tb1234 Bug Repellent Solution with Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Lemon balm is a natural bug repellent. What does it add to this mixture?? Yet another winner, Jan! I have all the stuff and can’t. I usually put a layer of plastic wrap between a tincture and a metal lid or either just use a plastic lid. If you’re out foraging or on a hike without a repellent, find some lemon balm, crush it between your fingers, and rub it directly on your skin. Ginger & Lemon Balm Honey Syrup for Colds & Flu, How to Harvest and Dry Flowers & Herbs From Your Garden. Does the witch hazel you use contain alcohol? :) You could also make a bug repelling lotion bar, to rub on after using unscented soap and it should stick around on your skin longer too. You can rub lemon balm directly onto your skin to make an instant insect repellent. On a weekly basis, readers write in to ask about homemade insect repellents, but until now, I hadn’t developed a recipe I felt comfortable recommending. You can make it with just lemon balm if you want. :). Use lemon eucalyptus to make an effective natural bug spray – in a spray bottle mix 2 ounces witch hazel and 2 ounces distilled water with 40-50 drops essential oil (or 20-25 drops for kids 3-9). This is also edible and makes a great addition to a salad, herbed chicken, or smoothie. Want to read more? :). I have been wanting an effective bug repellent for a while!! (IF I’m remembering correctly. And I have the lemon balm already. Unfortunately, my husband developed a significant allergy/hives to those! )—citronella, offering those same mosquito-repellent … Why do you use witch hazel extract? Taking B1 (thiamine) helps repel mosquitos. Best wishes! Lemon Balm. Most commonly, lemon balm leaves are used in teas, potpourris, cooking and as an insect repellent. If desired, you can use ¾ lemon balm and ¼ fresh basil leaves (or add basil essential oil later in the process). You have entered an incorrect email address! (No spam ever, unsubscribe at any time.). The lemony aroma will keep the mosquitoes at a distance. Hi Felicia, I think that’s a great idea! Lemon balm is one of many plants that keep flies away thanks to its strong smell. Shake well before each use. After 1-2 weeks, strain out the leaves. • Facial Use as a facial steam for dry skin and to treat acne. You may like these related articles: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks, Terry. Or what are the correct jars and where can I get them? Looking forward to giving it a try up here in Northern Australia the mozzies come out in the hundreds and go crazy. The most common DIY Lemon Eucalyptus mosquito repellent recipe uses witch hazel as a base, along with vegetable glycerin and/or vitamin E oil. I use witch hazel to help extract the properties of the herb. 1 photo of Lemon Balm - Lavender Bug Spray. Traditionally, it’s been used to gently treat colic and upset stomach in everyone from infants to elders. Shake again to combine. It can also make a great cleaner! Your insect repellent balm will just be a little softer. (and I was starting to think I’d tried everything) :). I live in a forestry area, and the bug population always comes for ME! At this point, I add a few drops of essential oil, to boost the spray’s power. :). Many brands include lemon or lavender-scented witch hazel, both of which are excellent options for this lemon balm insect repellent. This insect repellent won't leave you greasy or sticky, making it a great spray-and-go option for busy weekends. My family is known for being bitten worse than everyone else, so we will truly be putting this to the test. You can use dried lemon balm if you don’t have fresh, but you don’t have to. I adapt it to what I have on hand. I will be making this over the upcoming weekend. Sponge down your pet. If you like the projects on my site, you’ll love my new book – 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home! I Jan, the local preschool is growing lemon balm, yah! Crush the fresh leaves and rub them directly on the skin, especially around ankles, arms, and other areas most exposed and vulnerable to bug bites. Hi Terry! What is the minimum time for the witch hazel to become infused with the herbs? She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family and a menagerie of animals, where she enjoys brainstorming creative things to make with the flowers and weeds that grow around her. I do think the synergy of all of them makes for the best results though. I’ve let them infuse only about two days before when a relative needed an emergency batch since the bugs were driving her crazy gardening. I used lemon balm, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and catnip. Jana is a copywriter and content editor who helps you find the "write" words. One tablet a day makes your dog taste bad so fleas go elsewhere. Lemon Balm contains high levels of a compound called citronellal, which gives it its lemony aroma and flavor that bugs find so unpleasant. I don’t have any catnip, could I just add more mint? Giving birth is full of often clashing emotions, from overwhelming happiness to anxiety, and everything in between. As an Amazon Asssociate we earn from qualifiying purchases. I haven’t personally tried apple mint in this recipe, but since it’s in the same family, I feel like it would work as a substitute. It’s also one of the best agents to mix with essential oils so that the oils will fully mix with water. Lemon balm also has the ability to repel annoying pests. Instead of buying a product off the shelf, here’s a quick and easy recipe for homemade bug spray. I used 5 drops of Citronella and Lemongrass and 3 drops of Basil. Hi Ida! plus a generous pinch each of basil, catnip and mint from your garden. When those pesky mosquitoes and sneaky no-see-ums come out, you can’t swat them away fast enough! Use a wooden spoon to poke the liquid and herbs, in order to get rid of air bubbles. Lemon balm is a member of the mint family. The cost of … I used these good quality 2 oz glass spray bottles which are so easy to carry. This ingredient is also plant-based and could be added to this lemon balm bug spray. When I was a kid, all of the biting bugs in the county gravitated to my brother & I. Benadryl was a daily beverage! Fresh basil herbs or basil oil smell amazing to the human nose, but actually are unpleasant to bugs and gnats. It contains high levels of a compound called citronellal, which gives it its lemony aroma and flavor that bugs find so unpleasant. Jan Berry is a writer, herbalist, soapmaker, and bestselling author of The Big Book of Homemade Products, Simple & Natural Soapmaking, and Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps. I did add an extra couple drops of essential oil though in case the mixture wasn’t strong enough. 25 Short Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want to Cut Your Hair, 11+ of the Best Tips for Giving Your Thin Hair Volume. I’ve seen people use vinegar instead but I (a.) Lemon balm is an easy to grow herb that not only attracts bees to the garden, but is also a great anti-viral with relaxing properties that are helpful for soothing frayed nerves and calming hyper children. Hi Lea! The best part is that it’s yet another way to help use up some of my abundance of lemon balm and other herbs! • To Treat Insect Bites Rub on a fresh lemon balm leaf to soothe insect bites. Lemon Balm Bug Spray Recipe Using a small glass jar, stuff fresh lemon balm leaves into the jar. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Once established, lemon balm can produce large amounts of its sweet, lemon smelling leaves. Jul 26, 2019 - Lemon Balm Bug Spray. Getting together with the people you love... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Place them in a jar, then fill the jar with witch hazel. The Insect Repellent Essential Oils You Need. I’m very conservative with their use, so feel free to adjust to your preference. I believe I’ve heard that before too. Thanks for the great recipe! Once you’ve mixed up a batch with water, store in the refrigerator and use within 1 week. Spritz on and around you as needed for bug control, shaking thoroughly before each application. :). Hi, When making this, I accidentally put the essential oils in before heating and melting the oils. I believe that fresh herbs make for a more effective spray, so recommend those above dried for this recipe. Lemon Balm bug spray. The lemon also treats existing flea bites and gives your pet a fresh, citrus smell. Hi Farmer Doug, I’m glad you like the recipe! I have all the herbs you mentioned and put witch hazel on my shopping list! It’s okay if it’s not, I just already had oregano and was curious! Lemon eucalyptus is an effective natural oil to use as a mosquito repellent, with sharp-scented compounds proven to drive mosquitoes away. Steep the lemons overnight and soak a sponge in the lemon water in the morning. Find a bug spray that fits your needs and enjoy protection that lasts for hours. Thanks so much! After all, bringing life into this world,... Across the globe, Black Friday is famous for harboring scenes of panic and chaos in the name of great deals, and anyone who has... Planning your Christmas menu? After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The login page will open in a new tab. . Hi Luc! Hi Jan, I have a question, not about the bug repellent, I am trying that thought the mix is setting in my closet. Do you think it will still work? . Add the optional 1 drop of basil essential oil and 1-3 drops of citronella essential oils. You can use lemon balm in various forms like- Tea, essential oils, used in cooking (flavoring dishes), ward off insects, and practices as traditional home medication. Lemon balm: Lemon balm is ... To make a simple bug-repellent herbal spray, combine a selection of fresh herb leaves with vodka in a blender and blend until smooth. It’s possible it could work though! I sure hope the lemon balm spray helps prevent some discomfort for your family – I’d love to hear how it goes! think it attracts gnats, which are bad where I live. In a 2oz spray bottle, mix 1/4 cup of witch hazel and 1/4 cup of glycerin. This is a medicinal plant that is well-known for its ability to soothe inflammation and even out skin tone. Thanks for this “tried and tested” and detailed information. If anything, lemon balm’s only redeeming quality is the fresh lemony scent that emits from its leaves, which may have negligible effects on a mosquito’s olfactory capabilities. I hope it works well for you! Shake the spray bottle vigorously until everything is mixed very well. Lemon balm and Lavender join to make one powerful bug repellent. We’ve found this exact combination will last an average of one to two hours before needing to be reapplied, but that will also depend on your particular body chemistry and how heavy the bug load in the area is. Lemon balm contains citronellal—an essential oil that contains the same properties as—(can you guess it? Life with out bug bites or chemicals, WOW! And replace those items with a homemade bug spray made with all-natural ingredients. I can’t wait to try this! I hope it helps with those pesky mosquitoes! Lemon balm is a plant that grows effectively and requires less maintenance, so it is incredibly easy to handle. Please log in again. Wait to get started. I will let you know how it works out! She said it still worked! :). I made it up today and I have it in a mason jar, I put the mason jar lid on and put cheese cloth under the lid as well, is this okay? Jana and her husband live in Tennessee but often spend a few months per year in Europe. Thank you! With an oil infusion you have to so it will not mold. When you’re ready to mix up a fresh batch of spray, fill a small glass spray bottle or mister half way with the infused witch hazel. The website thenerdyfarmwife.com, operating under Honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Reapply as necessary. The property which makes this chemical compound effective is the p-methane, which is very useful as a DIY mosquito repellent. Shake well to combine. Do you have to dry the herbs first? Avoid spraying on face. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, but not quite to the top. Recipe 1 : 2 ingredient mosquito spray that takes 1 minute to make. I’ll have to research it further – it’s a very interesting idea! Apply to people (not pets) before going outdoors. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle, filling it halfway. Subscribe to my newsletter and receive my best herbal projects, soap ideas, and DIY body care recipes sent straight to your inbox, 2 to 3 times a month. 10 Ingredients to avoid in beauty products. can I use regular witch hazel from the drug store? Thanks! You can buy the little bottles shown from SpecialtyBottle.com. It’s more of a problem with vinegar though, than alcohol, so I think yours will be fine! Hi Pam! You can also put the cover on, gently shake it to get rid of air bubbles, and then open it up and top it off with more witch hazel. Fill the remainder of the jar with witch hazel. I do believe that lavender repels ticks, so you could add some lavender flowers to the infusion, or the essential oil. Pour the mixture through a strainer to extract the liquid and transfer it to a spray bottle. It must be heaven. Only a few ingredients are required, and only a few minutes of your time. Gail…I dont understand but how did you that? Cap the jar and set it in a cool, dark cupboard for a week or two. Thank you! I used catnip, mint, yarrow, and lemon balm. Stay up-to-date with the latest blog posts, outfit guides, recipes, gift ideas and more! Finally, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) -- hardy in zones 3 to 9-- contains citronellal, a compound that mimics citronella. Hi Kayla! Take a half cup of fresh lemon balm leaves and a teaspoon each of Basil, catnip, and mint. All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. ~Lisa, Hi Lisa, I hope your daughter likes the recipe! This makes it difficult to open and will eventually make your tincture taste off. Needs to be re applies every hour or so. The remaining undiluted witch hazel will last about six months. For this recipe, we mainly focus on lemon balm. Lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary are also good additions that smell pleasant and repel bugs. One of the best natural insect repellent is Lemon Balm. However, Lemon Balm does not deter butterflies or bees. You can usually find witch hazel in your local drug store or in the pharmacy section of a grocery store. It’s pre-breakfast so my brain is a little less-sharp at the moment!) Screw on the lid and let sit in a cool, dark place for 1-2 weeks. list of 12+ things to make with lemon balm, http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/witch-hazel-distillate-alcohol-free-p-2091.html, https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/garlic-ear-oil-for-humans-their-pets/. Although DEET has been approved by the EPA, it has been known to disrupt endocrine functions, reduce performance on strength related-tasks, inhibit coordination, and even kill brain cells related to concentration and movement. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is derived from a plant that contains citronella oil and p-menthane 3,8-diol. Just thinking of different options that could lower cost some since we don’t have those eo in our pantry but I’ve basil, mint and lemon balm going crazy in the garden. All recipes are made and used at your own risk. It is super effective! A stacking function for lemon balm! Stuff a glass jar full of the herb leaves, then pour witch hazel extract over them, almost to the top. Do you think if a tea was made with lemon balm, basil and mint and was used in place of the water when the witch hazel infusion is mixed that it could replace the need for essential oils? The only thing you’d need to look out for is that I think some of the same essential oils that repel insects are also toxic to fish and other aquatic creatures so you want to avoid using them around streams and bodies of water. Hi Jan – I don’t have catnip in the garden or citronella in my essential oil cabinet. As you can imagine, it puts off a lemony aroma yet there is a level of earthiness to the scent as well. While traditional bug spray or citronella candles help, they can be loaded with harmful and even toxic ingredients! Yes, it would be fine to add more mint. Hi Jan, I have a question. Thanks for the information Gail – that’s something I haven’t tried yet! The first step in making this herbal no bug balm is to make an infused oil with any combination of the herbs above. Hi Tori! I know they recommend unscented soaps and deodorants due to the perfumes attracting bugs while camping but what if I put some bug-repelling scents into a liquid or bar soap? The herbs will usually turn the witch hazel brownish, but it’s still perfectly fine to use. You might wish to add more or less depending on your tolerance for essential oils. Your recipes gave me lots of inspiration. This spray is intended for people, not pets. It grows very easily and rapidly, so even a Mama without a green thumb can make lemon balm grow in her garden. :) Thanks for the help, Hi Tori! We use lemon balm here at Stoney Creek Farm, crushing and then rubbing the leaves on our arms and legs while working in the garden or yard. We have our fair share of mosquitoes here at night and the resident barn and cliff swallows are just not keeping up with their duties! Kristen Allard says. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us all! Lemon Balm … I remember taking one concoction camping and I’m pretty sure that I was attracting every mosquito in the county with that particular formula! Thanks. Using a small glass jar, stuff fresh lemon balm leaves into the jar. If desired, you can use ¾ lemon balm and ¼ fresh basil leaves (or add basil essential oil later in the process). If you don’t have some of the herbs listed, that’s okay. I’m not really sure since I haven’t done much with oregano oil, other than occasional use of Oreganol capsules in the past for really tough colds/sinus stuff for family members. I think it will work fine; just use an extra drop or two of lemon eucalyptus or lemongrass & give it a go! Awesome!!! Kick those toxic chemicals, like DEET, out of your home. Crushing the leaves and rubbing them on your skin is a folk remedy for mosquitoes. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. For a quick mosquito repellent, simply crush a handful of lemon balm leaves in your hand and rub them on your exposed skin. Fill the remaining half of the bottle with filtered water. Since witch hazel is water and alcohol extracted, mold is not a problem. . A great flea repellent for dogs is brewer’s yeast- the kind you find in the vitamin section. But your body will thank you – for using healthy ingredients and for keeping the pesky mosquitoes and sneaky gnats away! *As always, test a spot on your skin to see if you have a negative reaction to this homemade bug spray. And basil, mint, and catnip. I think you could definitely try a lemon balm/basil/mint tea instead of plain water + essential oils. Many people love to use this Lemon Balm as a bug spray to keep their areas free off insects through a perfect natural approach. Lemon Balm. I think lemongrass may be of help too. Oils and water don’t mix, so be sure to shake the bug spray before you use it. The Thanksgiving dinner is one that holds a very special place in foodies’ hearts across the nation. In an oil infusion, water content won’t mix in and can ferment or mold, so I agree with you that freshly dried herbs are best for those. Personal and Beauty Treatment Uses of Lemon Balm For The Home • Conditioner – A stronger infusion makes a good rinse for oily hair. don’t want to smell like vinegar and (b.) Yes, the witch hazel I use comes from MountainRoseHerbs.com and has 14% alcohol, but I’ve seen alcohol free versions here: http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/witch-hazel-distillate-alcohol-free-p-2091.html and on Amazon.com. Just wondering if it is different with the witch hazel. Just wondering if I could possibly go a step further and make a soap with some of the same essential oils for use while camping? This formula is made with oil of lemon eucalyptus, a plant-based ingredient that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some were just terrible. It is a lot like Citronella, but you won’t lose the butterflies or birds from your yard. Thanks!! For mites, I like garlic oil, but that won’t mix well with this mix: https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/garlic-ear-oil-for-humans-their-pets/. Sidebar…would apple mint be acceptable? To create lemon balm bug spray: Gather: a handful of fresh lemon balm leaves. Gather: a handful of fresh lemon balm leaves. You could probably just make a tea and use, but the shelf life would be really short (a day or two), whereas witch hazel lasts a lot longer. Fill it about 90% full with drinking quality water, add 10 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil, and … You may also like this list of 12+ things to make with lemon balm: If you enjoyed reading about how to make a lemon balm bug spray, let’s keep in touch! She has published more than 200 blogs and articles (including one that ranked on the first page of Google for a designated keyword search) and has edited more than 8 websites and books. If you need to purchase them, Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite place for organic, high quality dried herbs. Hi Sarah, I can commiserate with you. Strain and store out of heat and light. Sounds great! By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255 1. If you follow MomFabulous, then you’ve noticed that most of our homemade cleaners and beauty products use witch hazel. Combine 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup witch hazel (you can add a little vinegar, too) and then add 30 to … Insects can be a nuisance, but this recipe will help you deal with them. Hi Handtalker55! No Mama wants to see those side-effects in her kids! I can’t wait to try it! Screw the spritzer top onto the glass bottle and shake well. Stuff a glass jar full of the herb leaves, then pour witch hazel extract over them, almost to the top. Stuff a glass jar full of the herb leaves, then pour witch hazel extract over them, almost to the top. Lemon Balm - Lavender Bug Spray. If a busy Mama has time to scan the aisle of the store to select which bug spray is the best option, then she also has time to create this homemade lemon balm bug spray.
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