It's safe to use self-leveling compound on wood as well as concrete subfloors, as long as the subfloor is strong enough to support the weight of the compound. Learn how to use a grinder. You can apply self leveling compound to plywood, osb, concrete, cement board, hardibacker and many other types of subfloor … Subfloors, such as vinyl, carpet, concrete, or ceramics cannot support a solid hardwood installation and … If the floor slants irregularly, cut strips that bridge the cap at each floor joist. Self-leveling Compound. To determine if your hardwood floors need to be acclimated, you can use a wood floor moisture test. For some helpful hardwood questions and answers, visit Hardwood Flooring Talk. There are several issues with this subfloor: the floors are creaky and warped in places and I've been strongly advised not to install hardwood floors over particle board, as they cannot hold nails and will deteriorate if water is spilled. With engineered floors, you can also opt for glue-down or floating installations. I also have the 30# felt to build up low spots. How to Level a Wood Floor Sub-Floor. Layer shingles as necessary to level the dips. Optional, if you already have a plywood subfloor, and the subfloor is smooth and level, then you may not need an underlayment beneath the hardwood floor. First, test the moisture level of the subfloor. The problems one may or will encounter over time is the slight expansion and contraction of the wood sub floor. Thoroughly vacuum the existing floor, and use a long floor leveler and tape measure to ensure the subfloor is level within 3/16 inch for every 10 feet. Asphalt shingles are durable, stable and relatively thin, making them a good choice to level out small or large dips in a floor. A new hardwood or laminate floor needs a level subfloor to prevent problems such as cracking and splitting from occurring in the future. Then, the hardwood flooring moisture content must be within 2% – 4% of the subfloor moisture. I cut pieces for dips, small, than ever larger, checking each layer or two with my level, and judging that there'd be a leetle compression of the felt so I layered it up just a tad over, but very, very little. If you want background on the entire leveling project, I suggest reading the shingle-method post first. While preparing to lay 1100 square feet of hardwood flooring, we discovered significant variation in the OSB subfloor that will serve as the nailing surface for the hardwoods. Ideally, it should be between 7% and 9%. Posted By: Floor Prep Team Tags: cement , coatings , concrete floor , Floor Failure , Floor Patch , Floor Preparation , Floor Products , … In general, 12% moisture or above is too wet to install flooring. A self leveling compound can be applied to most types of subfloor materials. If installing wooden floors, these meters can double as a hardwood floor moisture meter. Having a flat subfloor ensures your floating engineered hardwood flooring fits well. Hardwood floor installers often use the term “level” when referring to subfloors. Some area looks wavy. Hardwood floor installation can be slowed by an uneven subfloor. Floating Engineered Wood Floors can simply be installed directly on OSB subfloor.The hardwood flooring must be installed crossing the floor joists (at a 90 degree angle). Typically, the floor must be level and uniform within 3/16 inch every 10 feet. If you are installing a locking or floating floor not attached to the subfloor, just make sure that the subfloor is clean. Attach leveling strips. See more ideas about flooring, leveling, installing hardwood floors. How can you level any unleveled floor with floor patch compound? Stapling or nailing your flooring to the subfloor is the most common way to install solid hardwood. Putting in hardwood floors where subfloor is not level. I purchased hardwood floors (pre-finished 3/4"). Level. The subfloor is made of particle boards. While it’s desirable to have a level floor, most homes have a variance of a room. As part of our remodel we plan to put in 3/4" oak hardwood (sand and finish) floors throughout with the exception of the bathrooms and entryway. I've since used 15 or even 30 lbs felt, which was used long ago under hardwood floors to minimize squeaks against the subflooring. They were going to glue down the hardwood. Akona Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment Cement is another water-based powder mix for use over plywood and concrete. I am replacing the wood floors in my 1920 home. Before installing hardwood floors, use a straight edge to find the humps and dips in the subfloor. 2) Thickness: Usually manufactured in 4-by-8-foot sheets, plywood panels and OSB are acceptable subfloors for hardwood flooring as long as they are the proper thickness. Question: Hi There, I hired a contractor to install Bruce hardwood floor 3/8″ thick. Valerie Noronha. 2% for Plank (3¼” wide or more) Hardwood and 4% for Strip (2¼” wide) Hardwood. If you've got an uneven subfloor on which you want to apply flooring, you can make the floor level by using asphalt roofing shingles. Hardwood Floors – the maximum subfloor moisture level will be either 12% or 13% depending upon the manufacturer. 2. When it comes to hardwood flooring, the quality of the installation will be determined by the quality of many things including the choice of subflooring and the condition its in. 4. Some types of hardwood flooring also call for a vapor retarder between the hardwood flooring and subfloor. Then, using a floor leveling compound or asphalt shingles, shim the dips so the floor is level. )If the moisture in the floor is within acceptable levels, the next suspect on your list is an uneven subfloor. Rutland Floor Level is a floor leveling compound in a premixed tub. (Click here to read our guide to testing moisture in hardwood floors. Shims can take the form of different thickness roofing paper or felt¹ for wood sub floors and leveling compound for concrete. To do this, simply cut several leveling strips the same size as the original strip. This article provides detailed instructions for leveling a subfloor based on our project. The floor does have some issues (one particular spot is a little 'uphill' over the floor joist. They came & ripped up the carpet today & discovered that the sub-floor is very uneven, by about 1/2″ at certain point. Our cement subfloor leveling service saves clients 50% – 70% as opposed to replacing a subfloor. We are planning on sanding the floor down, and pulling up the flooring to plane the joist if necessary. You'll need to know how to level a floor: Just sand any high spots and fill the low spots with leveling compound. Nov 13, 2017 - Explore Anne Marie Camden's board "Floor - leveling" on Pinterest. Right now, I have 3/4 TG hardwood, which is not in the best shape, over a 2.5" wide x 3/4" inch think plank subfloor, which runs perpendicular to … Use felt to cover the entire area to be resurfaced. Use screws to secure the leveling strips to the floor every 16 inches. This compound can potentially be utilized on a concrete slab or a wood subfloor, and it works well when you are dealing with dips in the floor. 1. You will have to make sure your joists can handle the addition of considerably more weight from the plywood subfloor and any floor coverings. No matter what kind of flooring you’re installing, it’s important to make sure the surface beneath it is level, smooth and flat. 1) Suitable Wood Flooring: Any. Now I need to either 1. Most subfloors will have low spots that require filling with floor patching compound. It is best to have the sub floor as level as possible before installing any type of flooring product on it. Use a long level and tape measure to check that the floor is level. But if you cover the uneven subfloor with self-leveling compound before installing your wood flooring, your new floor will be even and level. A level floor may be important in a billiard hall, but you can actually install floating floors onto an unlevel subfloor without a problem (besides having a … On the top side of the floor, another fix-it idea to lay down new hardwood over the existing floor. To rule out the floor covering, test it with an appropriate moisture meter to determine if it’s the source of the problem. Screw the strips into the floor joists or subfloor. Using floor patching compound to level a subfloor. When you are dealing with uneven floors, one option that you have is to use self-leveling compound. Typically if the difference is minor, shimming from the low side can take care of the problem. 3. The Difference Between Level and Flat. This Akona floor leveling compound is available at Mennards for about $35 per 50lb bag. Solid Hardwood, Engineered and Laminate Flooring - Leveling a particle board sub-floor - I’m leveling my kitchen subfloor in preparation for laminate. This article is part of our series on How to Install Hardwood Floors. Polyurethane subfloor caulk is an alternative when you expect some movement, but such cases are rare. Essentially any solid leveling compound is bound to fracture with this movement causing sounds underfoot you’d rather not want to deal with. I have not gone over it with a level yet (have to pull up the carpet first). Hardwood floors do need a flat subfloor surface in order to prevent them from buckling after installation. A plywood subfloor will bridge any minor waves in the existing floor, and leveling compound would help, too. 13 years ago. Shown on the right is a shim effect accomplished by tapering floor leveling compound back from the higher area. Up first in hardwood flooring week is tackling a particularly challenging section of our subfloor that couldn't be leveled using our asphalt shingle subfloor leveling method. Five Star Floors Leveling will flatten your floor, paving the way for hardwood flooring, laminate flooring or carpet. It doesn’t require primer. Most flooring pros would agree with Glenda Taylor's advice on the Bob Vila website to rely on floor leveling compound almost exclusively. … Even the slightest imperfections in your subfloor can telegraph into the flooring and result in squeaking, buckling and uneven floors. Apply a layer of ½” plywood as a final overlay of the entire subfloor surface. For that reason, any subfloor filler you use does not have to be particularly elastic.
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