The condition worsens during the night the nose got chocked and disturbance in sleeping. Have had pollen allergies since arriving in North America – resulting in seasonal stuffy and runny nose. thanking you, Nose blocking and watering in eye eye redness and iching eye. This hasbeen started from a year ago and still it has not been to normal. She has taken many home remedies and has put drops on her noes but still its not effective. Blowing nose constantly. I am 75 years old, fit. Dr. Sneezing and nasal discharge will start immediately. Thank you! I am addicted to take nasal spray after every 7to8 hours for relief of swelling and breath easy. He was in a good spirit for most of the time, sometime demanding and then bursting into tears. Regards. I have lots of anxiety and am depressed at how my life has had to change because of my problems.I continually search for alternative ways to hep myself… if you can give me any suggestions my heart would be filled with gratitude. No sugar, No Bp. My son has blocked nose at night .. color is greenish white . some times sneeze during early hours. Looking forward to to your best answer. I’ll be very thankful to you. iam feeling so sad because he is not at all comfortable with his sleep. But starts again. Hello, Dr. Sincerely Mary. Allergen test was done and it was found that I am allergic to house dust. There is no watery discharge from the nose but only the solid discharge comes out on cleaning the nose. Thanks Varadarajan Mulund (E), Mumbai 400 081. hello sir last 2year I have suffering from runny nosy ,block nose. Regards I will be extremely grateful if an early reply is sent. Only about a month and half ago, the blockage of nose was more than usual, often lasting during night or day. Which I declined to take. Given a Nasoclear Mist spray , it is not very effective, please advice. The nose can also be blocked in isolation or in conjunction or alteration with nasal discharges. sir i am 42 years old.i have gone twice through nasal surgery due to D N S and sinositus.i am also 2nd year student of homeopathy in gujranwala pakistan. Once in two months she get cough and stuffy nose which lead to breathe through mouth and even get worse in night with heavy snoring. thanks. Hello doc I have mild dns in left nose towards right due to shi h I cannot breathe properly even when I do steam inhalation then air. Please suggest me best medicine to get out this worse situation.I will definitely visit to you also. At the root of my nose blocked feeling n pain in nose n water coming from nose n eyes n sneezing when irritation in the root of nose. You are requested please advise me the medicine for this. he is other wise active. Is there any medicines sir. My question is how often can my new born baby be safe for operation. Please advice. We have two dogs who are mostly outside the house. He is suffering from cold and nasal blockage , sneezing also occure but no watery nasal discharge . We took home to vat, all blood work and X-ray are normal. although I did have a full hip replaecment in June 2015.from which I made an excellent recovery. The patients needing this Homeopathic remedy have acute nasal stuffiness at night time. In polyp cases, Lemna Minor reduces the nasal blockage, providing relief from respiration trouble, and the smelling power is regained. My digestion system is good but any irregularity in the daily routine will affect me. 5 2018) Its been 3 days now he has a real bad dry cough and. I’m 17th years old. It cleared on its own. Some times running nose, sometimes fully blockage of nasals, continuous sneezing (10-12 sneezes once it starts in the morning), some times hitching both in nasals and even in eyes also. There is utmost difficulty in breathing due to blockage and it forces the person to sit up. But it is different. Dear Dr. He was treated for adenoids enlarged and feel better. My son is 6 years old. Thanks. I recovered from fever and headache recently but this nosal blockage and chest congestion was not cured. kishwar sultana. This does vary in its severity and onset. From one Dr.taking R.TOX ABOUT OVER 15 DAYS BUT find no result.age 60 yrs. My right side Nose is always closed. Finger and toys in swelling are very pain full plz tell me treatment………. Merc Sol is one of most useful homeopathic remedies for a stuffy nose with acrid nasal secretions and marked aching in the jaws. Helps with more advanced colds when the person feels exhausted, with a small fever, rosy cheeks, a short hard cough, and sneezing. Wat is the treatment please tell me ?? i waiting for your reply. I am looking for a medicine for my mother. Are there any homeopathic treatment centers in California? I have blocked left nose in the morning . Mohammad Rafiq, I have a big nasal polyp in one nose and is completly blocked and now is rotten at the back my mucos and my breath has a bad smell My teeth is swollen, i have been struggling with a blocked nose for the last 20 or so years it has been soo much that i even got used to breathing with my mouth. Doctor sahib I am capt Hafeez from Karachi. Constant sneezing may also appear. They are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects and are very capable and competent in the treatment of a blocked nose. I have tried many Homeopathic medicines in past but nothing works permanently though, I went to Ent specialist he said I have deviated septum and wants me to get a surgery done. Hv taken treatment but never worked as permanent solution. nasal drops give temporary relief from blockage. pleases can u tell me what i need to do or should i take my baby to his doctor? GERD problem is also with me. Please suggest me good medicine I will be highly thankful to u. The problem is when there is a change in season or there are allergens in the air. During sleep also i feel better. Even my voice will be very clear when I am in U.S.A. After reaching India again same thing. He is fine during the whole day but at night his nose blocks and so badly that have to put pediatric nasal drops. Dr. Sharma, I wonder if you can help me to solve my constant headache, “prickly” or burning skin (mostly on the shoulders and arms, but sometimes all the way to my feet! He could not sleep because or difficulty in breathing. Pl also advise whether the climatic conditions is also a reason for this sir. Sir I m suffering from breathlessness due to nasal blockage due to increased skin in nose (polyp). A few years ago we had some basic allergy tests done but nothing really conclusive. In the morning after he wakes up he sneezes atlwast 8-9 times and takes out a colourless watery phlegm from the nose. My grandson is suffering from blocked nose at night may be due to cold as winter is setting in and some watering from nose at day plz suggest homeo medicine age of baby 8 months. a clinical wonders u are a doctor par excellence simply superb as i am also asmall practitioner of homoeopathy. It’s a winter weather here. sir my left nose will get blocked due cold , dust ,cold air etc my both noses will become stuffy and casually i feel headache. Home Remedies to Get Relief From Nasal Congestion. I am not happy with the western medicine! Please advise the homeopathy medicines for a permanent solution. After that a thin liquid discharge from nose that continue to last for half an hour and then stops. It’s cause difficulty for me to breath and in winter and night time i feels that i can’t breath some time. BTW I am in USA. Help me by suggesting some good homeopatic medicines. Severe Throat pain is there and my nose also remains blocked mostly at nights. So, I am doubtful whether there is a good permanent treatment of my allergic rhinitis or not. He is exclusively breastfed and he struggles with feed. Nasal Congestion is basically another name for a stuffy nose. Anytime I have something cold or the weather gets rainy or moist I get a running nose n sneezing in early morning .This lasts up to three days mostly without me taking any medication. Ammonium Carb, Teucrium, and Natrum Mur are the top homeopathic remedies for nasal congestion. Waiting for prompt reply Thanks. My name is john patrick from new delhi. If room temperature is okay then this thi k does not happens. Hi Dr Sharma, I am a 53 year old married Caucasian… I have been suffering from rhinitis and my left ear feels blocked. When i wake in the morning usually i start sneezing for 10 to 15 times and it turns the eyes watery and red in colour. But after staying in Bangalore for about 2 decades the problem resurfaced this year. I have tried a number odd patent medic but ti no avail. They are entirely bland and tend to be offensive. I have been suffering for nasal blockage. advice . It started out as a common cold with a mild fever. kindly help me so that I may breath completly. I am suffering from blocked nose due to polyp; in sinusitis. I have had antibiotics in the past that have helped however I got antibiotics last Monday and they have not helped so I stopped taking them. As I feel breathlessness while eating. Tks. So please guide me what to do? I do not want to go for a surgery but I am suffering a lot. I suffer the most in summers. 3. Turbinates are enlarged and can be seen from outside. Age 55 Male Allergic dust,cold,smoke,sun in summar, I am 58 years old and this has started two years back. both nasal is blocked. I WIL BE SO OBLIGED IF YOU HELP ME I HAVE MANY MEDICINES AT HOME AS I TREAT MOST OF MY MINOR PROBLEMS. pls help me. Now these days (from 1 month) I have headache also between 3-5 pm . I cannot feel even cooking gas smell. Operation has been also suggested by one or more ENT docters. However, soon when I stay put in a place, the block slowly gets back. One fine evening, it. Ammonium Carb, Teucrium, and Natrum Mur are the top homeopathic remedies for nasal congestion. Thanks. Please suggest. Thanks Sir. When I moved here after 2 years I had bad allergies. I have problem of running , blocked along with watery eyes. Some times she has throat dryness and throat ache. I will be thankful to you. I am 65yrs old. Maximum time right nasal blockage. It also works very effectively in cases of allergic rhinitis. Pressure in forehead. I have used Arsenic Iodatum for 4 months and it gave good results for 8 months. I am a 43 year old mother of 5. Rest it remains dry. He probably exacerbates the problem by constantly blowing his nose to try and clear the problem which I guess increases the inflammation. Dear Dr. My son is.having blocked nose specially at night times, he doesn’t breath by nose but from mouth and all the night he is restless . These medicines for the treatment of nasal blockage are of natural origin and can be safely used by people of all age groups. I have doubt Is this a symptom of covid19? My son is suffering from nose blockage , done ct scan b4 few days, past 3 to 4 yrs he is suffering frm enlarged tonsils, he has to breath through his mouth, ENT spexialist suggested adenoidectomy n tonsillectomy.pls advice if homeopathy can help for permanent solution, bxos his condition is creating obstacles for his future life n career, he is 18 now, My son is suffering from nose blockage , done ct scan b4 few days, past 3 to 4 yrs he is suffering frm enlarged tonsils, he has to breath through his nose, ENT spexialist suggested adenoidectomy n tonsillectomy.pls advice if homeopathy can help for permanent solution, bxos his condition is creating obstacles for his future life n career, he is 18 now, Sorry, its a mistake there, he is breathing through his mouth, i have an problem with my nose skin . I know she cant help it all but I feel tired and defeated! continuous slight right side headache When I les down in the bed my nose gets blocked. In such cases, Sambucus gives promising results in reducing nasal blockage in infants. Hi, it’s mrs.khan. At sleeping time I have to use otrivin to atleast sleep peacefully. Thank you for your advice! still am having hope my hearing power will come back so with great hope now came under you please help me . His regular doctor seems to see nothing wrong and then tells him he has a normal ear canals. taking nasaline nose drops for the last two months. Please tell me and advise me some treatment from homeopathy. This is a chronic problem. I have allergies to gluten and dairy. Have severe blockage on both sides of nose. Is there a permanent solution this problem. My node is blocked from right side only from a couple of days and I’ve been having shooting pain over my right eye and the pain increases when blood passes through veins above my eyes and when I bow down my right eye feels some kinda pressure and pain increases much more, Respected Dr sharma sb. We eat mostly organic food and drink distilled water. I am a great follower of all your medicines since last 2-3 years. One of my friend suggested homeo care. thanks & regards. Sleeplessness effects badly on office work, used many more tablets and nasal sprays ..but no use….plz provide advise thank you. Sir,my elder son is 5.5 yr old,and he is suffering from a block nose always because his turbinate and adenoids are large in size,many spray and medicine used but no more effective results.I already used homeopathic medicine like pullsattilla,bryonia alba and mercurious solub….., more cough after he is play back.please give more suggestions. DEAR SIR MY NASAL BEND AND GOING MOREBEND SO FLOW OF FLOO IS THROUG MOUTH I AM SUFFERING FROM THIS CONDITION LAST 15 YEARS.BREATHING NOT PROPERLY.HEAD PAIN. I came here today to seek help from a new issue i have just recently started suffering the last 2 years. So I want to know what’s the problem and is their any cure in homoeopathy?if yes then what is it ? Dulcamara & Aconite – Homeopathic Treatment for Cold due to Sudden Exposure to Cold Air. He tried at least five different sprays but they did not suit me .then I shifted to homeopathy .the Dr gave me ammonia carb30.spongia 30.sanguinaria 30. Thank you. This is yet another traditional remedy for a runny and stuffy nose. Awaiting for your kind words response. Hi Docotor , I’ve got bad nasel polyps and I can’t seem to find a cure I have true so many things . Chronic alternating swollen turbinates during nasal cycle. I feel mucous blockage at the top left side of mind. I have been suffering from nasal blockage along with frequent watery discharge at day time and stuffiness at night since two years. I am having severe nose block and sneezing from past 1.5 years. Than take breath from mouth or sleep for easy by right side. This causes my mood swing. Lately I also have bouts of sneezing and whistling sounds on lying down just on left side with pressure at base of lungs. I did not feel anything immediately. After 2-3 hours nose will start clear but not fully.The water which comes from eyes during sneezing is very bitter. Since 6 month, I have nose block at the root of both side of nose . Respect sir, my nose is frequently blocking and running sometimes coughing also during night nose getting block and taking breath through mouth what to please guide me . Plz guide us.thank you, I have a problem when i breathe via my left nostril, by closing my right nostril. With regards, Suresh kumar. While I can manage resulting colds, my major complaint is “nasal congestion” which results in breathing through the mouth. The medicines are decidedly more effective than nasal sprays and decongestants. No cough. Hi Dr Sharma, Hope u’r fine. I have taken Homeopathic medicines for about 2 months….but there is no any relief in it. A stuffy nose may be accompanied by other symptoms like nasal discharges (watery, fluent or thick), sneezing, postnasal discharge, itching/irritation in the nostrils and temporary loss of the sense of smell. due to cold i lost my hearing in right ear, i consultated many dr.s but they didnot gave me any helpful terms. My x ray report says that I have both inferior hypertrophy turbinate .I had this disease from 14 months .My nose bone is curve a little bit. Nose normally is try. PS. If I gave pressure to the right side of my nose then there won’t be any problem.I won’t be able breath through nose because of this. Nose remains blocked throughout the day. Nasal congestion can be treated with the following home remedies: 1. So please suggest me the best treatment for my problem sir Would really appreciate it. I am a 45 year old male and have chronic nasal blockage. I am 53 year old male, I am suffering with nose blockage at night time in between both sides. The nature of post nasal drip is thick, ropy, stringy, and tenacious. I want to know that whether there is a good medicine to heal my inflamed inferior turbinate in the left nose or not? Hello Dr Sharma, I have been suffering from blocked nose very frequently and gets worse during winter,have to use Otrivin everyday night to get good sleep. Both Dulcamara and Aconite are best homeopathic remedies to cure cold that occurs after exposure to cold air. Blockage is cleared only on applying nasal drops daily at night. but still i have this issue. Now dr says surgery required because of deviation of the bone in nose. My 10 year old has one of the sides of his nose blocked most of the time. Lean& thin, blocked nose ( max. But the main problem which is troubling me a lot is my snoring due to this I avoid going to places where I have to stay. Dear Sir, My right nose is in blocked condition for more than 5 years. Tried nasal sprays oral decongestants etc. The nasal swelling on my left side of nose did not improve. Due to this ther is tightness in chest &heaviness on lt side of head.done yoga allopathic aurvedic medicine but no relief. I am 70 yrs suffering from nose blockage while in sleep(in bed), specially at night, in any one nose (either or), but either one remains free. I m taking homeo med. Kindly suggest me homio medicin. Pl suggest me any ready made homeoe medcine which i can purchase from any homeo stores. Now due to weather change again he is facing with cold with following symptoms. I am not able to breathe without nasal sprays like Otrivin and it is working only for 3 hours after that i have to use again. Which medicine will best suits to him. please suggest any good solution and less side effects. I am having sticky mucus. Hello sir I have been suffering from nasal blockage for 6 yrs kindly suggest me how to cure that problem. Dear Doctor, Recently i visited a homeopathy Doctor with my 3 year old son who is suffering form recurrent cold and cough.Doctor prescribed a medicine called DNS 30 which was available at his counter. Nose blocKed Nasal DNS Nasal polypus Age 26 female, Hello good evening mam my name pramod Singh mam mera nose blocked rehta hai naak ki hadi teedi hai, No kali Lod (LOL) It’s kali Iod (kalium iodatum). I have problem with my nose at night always blocked. I had wheezing and allergy from hay fever. The key symptoms that indicate the need for this remedy are a nasal blockage that is worse upon lying down, and blockage of the nostril on the side on which the person is lying. The testing was not very extensive and I am not too into allopathic medicine which simply addresses the symptoms and not the cause. I have just started using otrivin a week back. Since last 2 years I have severe problem of cough and cold. Nux Vomica is very beneficial in providing comfort to the patients with an extremely stuffy nose in night hours. we are staying in banglore. If pus forms, use Hepar Sulphur 6, Merc. Yesterday i was beginning to get a sinus headache so i decided to try a nasal decongestant I bought otrivin and sprayed 2 times in each nostril. Mucus comes out . Some weeks very stuffy and lot of thick mucus white to yellow. I never had this condition before two years. nothing emits from the nose. I also feel itching inside my nose due to that i have to sneeze severl times ( 8-10 ). In April i had a n operation to remov polyp in left nose. My daughter – 16 has often her throat congested which results in stuffy nose. Dr, i live in pune right now. Thanks. Its recurrent mainly in rainy, winter seasons. right side of the nose is choked. Deep yellow discharge found in the morning through left nose, not much. Suit Lahiri, One another problem is thay about my son when he pass urine it has a strong smell so pl suggest medicine fro him also he is12 years old, Since from last 15 days i m suffering from cold and my nose also block one side left hand side and it is dry as i tke nasal spray it get relief for some hours but after that it as usual. During summer seasons also I am facing this problem.
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