They are readily available and are fun for kids to catch. Oa ts have also been found to be effective as bait in mullet fishing. Once I find a school of Mullet I try to net some using a four foot cast net. This leads to the second reason mullet fishing is gaining popularity, the style of fishing used to catch them. If on a boat one person must be driving and the other on the lookout for mullet … I created this pattern years ago in an effort to create a flashy yet realistic mullet imitation. A 9-12ft noodle or crappie rod with 4-6lbs line is recommended for casting the bubble float. Show em that high tech Sabiki 250 rod you have. The Five-Minute Finger Mullet Fly is a dubbing-brush pattern tied completely with synthetic materials. I caught some decent sized ones with a cast net last weekend so I believe it. Although most fishermen do not attempt to catch mullet due to their unusual taste and low availability, the right kind of bait can be extremely helpful in the process of reeling one in. The inner part of the white bread is particularly appealing to the mullet. I use #10 to #14 wire hooks depending on the targeted size. Mullet are usually not caught by hook and line. The fly needed to be large, castable and at the same time exhibit the correct carrot-shaped profile to … Mullet have always been a target for cast netters. The Modified Mullet Rig is the right length for mullet, but there are two rigs in the package for the two average sizes of mullet we usually find at bait shops. ... a super-realistic soft bait just in time for the finger mullet run. Finger Mullet are one of nature's best baits with a average size of about 3-5 inches, everything that swims in saltwater and even some freshwater fish for that matter will eat a Mullet. The best time for mullet fishing is during the incoming and outgoing tide of the new moon or last quarter. One rig is an inch longer than the other. If you wanted to get it deep, you hooked it in the back and vice versa. Try to catch your mullet in brackish water and keep your bait in the water from the location where you caught it. Hooking a Finger Mullet I always ascribed to the theory that you hooked a bait, including finger mullet, opposite of the way that you wanted it to go. Cast nets are still very effective when used to catch mullet but most of the mullet caught in cast nets today are finger mullet and used as bait. Fresh bread squashed and impaled on a hook or small piece of cotton wool on the hook covered in dough. One of my favorite baits is mullet, finger mullet to be exact. Finger mullet is known for being the prey of choice for several fish, including redfish, bluefish and flounder. At the end of the summer and through fall, these predatory fish will be out looking to catch some of the many finger mullet. I was actually talking to a fella about catching finger mullet on a hook and line and he mentioned that he's heard of old timers catching larger ones with bread. They are much more difficult to catch and require more expertise. The bait pulls opposite from the hook. Mullet are especially common on shores, harbors, areas near rocks and are particularly drawn … Mixed with either a large container of garlic powder and water, or with laying mash and flour, both mixed with water to make it sticky. You will be able to adjust accordingly which size you will need.
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