Lumanog hollow guitar collection brings models of different body dimensions and weights. 10K likes. Philipines. And since the family hails from Pampanga, everyone knows where the best of the best Lumanog guitars … CB Lumanog shop was closed (I always bought my acoustic guitars from CB Lumanog – 3 of them), but ROMY Lumanog’s shop was open – and Romy Lumanog himself was in the house. As far as I can remember, when someone in the family wanted an acoustic guitar the reply is always to “get a Lumanog” coz “it’s the best”. Electric Guitar Case. by doing this, great grandfather made sure that our guitars … first and foremost, you should have had experience holding an original version of that guitar. $100. Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler of Handcrafted Guitars Their best guitars, with the nice wood tops, were not as bad but were not good either – really messy worksmanship on the outside and inside. By Gerry Diwa Saturday, 05 May 2007. as on how to tell a lumanog guitar from an original fender, gibson, ESP, etc. The sound is not big, the resonance leaves a lot ot be desired, but it is not boomy and twangy either – the tone is quite balanced across the strings. Therefore, whatever be the age of the user, it is easy to find the most convenient guitar that feels easy to hold. Lumanog Guitar for sale - slightly negotiable - new guitar strings installed - new bridge pins installed - issues seen on pictures - everything is still intact - doesnt affect … 74 … Btw, this Romy Lumanog acoustic guitar had a GIBSON mark on the headstock! Diamond Guitars, 4341 West Williamsburg Boulevard, Muncie, IN, 47304, United States (765) 213-6088 [email protected] Guitars are categorized into various types such as acoustic, electric, bass, and lead. First 3 are junior guitars for ages 7 and up. Lumanog Guitar. mesa dami raw nagbebenta ng lumanog pero di naman totoong lumanog, i don't know how they can tell. Lumanog. go meet the guys in rivermaya, parokya, etc. No HTML skills required. From my research these guitars were made by Philippine craftsman were not the most expensive guitars , however they had … and ask them if its ok if you can touch their guitars… I didn't ask for a discount since, i'm not buying one yet. how can you tell if an acoustic guitar is a lumanog original? hindi naman ako tone-deaf, pero di ko pa nasusubukang sumampol ng iba-ibang gitara para malaman kung ano ang maayos at ano ang hindi para sa okey na presyo. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Without further explanation, you definitely need an electric guitar … Watch. My first acoustic guitar was a classical guitar with nylon strings – it had a spruce top and rosewood fingerboard. Made in Philippines. Batangas City Based. Lumanog Quality Guitars Made in Pampanga When people hear the word Lumanog most of us would think only of guitars but Lumanog does not simply produce guitars alone rather they also produce … Good. 2013. Authentic Lumanog acoustic guitars at ROMY LUMANOG guitar shop inSan Anton town, Guagua, Pampanga. Lumanog music shop. Listing Sold. He handed me a cutaway guitar with Langka wood and rosewood fingerboard – the action felt right, the sound was OK, the workmanship was ok (not close to perfect but was ok – clean enough, good enough). This guitar served me well, and I player her a lot, she ushered me into the world of music. Ah, the good old days. 1200 each. Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right Handed, Butterscotch Blonde (310203550) $229.99 $ 229. Oh well. Find out more here. Oh my, I've been tagged by my friend Jack Lumanog for an itunes challenge that sounds like a great opportunity to embarrass myself, and you all know I never like to miss one of those. (Updated 09/05/2011) The guitar-making industry in Lapu-Lapu City started when the Spanish friars assigned in Cebu needed to repair the guitars … Over 750,000 members talking about all topics relevant to Pinoys around the world. The Lumanog family of Pampanga used to sell guitars from Cebu. The choice is personal to each player and their preference varies. Lumanog Guitar is at Bay City Mall. Free Shipping. Basically, the electric guitar stand is here to "hang" your instrument so that you have a good place to store. In addition, it also makes it easier for you to take it out and play it at any time. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Lumanog Guitar. Here … Hmmm, not bad. facebook twitter linkedin reddit whatsapp tumblr pinterest vk … VINTAGE LUMANOG Guitar Been unplayed for a long time Needs strings. Great shape for its age A couple dings (See photos) Neck And bridge are tight. Lumanog Bandurria 70s Sunburst. Posted by balenpampanga on Sunday, April 3, 2011, And since the family hails from Pampanga, everyone knows where the best of the best Lumanog guitars … The Lumanog name is synonymous with Philippine made acoustic guitars. I did some research a couple years back, and learned that "Lumanog" guitars … Price, UT, United States. Not bad at all. We use cookies to improve your PEx browsing experience. Build your website in minutes. Lumanog guitars was started by my great grandfather, he sold guitars that came from Cebu in early 40’s, after several years, our guitar shop opened due to rising prices of shipping costs from Cebu and poor quality. Lumanog guitars are made in Pampanga, Batangas City Based. 1000+ Joined Reverb. And since the family hails from Pampanga, everyone knows where the best of the best Lumanog guitars can be found – at the hub of guitar and music instrument shops all bearing the name Lumanog in San Anton, Guagua, Pampanga. Since I was quite determined to get a local guitar that I can have lying around the house – a guitar I can pick up anytime to just strum out melodies and ideas buzzing in my head – I decided to trek to Sta Mesa Manila and get one. But heck, I checked out five shops and the quality of the “Lumanog” acoustic guitars there were simply horrendous. As far as I can remember, when someone in the family wanted an acoustic guitar the reply is always to “get a Lumanog” coz “it’s the best”. There are 17 RJ Guitar Center branches, Online Store and over 100 distributors of RJ Guitars across the Philippines and around the world. As far as I can remember, when someone in the family wanted an acoustic guitar the reply is always to "get a Lumanog" 'cause "it's the best". No Sta. Welcome, PExer! Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Electric Guitars at Guitar Center. 99 (1,166) Hinkler 3 String Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit (EBB) $30.74 $ 30. Share post - This site not associated with these makers. PHP 600. google0b7835e306492332.html HOME 3 months into playing the guitar, I was in the school Banduria – and my Apo was actually able to watch the banduria’s recital with me proudly plucking his gift guitar. He showed me a couple more guitars but I went back to the first one he showed me, so I decided to take it – for P3,000 only ($60-$70)! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. On the way back to Manila, since it was a Sunday and the traffic was heavy, I thought why not pass by San Anton see if the shops are open – and what guitars they have. The Lumanog name is synonymous with Philippine made acoustic guitars. If you owned this instrument you can one-up or "two-up" your friends that own 12-string guitars … Feel free to visit our store @ baymall batangas. 4 were here. The Lumanog name is synonymous with Philippine made acoustic guitars. Hmmm, seems like this guitar wont just be lying around the house. The next day I immediately took the guitar to the recording studio in Makati to find out what it sounds like as captured by quality microphones. Buy or Sell Lumanog Guitars here in Used Philippines; Browse Used Fender, Epiphone, Ibanez and more Lumanog Guitars on Used.Com.PH Continuing to use PinoyExchange means you agree to our use of cookies. Terry's Shop. Lumanog Guitar. Shipped From. Mesa “Lumanog” acoustic guitars for me. is there a way of finding out? I used to play/collect guitars, and was wondering if anyone knows where a quality Philippine made acoustic guitar can be found. guys... please help a musical noob out. Lumanog Guitar Beginner. no plans of buying an imported brand, below 5k is just the right budget for an acoustic for me. salamat sa tips... balita ko kasi sa sta. Sales. The acoustic models are all made of different … Thus, when it was my turn to get my first acoustic guitar – as soon as we changed Apo Ando’s $100 gift into pesos – we rushed straight to San Anton in Guagua, me and my cousin haggled the hell out of the C.B. This entry was posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 at 11:30 am and is filed under Features,Philippine music instruments, Reviews. Anyhoo, back to the Lumanog guitar thing. Posted by balenpampanga on Sunday, April 3, 2011 Under: Kantang Kapampangan. As much as non-Lumanog guys are ripping off the Lumanog name, this real Lumanog is ripping off the Gibson mark, too. I immediately asked for their best guitar available. After choosing a guitar, I asked Cilinio Lumanog, the owner of the shop if has some guitar made of Mahogany and he proudly pointed to this guitar … Philippines. So there, something about Lumanog acoustic guitars – hand made in San Anton, Guagua, Pampanga, Philippines. 969. Vintage 1960's Early 70's Lumanog Berdejo handmade custom classical guitars. These are the plywood type guitars painted blue and red no different to those hawked on the streets. The perfect opportunity to score an authentic Lumanog guitar presented itself when we headed to Lubao for the annual family reunion.
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