I love sweet potato fries — that dipping sauce looks tasty too! The sweet potato fries were good because of the whipped butter they served them with. I don't like giving negative reviews, but I would not recommend this place to anyone for anything. Hand- breaded tender rings, sweet Thai chili sauce, lemon wedge. Booths  that easily fit 8 plus people. Average food. May 7, 2009 at 3:02 pm. Miller's ale house drinks. The first several bites were SO yummy. We were initially taken by the overall size of the place and the beautiful décor. Our server was very attentive and polite. May 7, 2009 at 2:12 pm. All of our Burgers are a 1/2 pound of fresh, never frozen, charbroiled ground sirloin. I was disappointed with the beer selection. Orlando Ale House is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try Your Burger on a Ciabatta Bun for just 50¢ More. Head on over to Orlando Ale House first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening ? Will think twice about going back. We were both thrilled with our selections - a tuna melt with sweet potato fries (the dipping sauce for the fries is THE best and very addictive), French onion soup (watch out M&E's! We asked if they had an alternative and the host said they had two lobster tails for $16.95. Crispy, flaky deliciousness. The food was good and our service was spectacular. Pretty disappointing. Joshua came over at the end of the meal to see how everything went and even went as far to let me know that the chef is specially ordering crab legs every week since they were taken off the menu but people keep asking for them! And they were. I got that response and it makes me have a mini rage inside. Today's lunch was different. It's so big we have never had to wait for a table. I like my french fries crispy, so I found that the key is to change the temperature during the air frying time. I paid the extra .99 for sweet potato fries since I love them. All Zingers® and Wings served with your choice of sauce and Ranch (180 cal) or Blue Cheese dressing (140 cal) -The zingers are great as a starter. As we were walking to our table, I noticed the amount of tv's mounted along the walls and around the bar area. (2 servings) Caesar Salad: Shredded Parmesan, croutons, crisp romaine, Caesar dressing. Reservations Suggested! Full rack of fantastic lean ribs. DISCLAIMER: Information shown may not reflect recent changes. Husband got the rib eye steak grilled with outstanding flavor and tender. The menu has about anything and everything a person could want. Millers ale house menu 8-2-15. This was my 2nd visit. Only $12.99 impossible to pass up as the Monday 1/2 rack is $10.95. After a long hike through Red Rock Canyon ( forget the strip...go there) we stopped at Millers Ale house for a bite. One ordered a Big Red with sweet potato fries but was served regular fries. The All-American. My companion found a bread tie in his French dip sandwich. One ordered chicken with red potatoes and green beans but was served broccoli. Sweet potato fries? Miller's Ale House is actually an upscale contemporary pub chain with more than 75 locations in Florida, its home state, as well as in Illinois, Maryland, and New York, among others. Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. Sweet Potato Fries 960 760 83g 21g 0g 0mg 150mg 50g 4g 31g 1g Onion Rings 1160 920 100g 16g 0g 10mg 1450mg 58g 2g 9g 7g House Salad - sub 130 35 3.5g 1g 0g 5mg 210mg 21g 3g 5g 5g Caesar Salad - sub 220 150 16g 3.5g 0g 15mg 590mg 15g 2g 2g 9g SHAREABLE SIDES French Fries 750 680 77g 14g 0g 0mg 850mg 20g 2g < 1g 2g A Miller's Ale House tradition for 30 years: Our fresh, never frozen, buttermilk-drenched, hand-breaded, boneless chicken tenders. Everything was delicious! Don't waste your time or money here. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/sweet-potato-fries-with-dipping-sauce So let's get the good things out of the way. The burger came out extremely fresh and juicy. Service was ok, the waitress was nice enough but seemed a bit flighty. (2 servings) Caesar Salad: Shredded Parmesan, croutons, crisp … Great food for us all around.Miller's is a great addition to the restaurants in the area. The girls at the front hostess desk were very nice and were very welcoming. We will  be back many more times. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Menu may not be up to date. The fish tacos were ok but were a bit dry and could have used some more of a sauce. for the sweet potato fries: ~ preheat oven to 450 degrees F. ~ 6 whole sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into thin “matchstick” fries. Jul 1, 2019. You can tell by the fact that they write back to each and every review on here to figure out what went wrong and how they can fix it to earn your business back. Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5-9:30. It probably taste no different than salt out of a shaker, but I like my salt fresh, dammit! Last reservations available are at 8:30 *Due to the new Covid guidelines, we are only allowed to take ONE household per table or seating area, and will be required to take down the name and contact information for at least one person in that party, for contact tracing. It was very clean and open. They are served with a cinnamon butter~ Can't go wrong with that! My girlfriend & I visited this location for the first time on Friday, Apr. Anyone who loves craft beer or is interested in, well, knowing things about the beer they're drinking, asks questions. Designed to attract a broad variety of customers, the Ale House menu focuses on Food quality, Freshness and Value. We went to Kendall Ale House (Miller Ale House on Kendall) for their special1 14 $10.95 lobster night on Wednesdays. DISCLAIMER: Information shown may not reflect recent changes. (2) 35 Fried Shrimp: Golden brown shrimp, coleslaw, cocktail sauce, lemon wedge, seasoned French Fries. There were a clear number of open tables, but we still had to wait at least 15 minutes to be seated. Loaded Baked Potato** (440 cal) Loaded Fries (1010 cal) Sweet Potato Fries (960 cal) Onion Rings (1160 cal) House Salad (130 cal add dressing) Caesar Salad (220 cal). The hubby and I stopped in for lunch to try them out. Good size kids meals. BBQ sauce, bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, chicken strips, topped with fried pickles and chipotle sauce. Went for dinner I got the steak and shrimp, ordered medium rare steak, it came out perfectly cooked and the shrimp were great. I was happy to see a new restaurant open along Stephanie. Want to chime in. To make your fries, peel and wash a large sweet potato or two. Sweet potato fries came with a cinnamony butter dip which reminded me of Cinnabon. Sweet Potato Fries at Miller's Ale House - Henderson "Full rack of fantastic lean ribs. They were piled high with cheese, jalapeños, meat, sour cream and guacamole. We were both thrilled with our selections - a tuna melt with sweet potato fries (the dipping sauce for the fries is THE best and very addictive), French onion soup (watch out M&E's! The Big Tex. If a restaurant has to serve something with them, it probably means that they're lacking something. (1) Capt. The service was fine, but the lack of beers and overpriced poor-quality food was reason enough for me to decide that I will never return. Not too much into sweets but it was good. Twice asked for sweet potato fries and they never arrived. Menu for Miller's Ale House provided by Allmenus.com. millers ale-house nutrition facts and nutritional information. Orlando Ale House's diners will appreciate the free parking in a lot next door. A response that is completely unacceptable to me is "I don't know". Menu for Miller's Ale House provided by Allmenus.com. I’ve got just the thing… Marshmallow Cream Dipping Sauce!!! Excellent fish and chips huge portion,good tarter sauce Cole slaw and really good sweet potato fries. Wonderful! It was almost like a sweet cinnamon whipped cream texture. We enjoyed our visit and hope to be back soon. Submit corrections. (see pictures) It was cooked perfectly throughout and the meat was not overdone or undercooked. ), big, meaty chicken wings, and ultimately, the Buried Treasure dessert, which we shared. Ale House Loaded Fries A full pound of seasoned fries with melted monterey jack & cheddar cheese, green onions, applewood smoked bacon and ranch dressing for dipping. Sweet potato fries are worth the extra 75 cents. Now, I'm a purest when it comes to my sweet potato fries. Try Your Sandwich On A Ciabatta Bun For $0.50 More . I had the steamed potstickers which had way too much cinnamon in them. I went with one of their lunch specials ~ the BLT wrap with fries for $4.99. Submit corrections. When bill came, server took off price of sweet potato fries even though none of regular fries had been eaten. Our drinks were always filled and she did it with a smile. A favorite restaurant of mine serves the yummiest marshmallow dipping sauce with their sweet potato fries, and after begging them for the ingredients, here’s the tasty copycat sauce I came up with!. So far so good!Our waitress, Dee, did an amazing job waiting on us. Skip these unworthy abominations and get the regular fries. Want to chime in? The beer list was disappointing to say the least for an "ale house" with only about 10 big name beers available. Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, tortilla chips, roasted chile spiced chicken, pico de gallo, scallions and drizzled with garlic-lime crema. Drizzle two or three tablespoons of oil over the fries and season as desired. Served with American cheese, LTOP and mayonnaise. First off, we got there at 10 pm on a Saturday night. What kind of fish comes on our Fish Sandwich? I love love love sweet potato fries. The cheese was stringy in the middle which is always a good sign with mozzarella sticks. Prices were ok, but the quality of food was not great so I would not make a special trip here. It’s ooey and gooey, and kind of tastes like a churro! Great deal! View Miller's Ale House nutrition facts to see how many calories, fat, sugars, protein and carbs are in Miller's Ale House menu. 1/2 cup melted butter OR olive oil. Run of the mill large restaurant type food. It was also loaded with a mountain of toppings! TVs are everywhere, and the atmosphere was great, but they had major technical difficulties all night. This is a great place to watch a game or any huge televised event. On the hunt for the perfect Sauce for Sweet Potato Fries?? It's good but forgettable.- We split the Captain Jack's slice of ice cream pie. Just try it… trust me ~ it’s SO good! Served on a toasted brioche bun with sliced pickles, lettuce, tomato and fries. We're excited to return with more of our friends and maybe spend some time on the beautiful patio. How can the Mahi Mahi on our Fish Sandwich we cooked and served? Carefully slice the sweet potato into matchstick fries about 1/4 inch wide by 3-4 inches long. Combine mayonnaise, spicy brown mustard and maple syrup in a small bowl. 1/2 Pound of Fresh Ground Charbroiled Sirloin Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle & Fries. This dip has rich, complex characteristics that work incredibly well with the sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries come with a cinnamon butter to dip in, this was delicious. Unless you like dipping your fries in sweet cinnamon butter, then go for it. The food was way overpriced and not worth it. 1/2 cup melted butter OR olive oil. However, once you dip them in the sauce they’re not really healthy anymore. https://www.favfamilyrecipes.com/sweet-potato-fries-chipotle-lime-dip Great place for large groups. We got the honey BBQ. Gardein Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger. Got sweet potato fries and there was a hair in the cinnamon butter. With an ale house you would think they might have a better craft selection but it was very average. The menu has about anything and everything a person could want. Burgers are very big. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. ), big, meaty chicken wings, and ultimately, the Buried Treasure dessert, which we shared. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/sweet-potato-dipping-sauce-sweet One response that I don't mind hearing when I ask a question the waiter/waitress doesn't know is "I don't know, but let me check". Only $12.99 impossible to pass up as the Monday 1/2 rack is $10.95. (1870 cal). Our waitress Caroline was outstanding and very prompt in always bringing drink refills and checking up on us. The sweet potato fries were very good and the dipping sauce that they came with went perfectly! I really enjoy this place. -They're sweet potato fries are served with a cinnamon butter thick whipped butter- type concoction. It seems their main sell is seafood, but I would never risk eating seafood there. I love that. I'm a slow eater... so by the time I was about half way done, the fish became soggy and the texture was gross. Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. Melt the butter and skim off the foam. salt. Substitute Onion Rings Or Sweet Potato Fries With Dipping Sauce For $0.95. (2) BBQ Baby Back Ribs Full Rack: Slow roasted, tender to the bone, basted in sweet and tangy bbq sauce, coleslaw, seasoned French Fries. Spread them evenly on a baking sheet. Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon Sugar Dipping Sauce The next time you want a savory and sweet side dish, then try these sweet potato fries with cinnamon, heavy cream, and brown sugar dipping sauce. TVs are EVERYWHERE. She also gave us her recommendation on the sweet potato fries and dipping sauce which turned out great!We got mozzarella sticks for an appetizer which came out fresh and hot. Good thing, too, since it is huge! It is super delicious but I'm glad it was split 3 ways (2 adults, 1 kid).-I love craft beer. Great service team! Staff was friendly. In a large bowl, toss the potato … I'm not normally a fan of burgers, but theirs have always been great. So these are great of you can eat a bucket of fillets in record time or if you don't mind soggy fish.-My previous dishes were good but unremarkable. Server did bring green beans. Millers_Ale_House, Public Relations Manager at Miller's Ale House - Rockville, responded to this review Responded July 22, 2019 Hi there, Cotraveller33. He offered us a reservation to come back and give Millers another try. Thats a really good tip about the wooden handle testing the heat of oil, i’ll have to remember that! YummI have to say this has been one of the best customer service experiences that I have ever had. There specials are great deals. Served with a bowl of white queso for dipping. The wrap had a good balance of bacon, lettuce and tomato. Prices at Orlando Ale House typically stay below the $30 mark, so you can afford to bring along a friend or a date. Blackened, grilled, or broiled. Ribs, 35 Fried Shrimp & Caesar Salad (2) BBQ Baby Back Ribs Full Rack: Slow roasted, tender to the bone, basted in sweet and tangy bbq sauce, coleslaw, seasoned French Fries. It was 7pm and we were told they ran out of lobsters. We ordered chicken nachos (run of the mill bar food, but HUGE), a Philly cheesesteak (delicious) with sweet potato fries (cold and limp), and a chicken ceaser salad that my wife enjoyed.We met some friends here to watch the OSU vs MSU game. Add garlic, seasoned salt, chili powder, and black pepper. (2) Zingers®: served with your choice of Sauce and Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing. Tried for the first time last night. Substitute Onion Rings for 75¢ or Sweet Potato Fries with Dipping Sauce for 95¢. Fill a medium sauce pan about halfway full with oil. Stir with a fork. House Favorites Vegetarian ©Miller’s Ale House, Inc. 2020 BARBEQUE BABY BACK RIBS Slow roasted, tender to the bone, basted in sweet and tangy bbq sauce; coleslaw. We must have had a one off situation last week since everything was excellent tonight! Yum. Dined with 3 others. 24 terms. 25 terms. Unreliable promotions. Ordered a burger with toppings and OMG it was cooked perfectly! Because I really want to talk about the annoying things.-I've been here 3 or 4 times and each time the service was great - friendly, fast, attentive, and for the most part, knowledgeable about the beer being served. -This might seem like a small detail, but I love small details when dining out.... on each table they have a grinder for their pepper AND salt. Two ½ lb. Mahi Mahi. Everything was great on my first visit - great food & great service. We were greeted and seated immediately. The Irish No offer to substitute another side or comp for side not eaten. I tried a bite of my husbands steak sandwich. Menu may not be up to date. We decided to sit in the rear portion next to the outside patio. After writing my previous review a week ago, I was contacted by Millers and then the following day received a call from their General Manager, Joshua who was extremely nice and apologized for the experience that we had. beef patties, cheddar jack cheese, crispy bacon, grilled mushrooms, grilled onion, LTOP, and house Ranch. Limited selection of beer. We then both did the build your own burger deal which was an amazing value! The dining area is huge with tons of seating. Nic. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer. Onion Rings or Sweet Potato Fries w/ dipping sauce. I'd get them again. The manager did comp our meals but I doubt we will return. 11. The loaded cheese fries were not very loaded...many fries were just fries. It sounds like we really missed the mark for you and your party and we'd really like to speak with … They are delicious.-The dish that made me want to write a review for this place was the beer battered Fish and chips. ... Millers ale house appetizers, soups, and salads. The TVs kept turning off for short periods of time, so you would miss full plays, and when they turned back on, the audio would be ahead of the picture, so every play was spoiled. A friend of ours ordered sweet potato fries which tasted like a sad homemade attempt. I have come here just for the sweet potato fries before too. The menu offers delicious Steaks, original Pasta dishes, fresh Seafood, healthy Salads, robust Sandwiches and homemade Desserts, served within the comfortable social atmosphere of a neighborhood family tavern. Each location is also names after its specific neighborhood to distinguish it from the rest, such as New York's Miller's Ale House … I have found that one really big sweet potato is enough for the two of us. Substitute Sweet Potato Fries with dipping sauce … Drain the sweet potatoes and dry really well on a clean kitchen towel. Air Fryer, Homemade Sweet Potato Fries With Mustard-Mayo Sauce Everyone loves sweet potato fries, they are so easy to make and make a great addition to any meal. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. I likely will not go back here for a prime time game that I care about. Holy cow, when the menu says you get a generous portion, YOU GET A GENEROUS MF'ING PORTION! Go now!! Thank you Millers! Our food was bought out in a timely manner so no complaints there!We started off with the Fiesta Nachos. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for millers ale-house and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com. I have introduced many people to Millers because of their great bar and drink specials and now I can say I'll be back again for the food and their outstanding hospitality. Grainy Honey Mustard Sauce – this combination of five power-packed ingredients (dijon mustard, stone ground mustard, mayo, honey and a pinch of cinnamon) brings an explosion to your tastebuds. Oh so perfect. Sweet potato fries are worth the extra 75 cents." -The restaurant itself is huge and spacious and if you're coming with a big group, you'll have plenty of space.
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