While many anglers have firm ideas on the best ways to get kingfish biting jigs, few are lucky enough to actually fish for them as regularly as I do. A metre or two of suitable trace, a hook and a swivel, coupled with a sinker or float/balloon is all that’s required to fish livebaits. Tips for Catching Kingfish. In many areas, livebaiting is the best method to consistently catch our distinguished inshore gamefish. For jig or lure fishers, speed seems to be the key to success. New Zealand's first on-land kingfish farm is proving to be quite the catch. Unbaited sabiki rigs are all I use to catch my livebait. Livebait patterns are perfect for livebaiting, but any strong short-shank hook, including circle hooks, is fine. Fish were flying all over the surface and after a couple of winds ‘booom’! the pack of Kingfish erupted on the surface splaying froth and panicking baitfish in every direction. }); While the capture of a legal kingfish from the wharf is always a cause for celebration, don’t waste it by leaving it out in the hot sun for people to admire. How charters catch kingfish. Silvery live baits such pilchards, threadfin herring, menhaden, mullet and … The hot spots are the Three Kings islands, White island and the Ranfurly bank off East Cape. If its fresh it can be good on the grill or in the oven, but this is a fish that can also be made into a mean fish dip if you have a smoker. With more than 15,000 kilometres of coastline there’s a fish and a fishing spot with your name on it. Although the kingfish are small, they could soon turn into big money. In these situations, the kingies typically need time to turn and swallow the bait. With the warm water beginning to slowly cool, the next few months are a prime time to target chunky kingies. Catch the kingfish with a gaff. It’s best to cast over shallow reefs, headlands and marker buoys where kings are known to hang out. Good species to use are jack mackerel, slimy mackerel, koheru, kahawai, trevally, yellow-eye mullet and piper. Rods are usually either heavy spin-casting or baitfishing models, or else short stand-up designs. 10 jigging tips - catching kingfish. Tackle used needs to reflect the size and power of kingfish. Landbased Kingfish Downunder in NZ – How to Catch a Yellowtail Kingfish off the Rocks – Including Excellent Advice for South Island Anglers By Scott Hollis-Johns. However, you will find that kingfish will also take maomao, sweep, tarakihi, snapper, blue cod, flounder and even spotties if you're in a jam. Soft baits are dynamite, especially if retrieved quickly across the surface or allowed to sink deep and then retrieved quickly. Catching Kingfish and Tarpon: The Balloon Theory. This issue, Nick Jones provides a crash-course on what you can do to increase your chances! $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); Trace material should be a minimum of 40kg, depending on bait and hook size, and up to 100kg; swivels should be sturdy and hooks strong enough to land powerful fish. Kingfish are well renowned as one of the hardest fighting fish for its size in the sea. These big powerful fish are relatively plentiful and easy to target, but landing them is another story altogether as they are virtually unstoppable and normally inhabit relatively foul areas. Firm, succulent flesh with a low oil content that can be improved by bleeding after capture; the dark flesh lightens on cooking. $(function() They are found all around the New Zealand coastline but are most abundant around the South Island. How to fishing from cliffs Hawaii article with catch photos, rig diagrams and a report on catching three mahi in one days While tarakihi will take a variety of natural and artificial baits (softbaits), the accepted wisdom is to use shellfish baits if tarakihi are the target. Try one month for $1. Catching Kingfish in the Fall. When I’m hunting for kingfish I look for current, structure and bait. And it makes sense – livebaits are the real deal! Birds on the water (gannets, terns and/or shearwaters) are also a good indication of baitfish, and the sign on your fishfinder will either show up as big balls in the water column or small scattered shapes around mid-water. Kingfish Limited Level 1, 67-73 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland Private Bag 93502, Takapuna, Auckland 0740 +64 9 489 7094 | Email Us Canterbury Kingfish February 2016 Video. All you need to catch Kingfish The Catch Kingfish Value Pack includes a range of proven Catch lures ideal for targeting Kingfish. In previous years, these extremely hardfighting sports fish have only made an appearance through the height of summer, with February and March being the ideal months to chase these green and gold torpedoes. It’s tougher than nylon trace and near invisible in the water. Kingfish make excellent eating, and can be bled by running a sharp knife around the membrane which surrounds the gills. Kingfish Baits and Lures. How to catch Kingfish What do you get when you cross the explosive power of a feeding marlin with the stamina of any tuna and the gut-wrenching, tackle busting attitude of a tropical trevally? Fishing - How to catch huge New Zealand yellowtail kingfish, live bait techniques and tackle instructions for the Kings of The Coromandel fishing tournament. Some fish take up residency on suitable reefs, seldom moving far from home. share. Sometimes a livebait dropped 20m to the side of a kingfish school will not attract any attention whereas one dropped right in the middle of them will create a feeding frenzy.
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