The most commonly used needles are universal needles. Check out membership options here. Both are supposed to be used when sewing knit type of fabric. Schmetz puts out information on all their needles and this is what they say about microtex needles found here on their website: Microtex (Sharp) These first industrially made knit fabrics only stretched in the east to west direction, selvedge to selvedge. Fine jersey Stretch Needle NM 65, NM 75 Fleece Universal Needle NM 70 to NM 90 or Stretch Needle NM 75, NM 90 Foils (plastic foils, synthetic leather, oilcloth) Microtex Needle NM 60 to NM 110 15. Sometimes this information is on the inner cover or face of the machine. The main feature that varies from one type to the next is the shape of the point and tip, which will be more or less rounded. The planner is available in a universal style as well as a monthly theme that follows along with The Self Sewn Wardrobe Group on Facebook. This needle has a long grove on both the front and back as well as a slightly larger scarf and a medium ball point. Also remember that needles get used up very quickly, especially when sewing thick fabrics. A small piece of advice: if you are using a serger to finish your seam allowances, think about changing its needles as well, as they can break too! Mal and Zede have used this type of needle on woven fabrics as well with success but it’s always good to test. The second one corresponds to its American size, in an arbitrary scale. The answer here is a twin needle. If you can’t find your owner’s manual check online because many of them are available as PDF’s. When I looked around online, I can’t find much information about the difference between the Stretch and Jersey machine sewing needles. You will not receive a physical planner. Regular Needle. The inverse is also true, and using a thin needle on a dense fabric like denim can actually be dangerous: the needle can bend and damage the machine, and you risk hurting yourself if it breaks! Jersey fabrics were originally manufactured without spandex, lycra, or elastane. I’ve also heard that vintage machines can’t use stretch needles/won’t sew spandex. The Schmetz Knit & Stretch Needles are a collection of assorted needles and sizes that provide the proper needle features required when sewing fabrics with stretch. Schmetz Serger needles CHECK YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL FOR TYPE HAx1SP, Schmetz Serger needles CHECK YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL FOR TYPE ELx705, Schmetz Serger needles CHECK YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL FOR TYPE ELx705CF. Schmetz 1722 Stretch Needles, 130/705 H-S 75/11, 5 per pack 4.8 out of 5 stars 495. Ball Point Jersey Machine Needles-Size 10/70 5/Pkg 4.7 out of 5 stars 179. There are 179 jersey needles for sale on Etsy, and they cost $4.61 on average. These jersey ball point needles saved the day for me. First thing you’ll want to do is check your owner’s manual for the type of needle your machine requires. Has a longer and wider eye than the normal Universal needle which makes the needle suitable for thicker sewing or embroidery thread.”. Organ sewing machine needles , a full range of organ sewing machine needles domestic machine needles, industrial sewing machine needles , jersey sewing needles, leather sewing needles, twin sewing needles, leather point organ sewing needles, organ quilting sewing machine needles, organ super stretch sewing machine needles, organ jeans sewing machine needles , organ metal sewing machine needles Chrome-plated with a reinforced blade. Leather needles are extremely sharp, so they can pierce several layers of thick skin. Needles have all these special surfaces to deliver thread properly. Ballpoint needles are also known as Jersey needles. While a regular needle has a sharp tip, a ballpoint needle has a rounded tip on the end. What a great overview and guide for choosing needles for stretchy fabrics. How to pick the one adapted to your project? Use a thick needle on a lightweight fabric and you will damage the latter: visible puncture holes at the seams, broken fibers, or even the fabric being “swallowed” by the machine are all symptoms of such a mismatch. It makes sense that I would want to ensure that I use the right kind of needles! Thanks! Both planners offer helpful guidance in planning out your next wardrobe make as well as thoughtful prompts to keep your makes relevant to your likes, style, and wardrobe needs. Why didn’t fabric and clothing labels say 95%/5% spandex/lycra? Use a regular point needle (Style 2020) for woven fabrics. A ballpoint needle is one specifically designed for knit fabrics. So if you have an older serger this is something you need to know. However, the stretch needle has a different eye and a unique scarf, which are designed to work with stretch fabrics as well as elastics. This planner is included in the Zig Zag SewHere Membership level. Something Zede really loves about the higher end Babylock overlockers and combination overlocker/coverstitch machines are how the needles are set perpendicular to the fabric. This will help keep stitches from popping when the fabric is stretched. A jersey/ballpoint needle has a blunted round tip which allows the needle to pass between the fibers and not through them (cutting them). Universal needles come with a slightly rounded tip and are used for general sewing purposes. Jersey/embroidery needle Stretch needle Leather needle Coverstitch needle Universal needle Special needle Round shank needle Personal advice at your local BERNINA Store Over 2,000 BERNINA Stores worldwide offer valuable services to all our customers. The jersey needle worked fine for everything except the zig zag stitch, where you can see skipped stitches. Only 1 left ... because here they come. Jersey needles are even more rounded than stretch needles, and are more indicated for knits than for stretch wovens. Zede says she’s had to resort to a microtex needle when sewing on some performance type knits to get a decent stitch. Of course people have told her using a microtex needle will cut the fibers and it might but because the tip of the microtex needle is so thin and acute it goes between fibers quite well. You may want to print some pages more than once, depending on your project, for example, you’ll probably make more than one pair of underwear in a month, but most likely only one coat in that amount of time. These spaces allow the fabric to stretch and recover. They both really like microtex needles and use them for lots of applications. This machine can use ELX705, ELx705CF, and ELx705CFSUK type needles. 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