Try one of these festive bakes from around the world. Preparazione: Dentro una capiente insalatiera di terra cotta o pocellana o in una corbula sarda versare la farina mista a semola, collocando al centro della stessa una palla ottenuta impastando il lievito del pane, sciolto in poca acqua tiepida, con un po' di farina. The hot-water pastry is lovely and flavoursome and will lift your pie to great heights. Some believe it is because the golden-coloured crispbread resembles the old parchment of music paper, while another version says it is because of the "music' that the brittle bread makes when it is broken up. ", Traditionally, Porcu explains, the bread was made by groups of women. If you can’t find duck or goose fat, use 100 g lard with the butter, instead, and the result is nearly as good. My father is crazy about that. “It’s part of the Sardinian table, always,” he says. Pane carasau, in fact, is an ancient bread of Sardinia. There, a family bakery shows him how they make their pane carasatu. Archaeological evidence suggests that bread of carasau type was being eaten 3,000 years ago on Sardinia. Find our collection of bread recipes here. Stefano Mecenero 48,530 views. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. These days, both chefs use bread imported from Sardinia, for a genuine pane carasau taste. Pane Pistoccu, etwas dicker, wird zudem gern für Pane Frattau benutzt - einem typisch sardischen Rezept mit ein Tomatensugo, Spiegelei und Pecorino. Clicca sulla variante che desideri per leggere le opinioni, lasciate dai clienti. Pane quotidiano dei pastori della Barbagia, utilizzato per la caratteristica lunga conservazione. Pan Carasau is also called carta di musica  which translates to sheet music although the origin of this is disputed. The flat bread is then dried, stacked, and packaged by hand in traditional boxes. Then you've got cheese - you've got everything.”, Ainsley Harriott makes this pane frattau when he visits Sardinia in Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook, “One of the things that we do at home, we most moisten it with water. I can’t remember where I first heard about this dish, but I was in a Sardinian frame of mind and I had lamb, I had saffron and I had potatoes. --- Join Ainsley Harriott for a visit to a Sardinian bakery in Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook, Sundays 8.30pm on SBS Food or stream it on SBS On Demand; catch the bakery visit in episode 4, Sunday 13 September ---. Malloreddus - … Pane carasau (pronunciación en italiano: /ˈpaːne karaˈzau/: , Sardo: "pan tostado", del participio pasado del verbo sardo carasare "tostar", refiriendo a la costra) es un plan plano tradicional de Cerdeña.. Es delgado y crespillante, normalmente en forma de plato de medio metro de ancho. Pane Carasau is een typisch brood uit Sardinië, ook wel 'carta di musica' genoemd. Giovanni Pilu, and a plate of prosciutto, mozzarella and crisp pane carasau from the AcquaFresca menu. “It's a great story! I don’t know how I am going to live without its heavenly crunch when we leave next week for Australia! Il pane carasau, è un tipico pane sardo, originario della Barbagia e diffuso in tutta la Sardegna, conosciuto anche con il nome italiano di carta musica o carta da musica. Carasau, carasatu, carasadu, crasau o pane e’ fresa: sono mille e più i nomi del Pane Carasau, un prodotto tipico sardo conosciuto in tutto il mondo.Ufficialmente, in italiano, si chiama Carta da Musica…ma nessun sardo lo chiamerebbe mai così.. Il termine carasare significa biscottare: il pane carasau, infatti, deve la sua croccantezza alla doppia cottura nel forno a legna. Sardinia’s pane carasau is a crisp, crunchy bit of bread magic ... As it is difficult to find in Australia, we've used chestnut honey instead. This pie owes its heritage to the isolated and rural Italian island of Sardinia where simple, homely dishes are often cooked. Pane frattau, made by softening the sheets of bread then layering them with a tomato sauce, and topping with poached eggs, was an easy meal to make for tired workers – “When shepherds came back after hard day, for dinner it was easier to do one meal and put it in the centre of the table rather than multiple dishes,“ says Pilu. La recette par Petite Cuillère et Charentaises. Ne esistono le varianti "guttiàu" e "frattàu". Di base è fatto con lievito, sale, acqua e farina di grano duro oppure farina d'orzo o cruschello, di colore scuro, consumato dai meno abbienti. Découvrez cette recette de pain et donnez votre avis en commentaire !. "So, the trick is always to buy or make the thinnest bread. Right now, with no dining at the restaurant under COVID-19 restrictions, many of those dishes are difficult to do, but crunchy pane carasau is a key part of the charcuterie board on the Da Noi takeaway/delivery menu (you can see each menu on the restaurant's Instagram account). “Once you discover it, you always want it,” says Pietro Porcu, owner of Melbourne restaurant Da Noi, who grew up on a farm in the south of the Italian island. When made correctly, rounds of dough puff up in the searingly hot oven to create big, air-filled pockets. Aber tatsächlich gibt es einige Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen den schwedischen Knusperscheiben und dem sardischen Hirtenbrot: Beide Sorten sind dünn, knusprig und wurden in früheren Zeiten vor allem aufgrund ihrer langen Haltbarkeit geschätzt. Le lasagne di pane carasau sono un primo piatto ricco e gustoso, che ben si presta ad essere servito anche come piatto unico. ANSPRUCHSVOLL. ", "Sardinia is very proud of what we do and what we have. Pane Carasau. In one of the most common, the sheets are moistened with some olive oil and a little salt and toasted on a grill, in an oven or even over a flame. Come fare il pane carasau in casa. Quick View. Sardinia has a long history of honey production, with many producers still using traditional cork beehives. El pan carasau, también conocido como “papel de músico”, es típico de la isla italiana de Cerdeña.Se presenta en finas láminas circulares muy crujiente. And then it becomes soggy. Nella lista seguente troverai diversi prezzi e varianti di pane carasau e recensioni lasciate dalle persone che lo hanno acquistato.Le varianti sono disposte per popolarità dal più popolare a quello meno popolare.. Lista delle varianti di pane carasau più vendute. He, too, serves it on snack plates. As it is difficult to find in Australia, we've used chestnut honey instead. Il termine “Carasau” è tipico del vocabolario sardo e deriva dal verbo carasare, ossia tostare. But we don't call it carta musica in Sardinia.". “We've got different versions of flatbreads in Sardinia, but the specialty of pane carasau is to be very, very thin. As Pilu, who hails from the island’s north, explains, the dry bread often sustained shepherds who might be away from their villages for long periods of time, moving flocks of sheep around the island. So it has to be thin, crunchy and crumbly when you eat it,” Porcu says. Inspired to get cooking? It is thin and crisp, usually in the form of a dish half a meter wide. It's got to be thin, and the second cooking, it has to be well cooked, because it gets obviously more golden colour, it becomes crispier, it's got more flavour. 172 4,4 Facile 120 min Kcal 794 LEGGI RICETTA. Serving Suggestions: Sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and fresh rosemary and place in a warm oven until very crispy. There are many ways to enjoy pane carasau. 7 MIN KOCH- UND BACKZEIT. Il pane carasau è privo di grassi e il suo apporto lipidico è irrilevante. Pane Carasau is a traditional flat-bread from Sardinia. Beim Pane Guttiau wird noch Olivenöl hinzugegeben. Pilu knows well how much skill is involved – he used to make pane carasau at a bakery he ran alongside a previous restaurant he had in Sydney. Pane Carasau & Guttiau - das typische sardische Fladenbrot der Hirten. Fellow chef Giovanni Pilu also loves this taste of the island where he was born. “And think about it, it's got bread, it's got tomato, it's got protein, which is the egg. Aunque ls fórmula parezca simple hay que entrenar mucho para conseguir la textura deseada. The bread will keep because it's completely dehydrated, you know, it's crispy. It is thin and crisp, and is made by taking baked flat bread then separating it into two sheets which are baked again. © 2020 Enoteca Sileno. Explore … BENESSERE. You know the story behind that was 'oh it's really thin like paper'. Literally, ancient. But for me personally and for my family, it's always how thin the bread is. Denn die dünnen Teigfladen gehen im heißen Ofen auf wie … Pane carasau is one of the most common names, but there are variations right across the island, including pane carasatu and pane fresa/fressa (the name used by Pilu’s family). La mancanza di mollicafa sì che il suo contenuto in acqua sia molto ridotto. Hergestellt wird es ausschließlich aus Hartweizengries, Wasser, Hefe und Salz. pane carasau – Le migliori marche! And so we make sure that we pass on. When Ainsley Harriott visits Sardinia in Ainsley’s Mediterranean Cookbook, he visits a bakery in Siniscola, in the island’s north-east. It tastes kind of like a Mediterranean goulash. Il pane carasau, viene chiamato in moltissimi modi: pane carasatu, pane carasadu, pane fine, pane ‘e fresa e pane fattu in fresa. It’s served up at both of his restaurants in Sydney, Pilu at Freshwater and AcquaFresca, often getting another quick visit to the oven to add even more colour and flavour. And when you eat it, it makes a bit of a sound.” So, it’s a good story? Die Zubereitung von Pane Carasau und Guttiau erfordert einiges Geschick. Il pane carasau è un pane sardo dalla caratteristica forma tonda. Quick View. He’s not alone – you might have also heard this crispbread called carta musica, although as Pilu explains, that name is more commonly used by mainland Italians, or other visitors to the island. Envie de Pane Carasau ? Es un pan delgado, muy similar al pita, que dura por mucho tiempo. It is made by taking baked flat bread (made of durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and water), then separating it into two sheets which are baked again.
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