Also, If there is anyone else out there doing this are you dosing nitrates? Press J to jump to the feed. To avoid possible parasite contamination all plants are quarantined and housed in large vats that are not connected to any system containing saltwater fish. 2. I wanted to post up my salt water macro algae tank. The ARID reactor removes excess CO2 from the effluent, mitigating the pH-lowering effects of the CaRx on your reef tank, and the macroalgae benefits from a constant CO2 source. Macroalgae is a large type of algae that is mostly beneficial and is used mainly to fight nutrient levels and microalgae growth. Sep 14, 2013 - Explore Zy Gal's board "Macroalgae" on Pinterest. 2. By placing in the tank, sump or refugium, the macroalgae absorbs phosphates and nitrates from the water, effectively lowering the excess nutrients in the saltwater. When would you add just iron and not just more fertilizer? Enjoy the beautiful world of marine macro algae and give with these live plants your tank a more natural look. I almost feel like without a lot of fish you would have too. Holy cow man, I’m so happy to see you’re back at it after following you on IG and seeing your posts about moving and having to take down your tanks! This optional kit can increase the growth rate of your macroalgae and with it the nutrient uptake rate and dissolved oxygen production . Macroalgae tank light. Hey Guys! I won't have a sump, so my tank will be like a display refugium with the main focus on different macroalgae. See more ideas about Saltwater aquarium, Reef tank, Reef aquarium. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The biggest concern the aquarist should have regarding macro algae is if the "plant", (macro algae is not really a vascular plant, but the term "plant" is commonly used both in the hobby and in scientific journals), has a tendency to "go sexual". Macro Algae like Chaeto or rooted plants are an excellent option. just thought id show my current little project. I’ve always wondered about macro tanks. Macroalgae do well in a range of light and salinity. Very well deserved. Close. A couple new macroalgae projects I’m working on. Looking forward to the new setups! Any tips appreciated! !. Too often marine macro algae are only considered to be part of an aquarium's filtration system. Anyone grow macro algae Arizona - Fish & Reef Aquarium Group (FRAG), Hi everyone! I have been thinking about turning one of my AIOs into a Macroalgae tank. What levels do you keep phosphate and No3? Her 34 gallon nano reef with display refugium has incredible biodiversity, home to countless species of coral, fish, invertebrates, and macro algae. So glad you decided to start a thread here, I follow you on IG. I’m planning on having a display refugium with 20 or 30 lbs of live rock. Which will be beneficial in reef tanks with a lot of livestock, like fishes etc. Macroalgae is sometimes called the "good kind of algae" as opposed to microalgae, (e.g., hair algae). I have a 29 gallon tank and have no experience with saltwater. It can be used for filtration, but is best suited for the display tank because of its great potential in … Thank you. Macroalgae reactors are built with the sole purpose of growing chaetomorpha algae. Sep 27, 2020 - These red marine macroalgae are all grown in my tank and pictures are taken from my own stock. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Great execution of planted marine tank. Her 34 gallon nano reef with display refugium has incredible biodiversity, home to countless species of coral, fish, invertebrates, and macro algae. I spent a long time tinkering with various additives, filters, and tank occupants before I finally stumbled across macroalgae. JavaScript is disabled. A reef aquarium or reef tank is a marine aquarium that prominently displays live corals and other marine invertebrates as well as fish that play a role in maintaining the tropical coral reef environment. Enrich your marine reef tank with stunning and colourful looking marine macroalgae species, suitable for the reef display tank & refugium. Both types can be vital to your reef tank. Halimeda Monile is a calcified member of the popular Halimeda family, and is a green macro algae. It is most commonly found in refugiums in the sump area of a tank. We carry Caulerpa, Chaetomorpha, several types of Gracilaria, and other types of saltwater plants. You can use Macroalgae (aka Saltwater plants) to naturally reduce nitrates in your saltwater aquarium. For cycling do I need live rock or will dead rock or a mix of live and dead rock also work? Tigahboy Macroalgae Tank – Reef Builders Featured Tank Nicole Helgason. Congratulations to metrokat for being selected for our December Reef Profile! When macro algae goes sexual, it releases spores into the water to reproduce somewhere else. What light would you guys recommend? I don't know if there will be interest since this is a FW planted tank forum haha but. Awsome tank man! It would be impossible to definitively list the light requirements of all the available species here, but the general range of 60 - 150 PPFD is more than enough for red, green and brown macroalgae. The result is that the marine algae produce more glucose as energy. Posted by 11 hours ago. Now I want to have a macro garden in there as well! I have had a few, but havny been able to sustain them long term. You are using an out of date browser. Beautiful macroalgae for a more natural looking marine aquarium. Hypnea pannosa algae is an excellent way to lower nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium. Log In Sign Up. Ive recently decided to go another direction with my tank, Ive always wanted to do a macroalgae tank, the tank currently has sand in it, but the tank has only been running for a few months, Ive always ran barebottom tanks so Ive considered pulling … As with plants, the beautiful red macroalgae feeds on the carbon dioxide in the water and produces oxygen as a byproduct which is released back into the water increasing its oxygen levels. While it’s possible to grow small amounts of chaetomorpha in a refugium, a dedicated macroalgae reactor goes beyond the humble refugium to create a supercharged macroalgae growing machine. Marine Plants - Macroalgae For Sale. It won’t necessarily cure the problem once an algae has taken hold however. In a reef tank without macroalgae, or without adequate quantities that the macroalgae can be considered a significant sink for nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, addition of iron may actually exacerbate an existing microalgae problem.
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