Besides the markings, our overall construction is top notch. Occasionally we get asked questions about pickups for sale on eBay that are supposedly Lollar made. Timothy Lerch 50,106 views 61. This is the humbucker for people that normally don't like humbuckers. For more than three decades, Jason Lollar has designed and built some of the most sought-after pickups for electric guitar, bass, and steel guitar. Coal Miner Pedals. This seller has not set a shipping cost for Japan. Like it's smaller counterpart, the 7-string El Rayo offers the same single coil like response with a tight low end and sparkling extended top end, while retaining the power and midrange of a traditional humbucker. Torggata 28, 0183 Oslo 22 36 22 00 • [email protected] 55.000 Produkte versandbereit. Lollar El Rayo Humbucker Pickups. The Lollar El Rayo 6-String Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup Set Nickel is tight and punchy, with a high end that opens up when pushed, and lows that stay defined and fat. As close to a single coil as you’ll possibly get with a humbucker. You can tell if a P-90 is mine because I have always made the bobbins by hand and after ‘96 or ‘97 they would be made of vulcanized fiberboard. We personally build more than fifty different models of pickups for a variety of instruments. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: Lollar Pickups. Lollar El Rayo, set kr 3 890 Kjøp. 78. 2015. After ‘96 or ‘97 I would have made my bobbins out of vulcanized fiberboard- this is the same material Fender makes their pickups out of. Die Höhen öffnen sich bei hartem Anschlag, während die … Because of this, what is now considered a traditional humbucker has become as much form as it is function. Hey! In stock and shipping now. P.A.F. Lollar Firebird, set kr 3 890 Kjøp. Lollar Pickups. - Duration: 11:53. It is rare for people to try to pass off fake, uninstalled pickups for Lollars, but here are a couple photos of horribly made pickups that have Lollar written on the bottom. And not only are we proud of our El Rayo being mentioned, we were blown away by the sheer number of builders and guitars mentioned that use our pickups for their wonderful instruments. El Rayo Humbuckers—Your Questions Answered. All Rights Reserved. So if you think you don't like humbuckers, the El Rayo will change your tune. Color is important as well… a black label is standard wind, grey is a Low Wind, and red is a High Wind. Lollar Pickups. Lollar Pickups. Used set of Lollar El Rayos. Lollar Pickups. JPY Lollar Vintage Blackface, set kr 3 190 Kjøp. Product Details. 74. Lollar Pickups. The only time I might use the standard cast plastic bobbin on P-90s would be to restore and old Gibson P-90 that had bobbin rot beyond repair. We also buff any exposed forbon (like on Tele bridge pickups) so it has a satin sheen instead of dull, matte type finish. Check out the video below: Want to know when we add to our blog? Also, if you have an old single coil neck pickup (like a P-90) and you buy a new bridge pickup, not only will it be in phase but the set will be hum cancelling. Quick Responder. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging. Even this is not common (but it happens) , so here’s how you can tell…. Same for soapbar or dog ear. Similar Products. More often, a guitar was sold claiming to have Lollars installed and was purchased by someone and resold. Call me back! Sometime around ‘98 or ‘99 I would have started to write model names on the bottom of pickups and dating them- still no signature unless asked for it. Mint. Click here for everything you need to know. Lollar Pickups. Mids and lows were positively lush. We sometimes get requests to verify the authenticity of Lollar pickups, whether its a set that pops up on eBay, or a used guitar that is said to be stocked with our stuff. Product Details. The quality of construction would be quite high, as all of my parts were cut by hand using jigs – everything would be uniform, but nothing would be signed yet unless someone asked me to. Our lead wires on single-coil pickups lay flat, and there are no frays in the cloth wiring. "EL Rayo" (The Thunderbolt) is tight and punchy, with a high end that opens up when pushed, and lows that stay defined and fat. Premier Guitar Loves Lollars. Watch. Versandbereit 55.000 Artikel. Lollar; Lollar El Rayo Set. Resources Please check the fields highlighted in red. For instance, wax is usually completely wiped off after potting leaving little to no trace, instead of drippy gooey globs all over. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Check our website for sound files, videos and our complete humbucker line! Marlton, NJ, United States. Lollar P90 Soapbar, set kr 2 990 Kjøp. A few models like Thunderbird and Johnny Smith pickups  have black baked on enamel that we apply with a laser. Lollar Pickups. $135 + $9.50 Shipping. After my book came out I started to see a few other manufacturers making P-90s using the plan I drew up- vulcanized fiber assembled bobbins. Please contact them to ask about shipping. Message Seller. Lollar El Rayo, set kr 3 890 SOLGT Les mer. If all else fails and you are still not sure, take a picture of the bottom and send it to [email protected] and we’ll take a look for you. Lollar Gold Foil P90 Mount Bridge kr 2 190 SOLGT Les mer. Going as far back as I can remember (before ’96 or ‘97) the bobbins could have been made out of anything other than vulcanized fiberboard – maybe wood, or often I would make them out of the thin plastic that cassette tape cases were made of- these would be fairly roughly made and would have no markings. Very clear and articulate, they are extremely responsive to your volume control and picking dynamics. Dirty Files through a Dr. Z Maz 18. Wilmington, IL, United States. Menü. Lollar; Model: El Rayo Pickups - Set; Categories: Guitar Pickups; Reviews of this Shop. This recognition is especially sweet because the pickup isn’t based on any vintage designs, we set out to create something unique that players would love. If you know the name of who originally purchased the custom item we can usually look the job up and see what the specifications were. If the pickup in question has a model name that corresponds to something I still make then the specs are the same- same magnets and turn count. Torggata 28, 0183 Oslo C George's Gear Outlet. EL Rayo has a strong output without the heavy midrange bump, while still retaining the Lollar "3D" quality. Here's the description from Lollar:Yes, it's a humbucker, but probably not what you'd expect. Here’s a rundown of the instruments honored and what Lollar pickups they use: Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper TL “T-Pine” – Special T’s. We only use high quality lead wires. Man – Fre: 10-18 Lør: 11 -16. Lollar Gold Foil Jazzmaster, set kr 4 490 Kjøp. We also tape all of our coils to protect them from damage. Novel 90 Matched Set, nikkel Lollar Pickups. If it says Custom on the bottom (along with Lollar and the date) it could be anything- it may not be in phase with anything else we make and it may not match any specs. This isn't your typical humbucker. Made with the same Alnico 5 magnets in the neck, and Alnico 8 magnets in the bridge as our six-string version. Lollar Pickups. Er besitzt ein straffes und ausdrucksstarkes Klangbild, das sich hervorragend mit dem Volumenpoti und der Anschlagsstärke beeinflussen lässt. Money Back 30 Tage Rückgaberecht. About This Listing. Sometime in 2003 or 2004 we standardized how our pickups were marked, and it is still done the same today. The purchaser had been told Lollars were installed and they never verified it. ... And don't be fooled by the DC numbers — the El Rayo has a strong output without the heavy mid-range bump of typical humbuckers. JayLeonardJ 278,493 views. We use either white or black paint pens to handwrite on our pickups. Very Good. Payment & Returns. maksimer. The El Rayo has a strong output without the typical mid range bump of other humbuckers, giving you an almost single-coil-esque tone. Premier Guitar unveiled their 2012 Premier Gear Awards (check it out here), and we couldn’t be prouder that the only individual pickup chosen for this prestigious honor is our El Rayo humbucker! Welcome to the Lollar Pickups Blog, where we discuss in detail the finer points of Lollar Pickups and share the latest news from the Workbench. Premier Guitar unveiled their 2012 Premier Gear Awards (check it out here), and we couldn’t be prouder that the only individual pickup chosen for this prestigious honor is our El Rayo humbucker! 50+ videos Play all Mix - Lollar El Rayo démo YouTube Tim Lerch -Ted Greene Tribute Telecaster with Lollar El Rayo Pickups - Duration: 15:36.
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