This convenient pickup can replace any standard size humbucker with the average response of 7.2 ohms. This harness features one of our Chrome "Snake Oil" mini humbucker pickups (our product number 54-046-01) rated at approx. By daveinspain, March 8, 2008 in Gibson USA. If you are looking for a P90 tone from a simple humbucker sized pickup at an affordable price, this is the best choice to go for. It has one bar magnet positioned under each coil, with adjustable polepieces made out of a ferrous alloy; the other coil contains a ferrous metal bar that is not adjustable. not apples to oranges given they are in a sheraton vs my les paul, but they can be surprisingly heavy once the gain is up. Im drawn to the mini humbucker because I was … Mini Humbucker vs. Filtertron Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by tdu, Mar 23, 2008. In addition to that, we will inform you how to choose a mini-humbucker. The mini humbucker is mellower than the P90 and is a smooth sound. Followers 0. P90 vs Humbucker Sign in to follow this . daveinspain 387 daveinspain 387 Player/Collector ; All Access; 387 9,603 posts; Location Valencia, Spain; Report post; Posted March 8, 2008. You should be aware that each mini humbucker has a magnet that helps to induce alternating current across the various string coils. As the name suggests, the mini humbucker is a bit smaller in size compared to the original humbucker. Guitarist" … Item #: 10-407. Les LP équipées de ces derniers ne sont pas essayables en magasin (exclu thomann). Installing full-sized humbuckers in this type of guitar requires additional routing of the woodwork, and/or cutting of the pickguard if the instrument has one. The pickup we all know as the 'mini humbucker' was an Epiphone one that Gibson found useful to fit into their relaunched Deluxe because it could be adapted to replace a P90. Thanks, … cherrick Member. Hey guys, I'm curious as to what some of the main tonal differences are between Mini Humbuckers and P90's. Most of the humbucker-equipped Studios have ceramics, Traditionals have '57 Classics, while the 2008 Standard has Burstbuckers. Mini Humbucker Vs Humbucker. Clear, tight, chirpy humbucker tone=mini-H. Next to sliced bread, the next best invention is a T with a FB in the neck position. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Ive never been super happy with the tone on the bridge pickup so I want to try a few different pickups in that spot and see what I like. If I were building a 2 pickup tele, I would rather have either a P90 or a regular humbucker. Mini Humbucker vs . Messages: 67 Likes Received: 1. fitz Member. So now that we have compared the mini humbucker against the P90, let’s go ahead and compare it to the original-sized counterpart. 4 | Write a Review. Full Sized Humbucker with a Specially routed body and humbucker cutout bridge. But with the other pickups the mini humbucker is an excellent pickup in the mix. Recommended Posts. Gary Moore Tribute 63 Gary Moore Tribute 63 "The K-ON! Mini Humbucker vs. P90... Thread starter GuitarManSam666; Start date Dec 21, 2013; 1; 2; Next. Quelle est la différence entre les fameux P90 et les Hambucker (490R et 498T). Quote; Share this post. The tone of a Mini-Humbucker has been described as somewhere between a full sized humbucker and a single coil. This corresponds to a Gibson PAF with adjustable poles in one coil and a series of metal slugs in the other coil. I assumed they were 2 different sounding styles of pickups though? Next Last. 1. Product Details. A mini-humbucker is made like a miniature PAF pickup. 2. The products that we will list here vary in size from one to another, so you need to know the right size for your guitar. Getting a humbucker to match the singles isn't quiet as easy as slapping whatever you have in the bridge position. 12.55 kOhms, two high-quality 250KOhm Bourns potentiometers for volume and tone (product # 50-010-01) and long-shaft Neutrik output jack (product #50-002-03). The second humbucker sized pickup on our list is the TFW Replacement Pickup Set that features a ceramic magnet along with the high-quality hardware. "It still has the beef; it's not harsh. Last edited: Jun 30, 2016. morgan918 Member. JeffBlue Tele-Afflicted. “True” mini-humbuckers vs Firebird humbuckers. DHart likes this. Also, differences in output/hotness. How would you describe the difference of a Gibson mini vs full size Gibson humbucker of the same vintage ? May 6, 2018 #3. One common thing that gives them the most personality is their pickups – those raised areas of plastic with circles of metal that sit under your strings. A lot of blues, jazz, rock and metal players favour humbuckers because they handle gain and distortion with less interference than single coils. Posts: 3,764. Mini Humbucker. Joined: Jan 4, 2005 Location: Ontario, Canada. At the end of the day, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to choosing between a humbucker or a P90 pickup. Position: Cover: Mount: Conductor: Mounting Ring: QTY: +-SPECS LISTEN OPTIONS REVIEWS. Alternative humbucker designs Mini-humbuckers. I occasionally see people using 'mini humbucker' to describe a Filertron. The tone of a mini humbucker falls somewhere between a full-sized humbucker and a single-coil. Mini Humbucker pickups offer you the best of both worlds; they are humbucking (i.e. The result is a pickup with a gritty tonal character, and enough drive to really cut through the mix. The cool thing about electric guitars is how much you can change their personality with a single build tweak. P90 vs Humbucker. The PG-13™ mini humbuckers were developed for Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big. Go. i have a set of mid-late 2000s vintage gibson minis and after years of going back and forth, i've decided they are pretty alright. They will never sound quite the same as a full-sized humbucker, but they have a fullness and grit all their own. A classic mini-humbucker sound, rich and clear with great harmonics, somewhere between a humbucker & P90 single coil sound. Mar 23, 2008 #1. tdu Friend of Leo's. 1 of 2 Go to page. Paul says the main characteristic of these pickups is clarity. Joined Nov 28, 2010 Messages 67 Reaction score 1. Discussion in 'Pickups' started by GuitarManSam666, Dec 22, 2013. Any input is greatly appreciated. Messages 3,362. When the supply of old New York pickups was running out, Gibson had Seth Lover work on a "mini" version of their humbucker about the same size as the New York pickups for use on Epiphones going forward. Jun 30, 2016 #3 The Gibson Mini-Hum is one of my … Link to post Share on other sites. Cheers... Bence. Also, differences in output/hotness. Either type of pickup you use would be a good choice in my opinion. Both of these pickups have the ability to provide the right user with an unlimited amount of benefits, but depending on your. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > GuitarManSam666 Member. Many solid-body guitars feature cavities only for single-coil pickups. If the process is not carefully done, the instrument's body and pickguard may be damaged. 100% $175.00. much less difference between a mini and a paf with a good amount of gain than there is clean. A Telecaster Single Coil Sized Humbucker in a standard ashtray tele bridge. I eventually used a EVH style Mighty Mite in there and it was an ideal match. G. GuitarManSam666 Member. A humbucker’s pole pieces are wired out of phase with one another in order to cancel out hum and sound smoother. 5 (4) 4 (0) 3 (0) 2 (0) 1 (0) Would recommend this product. Joined: Nov 28, 2010. If the Humbucker is too hot for the singles you can have a miss match I had to try several different types of humbuckers to get one to work well in one of my Strat builds. Burstbucker Pros have 4-conductor wire for coil-splitting (although some other types have this as an option too). Final Word on Humbucker vs P90 Pickups. situation and needs, one pickup may be a better choice than the other. It was essentially a PAF style pickup but 'mini' and so called to AVOID confusion with a full sized PAF type. Humbucker vs Single Coil: Which is Best for You? I want to put a mini humbucker in my 2007 Les Paul Custom Silverburst. The Vintage Mini Humbucker neck pickup offers a blend of bright, single coil high end, and more focused humbucker low end. Dec 21, 2013 #1 Hey guys, I'm curious as to what some of the main tonal differences are between Mini Humbuckers and P90's. Messages 2,279 . The Lollar version of the mini humbucker is distinct. Originally developed by the Epiphone company in the ’50s, they were brought over into Gibson models with the purchase of Epiphone in 1957. Ratings Snapshot 5.0. out of 5. They offer more focus on midrange frequencies and are characterised by a thick, warm tone. Jun 30, 2016 #2 Obviously depends on the specific pickup and maker, but the mini's are generally chimier and maybe a little tighter. Messages 2,569. Unless you specifically buy a humbucker tele, for most guys a single coil sized humbucker is going to be the easier option. Les LP équipées de ces derniers ne sont pas essayables en magasin (exclu thomann) Bonjour ,Je voudrais savoir sur une télécaster le quel des deux micros fait le son aigu et le quel fait le son grave ? Great for warm, midrangy chords, or fat solo tone with sizzle. The tone pot has been fitted with one of our .033 capacitors (Product # 50-040-01). A standard Humbucker’s pole pieces are built according to a traditional Gibson string spacing of 1.930″ (49mm), measured from the center of the high E string to the center of the low E string at the bridge pickup location. Posts: 1,832. Brighter, tighter with more sparkle and clarity than a traditional, larger Gibson/PAF style humbucker yet fatter and rounder than a single-coil, they're great for the neck position or snarly when cranked in a balanced, calibrated set. no 60-cycle hum), they are capable of great chime and clarity when you play clean, and when you use a lot of drive, they sound fantiastic. I love FBs so much, I've recently delved into the fine details of what makes a FB a FB and have been winding my own ... Click to expand... Mark! Paul is well known for his amazing musicianship, killer speed, and awesome technical ability.
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