Is it ok so far? Add a fast button to call in the Facebook Birthday page (I=2, R=1, E=1) [ just good friends would like to call to people without arrange the time before], Allow them to send a meme with the message in the Facebook Birthday page(I=1, R=1, E=1), Allow them to share the photos together in the Instagram/Facebook stories. I can click on a name and send a quick birthday wish", Ask clarifying questions to narrow down the scope. This gives the user an opportunity to think back to what they might’ve talked about with this person in the past2. Through your answer, you provide your thinking process, define the question, list the potential solutions and their pros and cons. c.2 don't want to be too generic when wishing happy bd, but don't know what to say, c.3 friend not close enough, the BD notification is kind of spam by itself. They have just another piece of information allowing them to know the users better. Users who wish others in their network often( more than once a week), 2. As interactive action is initiated by the birthday wishers, I will focus on them for my solution here. I'm talking about when Facebook tells you it's your friend's birthday, or when they see yours, if you have it listed. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. A small drop-down menu will open, where you must select “Off“. Some additional metrics I’d look at outside of the % of users that post on at least one friends wall each day are: Great answer Anon. Structure: Great structure of the answer. In the top right you’ll see "Birthdays This Week". Excellent answer. Show mutual friends: surface a few names of mutual friends so the user can again get a quick refresh on what the connection means. It was well structured and thorough, without following an obviously preconceived framework. That being said, I'd like to improve engagement with the Birthday's feature. I would like to take engagement as my KPI to Improve Facebook Birthdays' feature. c.2 Pre-fill the congratulotary message with an intro sentence based on past convos. Based on the analysis above, I would prioritize testing solutions 1 and 2. Facebook can integrate whatsapp to improve these types of interactions. Does that sound good to you? This includes ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes, so who knows what could happen when you start “talking” again. Yep. Or would you like me to define my own measure of improvement. Please see our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service for more information. We build new... – More. Goal: you set engagement as the key metric. On the profile page, add a brief explanation about the controls user would have over who can see their DOB and that they can hide it at any time. For c - growth in % of users who congratulate their friends. You're really structured and thorough. This would go a long way for sparking the conversation.c3: Quick Win: Low cost, high impact. Being social network is an essential part of every second internet user now a day mainly for Facebook user don’t want any more to follow the boring regular trend to wish their friends on his/her birthday. Go here to change birthday. Networking online means connecting with people and not selling – what better way to ‘talk to someone’ than to send them a birthday wish. This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. User's birthday arrives3. I think if we prioritize these by most important to the user we get a list of pain points in this order: b, c, d, a. I’d like to come up with some solutions for the top use cases above.b)1. To change your birthday, visit the About section of your Facebook profile. C: Okay, facebook birthdays is a product that allows users to wish people in their social network on their birthdays. Birthdays Providing your birthday helps make sure you get the right Facebook experience for your age. Like prebuilt event ideas that they can pick from and customize to organize a birthday party. How to wish friends in a way that stands out? I think it’s best if we define engagement more specifically so we can measure the success of our improvements. Step 2 happens again. Here is an answer that was submitted to this question on Then, when your Facebook profile opens, beneath your Profile picture click About. A little birthday love goes a long way. Let’s list out a few target user personas that use Facebook Birthdays: 1) Frequent users that rely on facebook to remind them to wish their friends2) Occasional users that rely on facebook to remind them to wish their friends and family. C: Are we looking at any goal for the improvement? B Day card( auto made) when a person logs in on facebook, In App notification of imp birthdays in advance, Options to send using third party integrations. I think the feature today already does a decent job of making users aware of users birthdays with notifications etc. I know I sound so ridiculous for focusing on this stuff. Thank you for the question. 33,801 likes. Would you like us to review something? Second, I will focus on defining the target user for which we want to improve the product and brainstorm what additional user problems we could solve. If I were to rank these solutions in terms of cost, benefit and risk, I’d have to go with #4, with the reason being that Facebook can create a “personalized” gift from the user’s side, which will increase the likelihood of engagement and better connections, which will again lead to more conversations and time spent on the platform, thereby adding to the ads revenue. the identify the engagement flow), Prioritized which element of the flow to work on, Identify types of users, and focus on one of them based on where the greatest payoff is likely to be. d1: Quick Win: High impact, low cost. Select a reason to change your Facebook birthday. In other words, if that assumption were to be false, then feature improvements are most likely to fail. First, go to your profile page – while logged in – and click … We can measure success by comparing the increase in engagement around someone's birthday relative to previous birthdays. Interview question for Senior Product Manager in Menlo Park, CA.How would you improve the Facebook birthday feature Prefill post: prefill the post with common saying like ‘Happy Birthday’4. Gifting Recommendation Engine :- We all struggle with buying a useful/memorable gifts for our friends & relative.FB with its vast amount of data can guide users to buy the gift for their friends.FB tracks user searches/information on their platform.Apart from this, FB can easily recognize the various products/wishlist of birthday guy using their Facebook ADs platform. How to plan for friends' birthdays/organise events? Show connection info: surface the date, location, and the connection type (ie college) the connection happened. Give users the option to hide their birthday messages if they dont want the public to know its their birthday, Give users the option to throw a virtual birthday party with FB groups with friends that arent close in proximity, Give users the option to send pre-authored customized notes to everyone who engaged with them on their birthday via FB. Prioritize these pain points, and then list the solutions to these pain points and you will sound more structured using the same answer as above. Trait Personafied:- Here well wisher while posting on brithday can select a trait among various options along with stickers related to that option. Here goes my hypothesis: We believe users don't care about using the birthday feature because they don't think it matters to wish birthday to acquaintances as often. With this goal in mind, the main metric we would want to improve is engagement. Then metrics on user adoption, engagement will improve substantially. #4: Suggest photos with the user and the friend with the birthday with an animation or an image frame, making it a personalized birthday greetingPros: Pros: a more personalized message has a higher likelihood of having the user engage and wish the other users on their birthdays.Cons: might come across as creepy. The birthday user engages with the friend6. If you recently changed your birthday, you may have to wait a few days before you can change it again, even if you haven’t reached the maximum number of birthday changes yet. Solutions: I think you have innovative ideas on how to improve the user journey for well wishers. 8) Prioritize SolutionsPrioritization should be done based on: Cost to Build, Complexity, ROI, Time to BuildSay, our goal is to find fastest return within the minimum time spent. Interviewer: Sounds good, you can proceed. messages through Facebook Messenger, tags, or even likes of someone else's birthday post of the friend's wall, as these are other common ways to interact around birthdays. 3) Discuss Metrics to pursue~ What’s important: # of birthday posts, # of response(likes/comments) to birthday posts from birthday boy/girl, # of views of birthday posts~ Segment of users that inform people about birthdays~ Are birth-dates even correct? Outline of two peoples' heads. Just to be on the same page, I would like to first discuss about Facebook Birthdays Feature. I know Facebook's mission is to connect the world and bring it closer together. Add Answers or Comments. This is about as straight forward as your birthday next year. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. We have no further inputs. I think showing other faces is easier to process for the user and similar in cost to implement as the other data points.
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