All screen-shots are from RMS test server. Ragnarok Leveling Guide 80 – 99 Glast Heim 2F. Wanderer and Raydric give you a good EXP. For Skills, please refer to this post. Archer class is the fastest leveling class in Ro. This WoW Hunter leveling guide is dedicated to teaching beginners how to operate the Hunter, masters of the wild. Archer Stat Guide. Full-fledged Hunter As soon as I changed jobs, I stopped adding points to my AGI and started on my LUK. You can reach Job 50 in 2-3 hours. Rere Item are very good. The fact that a Hunter can use a carded weapon with an elemental arrow without having to trouble a Sage for an Endow is a huge advantage in every aspect of the game, especially leveling. Sherin tells you that candidates are required to pass three tests before they can become a hunter. Long ago in pre-renewal. Only Double Strafe Type ruled the PVP. This is old school build. Aside from the damage output, they are also invisible. While this guide may not be perfect it is my hope that it will help set up new hunters for success. The only equipment you need is a Hunter's Bow. Hunter’s are a blast to play in Classic offering an incredibly rewarding and flavorful playstyle. Talk with the guildmaster, Sherin, and apply to become a hunter. This is popular class for farm items. Agi-Dex. 1. 2. Eh… Take Level 1 Beastbane > Level 1 Falconry Mastery > Level 1 Skid Trap > Level 1 Land Mine > Level 5 Ankle Snare. Mjolnir) Pyramid 3 If you have other leveling places in mind, please tell me so I can put it here. Start off my reserving you main char name. To be honest, you could just keep killing Mukas until you go level 35, but if you’re bored and wanna try other maps, here’s a guide on How to pick a leveling spot on Classic Ragnarok Online. Go to the Hunter Guild on Payon Field 10 (pay_fild10 (148, 252)) (which is situated 2 maps east, and 1 south of Payon). Many people reach 99 by this map. 1. You can take Level 1 Remove Trap > Level 5 Spring Trap > Level 4 Detect if you’re going for WoE ASAP. Big party is good for leveling. Memo? Map Min. PVP/WoE - In PVP/WoE, it is best to carry Stone Arrows for the basic attacking arrow. Advantage of Archer is high damage and long-range attack. You can switch element of your weapon with arrows. Creating your chars To level you Hunter efficiently, you will need a total of 3 chars i.e Hunter, Priest and a Linker. Please respect the CC right and mention the source if you are re-posting this guide. You can make money by this map easily. Welcome to Wowhead's WoW Shadowlands Hunter leveling guide! Level Max Level Aggressive? The first test is a personality assessment. While Trappers are only for WoE, and Blitz Builds are only for MVP. It’s easy to play just click and wait. We will cover the best Hunter talent builds, ability usage, basic concepts, and gear tips to ensure you reach level … If you wanna get updated with new content, TIPS or … Raydric Card, Infiltrator, Muramasa are valuable. I will be your guide with leveling strategies in Revo-Classic Ragnarok Online especially if you hate crowded places like me. Anyway, WoE as a DS Hunters bliss, as they love to cherry pick paper jobs in a clash. Alternative leveling spots: GH Under prison GH Church yard Greatest General Flora (sa Mt. But nowadays, since dex damage was nerfed, Double Strafe Type also went nerfed and trappers were boosted a lot. Hunter Leveling Pros. This map looks like you are on the battlefield. Monsters Access Notes Geffen Field 01: 4 28 Toad only Yes Roda Frog, Ambernite, Toad: 3 maps left of Prontera: There's a bounty board for Roda Frogs at geffen 57 96.These drop Sticky Webfoot which can be turned in for exp at Eden.If you include the exp from the Sticky Webfoot, this is the most efficient leveling area. DS Hunter Skills. Hunter Flies will often Teleport onto you and you may need to Fly Wing away especially at lower levels. 1.
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