable. The ARS VS-8R is suitable for medium-sized hands. We aren’t convinced by the colour of the 8904 either; the secateurs are grey, blue and black. Felco model 2 original secateurs Many professional gardeners will single out Felco pruners as their go-to brand, with this model being regarded as the best all-rounder for pruning. The explanation for the poor sharpness is probably the fact that the P68 is manufactured from simpler carbon steel. Check out our range of Secateurs products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Similar to a pair of scissors, you can cut, prune, and trim your foliage with a simple squeeze of an easy to grip handle. Save with Sears today. 1 lithium- ion battery is included in the package and is 3.6v. The aluminum handle is ergonomically designed and coated with non-slip rubber, so it’s comfortable to use while offering power and durability. The most common brands are Fiskars and Gardena, but if you're prepared to pay more, you might want to look at Felco or ARS models. The secateurs are fully cast, from handle to cutting blades. A disadvantage with the Gardena Premium BP 50 is the size. On-board battery: completely free movement when … The blades have a distinct upwards angle, and this means that you can get at fiddly small branches easily. branch thickness: 12-24 mm Weight: 192 g (measured) Length: 210 mm Handle width: 105-130 mm Colour: Black Cutting blade material: PTFE coated carbon steel (upper), galvanised carbon steel (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene with elastomer Other sizes: No Wirecutter: No Spare parts: No Warranty period: 2 years. The GARDENA Secateurs are all robust, long lasting, but still lightweight products that offer the best cutting performance. According to Fiskars, the P68 is galvanised to make it rustproof. Do the blades stay sharp? Fiskars - SmartFit Pruner Bypass P68 - Cutting, Mid-range secateur with lighter weight an no unnecessary details, Price class: Medium Blade design: Anvil Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: No Max. branch thickness: 20 mm Weight: 127 g (measured) Length: 170 mm Handle width: 95 mm Colour: Black Cutting blade material: Carbon steel with PTFE coating (upper) Fibreglass-reinforced nylon (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced nylon Other sizes: Medium, Large Wirecutter: Yes Spare parts: No Warranty period: 5 years. The double trigger safety button means that you have to switch on the safety button first before you can start cutting, ensuring the safety of the user. Secateurs are suitable for cutting branches up to a diameter between 20-25 mm, which is around the dimension of an adult's finger. So, I am always on the look out for tools and gardening aids that can make our life easier. One advantage with the PowerLever is that it's available in three different sizes. By dividing the force over the entire hand, your hand doesn't get as tired as quickly, particularly when trimming thick branches. The 20 best BBQs and smokers in a variety of succulent charcoal, gas, pellet and electric flavors. It depends on how much you are going to use the tools as to how long batteries will last. $77.16 $ 77. Can also be used for cutting back shrubs and small trees. Start, stop or transfer your power and electric service. The lock is on the top of the tool and is easy to use. * Please call us with any questions about our pruner pole gas powered … They are easy to remove should you need to do so, simple nuts, washer and sore fixings. The length is shorter than average, so it's not ideal if you're working further into bushes or thickets. Exciting, entertaining and smart - read about popular products and trends, get tips and be notified about new exclusive offers and promotions every week. In most of my Garden Calendar Jobs for the Month blogs I mention pruning as one of the tasks that is required at any particular time. It cuts smoothly and cleanly through 1.5inch branches. Does the colour of the secateurs mean they easily go missing? The upper cutting blade is of standard carbon steel with a PTFE coating - more familiar as Teflon. With an average length, weight and handle width, this tool is suitable for the majority of gardeners. Another advantage is the small wirecutter at the back of the cutting blades, used for cutting thinner wire. The trimmer head has 5 different cutting angles and can rotate through 360 degrees. If you're used to rotating handles, the VS-8R secateurs provide you with significant force, and together with the razor-sharp blades, they have an almost frightening cutting ability. You also need to know how to use them properly. Minimal cleaning, little fuss and top results! A robust tool for reaching right into bushes, Price class: Medium Blade design: Bypass Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: No Max. The Gardena Classic 8754 is a bypass secateur from German manufacturer Gardena. branch thickness: 22 mm Weight (measured): 194 g Length: 210 mm Handle width: 120 mm Colour: Black Blade material: Hardened PTFE coated carbon steel (upper), galvanised carbon steel Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene with elastomer Other sizes: No Wire cutter: No Spare parts: No Warranty period: 2 years. I have worked many winters at a local vineyard and these would be great for pruning thousands of hardened stemmed grape vines. Pneumatic Pruning Equipment. Fiskars is a quality brand, which means we have high expectations of the tool's durability. branch thickness: 18 mm Weight: 131 g (measured) Length: 190 mm Handle width: 130 mm Colour: Light blue Cutting blade material: Non-stick coated stainless steel (upper), stainless steel (lower) Handle material: Fibreglass-reinforced plastic Other sizes: No Wirecutter: Yes Spare parts: No Warranty period: 25 years (doesn't apply to wear, such as to cutting blades, during normal use). Product Title WOLF-Garten Power Cut Bypass Lopper - 29.5" - RR750. It's the ABC of BBQ! Our muscles and joints take quite a bit of repetitive strain whilst we are working in our gardens, whether the task is digging, weeding, pruning, lopping or scarifying. We therefore name them as the best senior citizen option, or for arthritic hands and for disable gardeners. No other secateurs cut thick branches with such reduced effort, even if you do have to do it in several stages. New arrivals. Traditional Bypass 6.5" is most suitable for smaller hands while rose pruning and maintaining other flowers. At last: powered secateurs! COVID-19 Update to Customers Customers can shop … How quickly does your hand get tired? With a stated weight of 140 g, this is one of the lightest secateurs in our test - even though we actually measured the weight at 145 g. The secateurs have a neat and tidy grip with "Soft Grip" coating on the upper handle. Another advantage is if the secateurs can be adapted to different hand sizes. These P26 secateurs have relatively small handles, so they’re best suited for smaller hands. Otherwise you're likely to fail. The Gardena 8904 can reach where many others can't and feels as if it's been designed for slightly tougher conditions. Be good to yourself so that you can enjoy your garden more. Cutting effect refers to the overall experience of how easy it is to cut a branch (how much force it takes) and how clean the cut is. Louise, Your email address will not be published. This is important for safety as you can injure yourself on open secateurs if you aren’t careful, or if you're unlucky. I use various cutting tools both hand powered and cordless and have never needed to replace blades. The lock works well despite its simple design. The cut doesn’t turn out as clean as with the top secateurs in the budget category. How many parts of the secateurs can rust and how much maintenance is required? This makes it far too rigid, and you feel it every time you make a cut. This combination makes it a little more difficult to get in among bushes. It cuts through branches up to 1.5cm thick. However, the Felco 8 is a large and heavy secateur so it's not suitable for everyone. We stock both anvil and bypass secateurs with durable corrosion-resistant blades, so whatever your preference, we have a pair of secateurs … Our best budget choice was the Gardena Classic 8754, which is a bypass secateur with angled and easy-to-use cutting blades. Important aspects include a simple locking mechanism and basic rustproofing. The fact that they're red is practical as it makes the secateurs easy to find if you place them in longer grass. Content about gas, water, electric, waste disposal, sewer, cable and internet services. The RS 4000 is not meant to have any components that are likely to rust, but if the non-stick coating on the upper cutting blade is damaged, they may develop rust. Bahco PXR-M2 Ergo Bypass Secateurs Medium - Rotating Handle, Bahco PXR-M2 ERGO™ Medium Bypass Secateurs with Rotating Handle, Premium secateurs with very sharp cutting blades for users with larger hands, Price class: Premium Blade design: Bypass Grip: Right & left Adjustable grip: Yes Max. But it's not exactly practical as it makes it hard to find the secateurs if you leave them among bushes or long grass. I find that people who are keen gardeners, whether they garden for pleasure or for their work, are always more than mentally willing and able to get out in their gardens and enjoy them to the full. Bosch are always great value for money in my book. Plants Bulbs Seeds…All things Gardening for all Gardeners, 8 Of The best Cordless Grass Strimmers Review, What Jobs to do in the Garden in December, How To Create A Green Roof On Your Garden Shed, Four of the Best Cordless Garden Shears Review, How To Grow Peonies In Your Garden, Planting, Propagating and Care, The Best Cordless Garden Saw Review – Pruning Saws and Trimmers, Bosch AVR 1100 VertiCutter Scarifier and Lawn Raker Review. That’s far too thin for secateurs in this price range. A powerful cutter that won't tire you out: The new STIHL ASA 85 cordless pruning shears has the power to effortlessly cut through branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm.The individually adjustable blade … We divided the test candidates into three different price classes with a category winner in each price class as follows: Suitable if you only cut the odd branch or are pruning roses a few times a year. Unfortunately, the handles are quite straight and this impairs the ergonomics. Overall they do a good job as a pair of all-round secateurs. Swap your current pruning shears for these models to enjoy top gardening results! branch thickness: 24 mm Weight (measured): 239 g Length: 220 mm Handle width: 150 mm Colour: Black, silver Handle material: Aluminium/elastomer/plastic Other sizes: No Wire cutter: Yes Spare parts: Yes, blade and spring Warranty period: 25 years. It's also possible to cut very close to the stem. We have scored each pair of secateurs respective to their price tag; in other words how good they are in terms of value for money. Do the secateurs lie comfortably in your hand? Below you will find details of the following Cordless Electric Secateurs of varying prices: Komak Cordless Electric Pruning Shears are perfectly suited to domestic or professional use, the battery working length makes them the ideal pruners for anyone working in the horticultural industry. You feel a clear friction between the blades and over a longer session this may lead to tired hands. If you are already a PSE customer, you can sign in to your PSE account to access billing information, payment options, conservation tips and much more.
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