You can also choose a stepped up “managed” version that offers a more complete set of management tools using SafeConsole as support. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apple smart products don’t come with USB ports, so you will need a backwards compatible drive that can also plug into lightning devices. If you want this drive, you're really have to want all that capacity in one drive, especially considering that if you're okay carrying a few more drives in your pocket, you could just as easily buy four 512GB flash drives (like the PNY Elite above) for a fraction of the cost. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Sure, cloud storage may be taking over as the dominant form of file transfer, but there's still no beating the speed and reliability of local bits and bytes. PNY USB Flash Drive … Designed for Reliable Portable Storage PNYs Turbo 3.0 USB Flash Drive is designed with convenience and portability in mind. If you've got secrets to keep (and need to keep them with you on the go), the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key is the kind of lockdown item you need. It has high-speed USB 3.0 transfer speeds and can hold over 7,200 photos or 8,000 songs. EMTEC EMTEC. A perfect balance of capacity and performance at a very reasonable price point, Sandisk's Extreme Pro takes our top spot. ", "Slim and compact, about the size of your thumbnail. Expect fast read and write speeds and 64 GB of storage to hold all your photos and files. All variants of the drive are compatible with USB 3.0. Spring for a flash drive with a numerical touchpad that allows you to password protect your files. CMD Windows will open . Best USB-C Model for Mac Users: Silicon Power C80. Enter the Mojo Bottle Opener/USB 3.0 Flash Drive, a USB key that doubles as a hunk of metal strong enough to pry the cap off any beer, soda, or bottled beverage of your choosing. Previously, he worked as a freelancer for Gadget Review and Digital Trends, spending his time there wading through seas of hardware at every turn. or Best Offer. The USB 3.0 standard means read speeds top 100 Mb/s; not the absolute fastest drive available but still very speedy, especially if you're moving smaller files. Just make sure to attach it to a lanyard, so you don't lose it. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. PCMag Digital Group. Regardless of which model you choose, you'll want one of the best desktop PCs to ensure that you've got the proper ports available to take full advantage of a high-end USB flash drive. The UltraFit is right about the size of a USB dongle for a mouse or keyboard. Whether you call them thumb drives, USB sticks, or by any of their countless other monikers, the best USB flash drives remain one of the easiest ways to move your data. Buy a USB flash drive online at Best Buy for the best selection and pricing options. Patrick Hyde has 4+ years' experience writing about consumer technology and electronics. High-security flash drives aren’t exactly a new concept. One of the most crucial considerations when choosing the right drive is figuring out how much capacity you need. And with the 3.0 USB it transfers files in a flash. Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 Flash Drive at Amazon, Samsung 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit at Best Buy, Silicon Power C80 64GB Flash Drive at B&H Photo Video, Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64-bit USB 3.0 Flash Drive at Amazon, Best Overall: Got an old and a new MacBook laptop, or a new MacBook Air or Pro and a USB-C-less PC? SanDisk iXpand 128GB Flash Drive, Best for Ultrabooks: Best for Encryption and Security: Apricorn Aegis Secure Key. USB Flash Drives in Brand:PNY, Storage Capacity:64GB, USB … Security - Often times the data you’re transferring is highly sensitive, which means your basic flash drive won’t cut it. Chris Stobing is a hardware analyst at PCMag. Best for Extreme Conditions: Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth. Keep an eye on your inbox! I have a lot Sandisk drives … If your only concern when choosing your next USB flash drive is cost, then the SanDisk Ultra CZ48 should be near the top of your list. Shop for 4GB, 128 GB and up to 1024 GB thumb drives to store all your data and media. It's a drive that takes full advantage of advancements in solid-state storage to deliver amazing transfer rates. ", "This USB 3.0 drive offers what the company is calling business-grade security with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption. For an absolutely bargain-basement alternative that still provides plenty of storage, Kingston's Data Traveler which comes in a number of different sizes that are all very competitively priced. Although it's quite a bit chunkier than any of the other drives on this list, that's to be expected considering the massive amount of storage you'll find under the hood. By continuing to use our website or clicking OK, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our PRIVACY … Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Just be aware that these models can be quite a bit more expensive than what you'd pay for those other drives, so be sure that high transfer speeds are your main focus before going with this model. Best Minimalist-Style Flash Drive: Samsung Bar Plus. I remember myself wondering if these particular PNY flash drives were made from the same factory as the Onn ones, because the Onn drives looked identical to the PNY ones (even down to the same red and blue color). Check out our selection of the best ones you can buy for specific needs. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Free shipping. The actual hardware of the drive at the component level is equally well-protected, featuring a special epoxy that will destroy the data inside if a hacker attempts to physically extract the flash chips from within. Best Nano/Supermobile USB Flash Drive: SanDisk UltraFit. The 360-degree swivel cap protects whichever connector is not in use and attaches easily to keychains. Press Enter , CMD will correct all PNY flash drive … This USB 3.0 Flash Drive is small in size, but big on performance: Manufacturer: PNY… Depending on your cloud service and the speed of your internet connection, syncing large files to the web can take hours. Older flash drives … Type this command chkdsk G: /f G is your PNY flash drive label . But: It lists for $1,100 and sells from many resellers for about a full grand at this writing. Samsung 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit, Best for Macbooks: A lanyard loop lets you connect it to anything to keep it from straying; it's easy to lose outside a USB port. SanDisk SanDisk. You can pick it up in sizes ranging from 4GB to 64GB. If you are taking your data to the extreme ends of the Earth and need to go a step above and beyond to keep it safe, the rugged Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64-bit is the drive for you. With a five-year warranty, a great design, and a value price, this small drive makes a perfect addition to your keyring. Sales Collateral. This USB 3.0 Flash Drive … "Gives you blistering speeds three to four times faster than a standard USB 3.0 drive. And with the C80 model from Silicon Power, you won't have to sacrifice compatibility; it has an Type-A port on one end and a Type-C on the other. In BlackMagic, the drive … Believe it or not, our free, daily newsletter can help you use tech better and declutter your inbox. This thumbdrive from SanDisk is designed for ease of use with iPhones and iPads, thanks to a curbed plastic connector that fits behind the back of the screen. At under $7 at this writing for 16GB, it's a great budget pick for anyone who's watching their dollars. In his free time, you’ll find him shredding the local mountain on his snowboard, or using his now-defunct culinary degree to whip up a dish in the kitchen for friends. While a lot of drives on this list are compact, durable, or high capacity, few of them feature read speeds that peak above 300MBps. But it has an optional file management app, which is a free and simple automatic file categorization that puts your work in the appropriate folders. Get the best deals on PNY USB Flash Drives and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at ... PNY - Attaché 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives … Your subscription has been confirmed. For quick transfer of all your files, keeping a flash drive around is a smart idea. The drive comes in a variety of capacities, ranging from 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. PNY Turbo Attaché 3 USB 3.0. Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 Flash Drive, Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 Flash Drive Review, Best for Apple Products: Security - Often times the data you’re transferring is highly sensitive, which means your basic flash drive won’t cut it. For quick and dead-simple transfer of everything from your vacation photos to your sales spreadsheets, keeping a flash drive or three around is a smart idea. WD WD. If you search for "flash drive," you'll see hundreds of pages of search results to sift through on Amazon, so we've done the heavy lifting and sorted through the muck to select a few of the top-rated flash drives for specific uses. ), Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices for 2020, The Best PCI Express NVMe Solid State Drives (SSDs) for 2020, Micron Tips 176-Layer NAND for the Future of Autonomous Driving, 5G Devices, Seagate Expects to Start Selling 50TB HAMR Hard Drives in 2026, Hardkernel Is Launching a 2-Bay NAS for $65, SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro Portable SSDs Get Even Faster, The Best Graphics Cards for 4K Gaming in 2020. SanDisk is so confident in the functionality of this little drive, that they’ve even backed it with a full lifetime warranty in case any issues befall it. HP HP. People keep a lot of things on their keychains: key fobs, pocket knives, USB flash drives, and yes, even bottle openers. That's why some of the bulkier drives on this list are not ideal for those devices. Best for Pack Rats: Kingston Digital 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT. The PNY PRO Elite USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a high-performance USB flash drive with a beautiful and functional design. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. PNY is another memory manufacturer turned player in the USB market. While you might be swayed by flashy gimmicks like fingerprint sensors and password keypads, these end up being too expensive and not overly powerful (with a few exceptions of course). Best PNY Flash Drives: Best USB Flash Drives: Here is the PNY Review and Is PNY Good ? That USB 3.1 connection is also backward compatible with USB 2.0, so you won’t hit any snags with an older computer. 2x PNY 16gb usb flash drive … Insert your PNY flash drive to your computer. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Fit drives are slim and compact, about the size of your thumb nail. PNY PRO Elite USB 3.0 ... HP v150w USB 2.0 . Speed - If it’s speed you seek, go for a flash drive that has USB 3.0, 3.1, or 3.2 technology, which is up to ten times faster than the USB 2.0 standard. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The PNY flash drive is a reliable name and product. With their paper-slim profiles, Ultrabooks and tablets are barely thick enough for a USB port. If you're just shifting smaller files, like photos or documents, a 16-32GB drive should provide all the space you need. On the other end of the spectrum, for moving stuff like larger video files or full game installations, you're going to need a much higher capacity option, something in the 256GB range. If you're on the hunt purely for capacity, with no respect to price, then look no further than the 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT. Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum housing and outfitted with a molded shock damping collar, this drive is meant to survive anything you can throw at it. If you're someone who needs a drive that can survive the elements (and we're talking sinking-ship, Perfect Storm-type elements), the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth series of USB flash drives can take one heck of a beating. So before you make a purchase, consider how much you’re willing to spend on a flash drive and weigh that against how much capacity you’ll likely need, and what kinds of files you're looking to shuffle around. Some flash drives make use of the USB 3.0 standard for faster data transmission. With a growing number of thin laptops making the switch to USB Type-C ports alone, many of us in the coming year or two are going to need to update our flash drives. ", "With a five-year warranty, a great design, and a value price. Or better yet, snag one that requires your fingerprint. Kingston Digital 8 GB DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive. I could have gotten a 32GB flash drive for 350 pesos, but I thought I wanted this brand. A flash drive with a USB connection is also called a thumb drive, jump drive, pen drive, USB stick, or memory stick. USB FLASH DRIVES. Watch. It can even be submerged in up to 200 meters of water because of the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) waterproof seal. One step up from those cheapies, though, is this drive. The C80 doesn’t require any special drivers or software to work; just plug it into the port and it is ready to go. With a built-in swivel mechanism, you can easily swap between using the Type-C connector and a standard Type-A connector whenever the need arises. Finally, there’s an anti-virus version that loads in ESET antivirus software out of the box to avoid trojan horses and other hacker tracking programs. Kingston Data Traveler Vault, Most Rugged: The portable, light-weight Flash Drive incorporates a sliding collar cap less design that means for no more lost caps. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. The drive comes in five storage sizes ranging from 16GB up to 256GB. This USB 3.0 drive offers what the company is calling business-grade security with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption. SanDisk is the same company that, last year, announced it had managed to squeeze a whopping terabyte of storage on a microSDXC card, the smallest and roomiest flash card we've seen yet. Boasting a capacity of up to 256GB, this flash drive has got it where it counts, making storage of all but the most colossal files just a drag-and-drop away. ", "Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum housing. If you're in need of a slick-looking, tiny thumb stick that's not too expensive, can take a beating, and features above-average transfer speeds, this rugged model from Samsung is up to the challenge. PNY 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Turbo Attache 3 (50 Pack Bulk) Thumb Drives Bundle with (25) Everything But Stromboli Lanyard (P-FD32GTBOP-GE) More Buying Choices $311.99 (2 new offers) PNY Turbo 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - (P-FD128GTBOP-GE) and PNY Turbo 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive … ", "Features a dual interface with USB Type-C and USB Type-A 3.0 ports. It has automatic photo backup and contact transfer to help free up space on your devices without having to deal with the slow upload speeds. Get the best deals on and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. His work has appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books, Reactual, and more. You can get USB 3.0 speed in a compact and durable metal USB drive from Kingston for ridiculously cheap. The drive comes in 32GB and 64GB capacities. Macbooks require a USB Type-C device, which is where this swivel dual flash drive from Silicon Power comes in handy. The push-out button is a little hard … All of the models are TAA-compliant, so this drive won’t be in breach of government regulations, and that USB 3.0 means that you’ll have nearly the fastest transfer speeds possible. The portable, light-weight Flash Drive incorporates a sliding collar cap less design that means for no more lost caps. With USB 3.0 tech you can expect fast read speeds, while the price is easy to stomach. When we reviewed this drive back in 2017, we discovered there's really no avoiding that price, which is why it scored relatively low. Featuring a PIN-based locking mechanism right on the drive itself, the Apricorn Aegis Secure Key is one of the most secure flash drives you can buy today. PNY PNY. Now, while there are cheaper drives out there (you can get a five pack of some low-capacity USB keys for the same price as this one), most of those run on USB 2.0, which is almost effectively a defunct transfer protocol in 2020. That's not really a problem for backup purposes, but if you want to bring a library of HD movies or photos with you wherever you go, a thumb stick is often much more convenient. This Website use cookies. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. ... Best Buy Brands Best Buy Brands. © 1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. Warranties. The @Work 3.0 USB key comes with not just a flash drive attached, but also many of the old Swiss Army knife staples: a nail file, a pair of scissors, even a rudimentary bottle opener, should you need it. Product Brochures. For anyone who's not satisfied just opening a beer or two with their USB key, Swiss Army knife maker Victorinox has gone the extra mile with this model.
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