Plastic has multiple uses and provides light, innovative materials that solve a variety of challenges. The study, conducted by the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) and project partners, analysed estimated material volumes and... Messe Düsseldorf has cancelled the Interpack show - scheduled to take place from 25 February to 3 March 2021 - due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Filling News. Depending upon the region, packaging consumes 35 to 45 percent of the synthetic polymer produced in total, where the polyolefins dominate. Sign up for the latest news on plastics and innovation! Plastics for packaging require a very specific set of properties depending on their application, so a lot of plastic packaging consists of layers of several polymers to get a desired performance. Plastic products and packaging are integral to modern daily life. It also owns plastics recycler Envision Plastics, which has two locations. This number is the plastic “resin identification code,” … Plastic packaging allows food to travel further distances, stay longer on the shelves, and ensures that large amounts of food do not go to waste. September 11, 2019. Understanding their Potential with the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging Course . Plastic Putting the ‘P’ in Packaging – Plastics Planet Initiatives to replace plastic with other alternatives have long been in play but the packaging section in the industrial sectors is now overturning the situation. Contact us for more information about the benefits of plastics and the activities of PlasticsEurope. Lightweight packaging means lighter loads and fewer lorries needed to ship the same amount of products, helping to reduce transportation energy, decrease emissions and lower shipping costs. The company has 3,300 employees and 65 rigid plastic packaging plants. The problem is not only the technicality of paper packaging products, but at the same time being able to do so at the high speeds that the market … Nowadays people want packaging with clear identification and labelling which is easy to open and use. Replacing plastic with single-use plastic, paper, and cotton products intended for the purpose didn’t seem to resolve the issue. For plastics other than PET, most of the additives for which are cleared for use with food packaging materials, those intended for use in packaging must originate as food packaging materials to meet necessary compositional requirements. In the near future, for instance, it will … • Plastics and packaging (this insight): how we seek to use less material, reduce virgin material, and use recycled and recyclable components in our packaging. Problems with plastic recycling . The following are just some of the benefits offered by plastics packaging: While over 50% of all European goods are packaged in plastics, they account only for 17% of the total packaging weight on the market. Plastic and Packaging Products was established in 1994 to cater for a variety of plastic packaging needs in the market. We use plastic for the packaging of our products: plastic represents close to 60% of the volumes of materials used by the Group to produce its packaging. Russian flexible packaging converter and manufacturer Interpolychem has taken on a licence to use Dow’s PacXpert packaging technology. For several years now, L’Oréal has been analyzing the life cycle of its products to measure their impact on the environment. Nowadays people want packaging with clear identification and labelling which is easy to open and use. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Plastics packaging hygienically protects and preserves perishable food for longer. Plastics products are customarily used as medical devices in intimate contact with body tissue and conform to the highest … 2 Hours of Free Art Time. Plastic wrapping is the new tomorrow of today. Moreover, its unparalleled versatility is demonstrated in a multitude of applications such as packaging films for fresh meats, fruit and vegetables, bottles for beverages, edible oils and sauces, and pots tubs and trays for yoghurt, margarine ice cream and sliced cooked meats. An error occurred during the subscription process. Plastics are used in many types of food packaging and containers for a variety of reasons – they help protect foods from damage, provides food safety and extends the freshness of foods. Initiatives to replace plastic with other alternatives have long been in play but the packaging section in the industrial sectors is now overturning the situation. How plastic is used. It also helps reduce the amount of waste generated. PlasticsEurope is one of the leading European trade associations with centres in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan and Paris. The commercial success of plastics as a packaging product is due to a combination of flexibility, strength, lightness, stability, impermeability and ease of sterilisation. Log into your account. Plastics food packaging, for instance, does not affect the taste and quality of the foodstuff. November 27, 2020. Silafrica Kenya is one of the renowned plastics packaging company in Kenya. If the problem persists, please contact us: [email protected] Each year, the production and incineration of plastic emits about 400 million tonnes of CO2 globally, a part of which could be avoided through better recycling. Since it started in 1986, Silafrica has manufactured and supplied the most innovative, best-in-class plastic solutions for FMCGs and a wide range of other business customers. more information Accept. Resource efficient flexible plastic packaging provides outstanding product protection in innovative formats. Plastics for Change, a recipient of the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity $1 Million Global Maker Challenge, has created a digital platform that makes it profitable for companies in developing countries to transition away from virgin plastics. Manufacturer Of Flexible Packaging. Expert Sales Staff Ready To Help. Plastic is a very forgiving material when it comes to packaging machinery. Their durability and resistance to degradation means that if they ‘leak’ into the environment, they stay there. Hygiene: Plastics packaging is ideal for the packaging of foodstuffs, medicines and pharmaceuticals. Plastics’ versatility, strength, lightness, stability, barrier properties and ease of sterilisation make them an ideal packaging material for many uses. Plastics packaging evolves to provide exactly that. This consumption represented 140,000 tons of plastic in 2018. Welcome! Plastic Bags & Packaging Your Way; In Stock. Japan ranks number 2 in the world in terms of plastic packaging waste per capita, according to the UN. Replacing plastic with single-use plastic, paper, and cotton products intended for the purpose didn’t seem to […] These features make plastics an ideal packaging material for all sorts of commercial and industrial users in both flexible and rigid formats. Tamper-proof closures provide additional protection and security, while transparent packaging allows people to look at food without having to touch it, cutting down on bruising, contamination with pathogens and other damage. In fact, the barrier properties of plastics ensure that food keeps its natural taste while protecting it from external contamination. As major consumer product companies rethink how they use plastic packaging, a new report points to changes, including much less growth in resin consumption, more recycled content and a … Altium, which was … We are networking with European and national plastics associations. What if we could have plastic’s best qualities, like flexibility and its light weight, while reducing its greenhouse gas emissions? It helps reduce waste and the use of preservatives while maintaining the taste and nutritional value of food. Plastics packaging evolves to provide exactly that. Currently, in North America, flexible plastic packaging is not typically accepted in recycling programs. Food waste has a significantly higher environmental impact, particularly in the form of its carbon footprint, than packaging waste. Plastic packaging bags are consumer friendly and easy-to-use. The decision was announced on the same day that the Drupa printing show planned for April 2021 was cancelled, and converted... © Copyright 2020 - Sayers Publishing Group Ltd, Russian convertor secures Dow PacXpert licence, PET thermoform study reveals viable target stream. Consumers only have to pope up or tear the package for accessing the content in the packet. Plastic packaging protects against contamination of foods by germs and malodours along the chain from manufacture, distribution, storage to display. your password Some plastic packaging comes up with grip seal closure settings that allow customers to easily open the product and repeatedly use it for several times. The plastics industry took the opportunity and began providing undeniable options […] Packaging inks producer Siegwerk has joined the Circular Plastics Alliance, which is supported by the European Commission in the context of the European Plastics Strategy and has set an ambitious target: that by 2025 at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics be incorporated into products and packaging … A social enterprise that aims to... More than half the world’s new refining capacity that will come on stream in the next decade will be in Asia, with 70-80 per cent of that focused on plastics, claimed Amin Nasser, the chief executive of Aramco, which acquired Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) earlier this year. This makes the recycling of these materials a challenge; one that certain recycling plants are … It can be filled and sealed without human intervention. What are the different types of plastics used in food packaging? Paper, on the other hand, is far more prone to damage. Convenient and innovative . Initiatives to replace plastic with other alternatives have long been in play but the packaging section in the industrial sectors is now overturning the situation. It can be produced for a relatively low cost compared with other materials, but is often designed for short-term or single use. PacXpert is promoted by Dow as a durable, lightweight and cost-effective way of helping companies transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging. Speaking at... A study into PET Thermoform Cost and Material Flow Analysis has identified an adequate volume of PET thermoform material in the US marketplace to make it a viable target stream for increased recycling. Replacing plastic with single-use plastic, paper, and cotton products intended for the Poly Products Ready to Ship Today; The International Plastics Difference: Proven Experience • Unsurpassed Customer Care • Operational Excellence • Exceptional Value. Sites about plastics packaging industries in Europe are listed here, as well as companies involve in the sells and distribution of all kinds of plastic packaging solutions are listed in this category. It is estimated that 95% of the value of plastic packaging material is lost to the economy after a short first-use cycle. This is a challenge frequently faced by companies that decide to replace plastic with paper-based packaging. Plastics - Covering all types of packaging, Beauty Packaging is published for executives involved in the personal care, cosmetic and fragrance industry. Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting goods and extending the shelf life of food products but once it has been discarded it remains a valuable resource. Consumption of plastic has increased exponentially. Packaging plastics can offer an almost infinite range of options for manufacturers, both in terms of function and design. • Sustainable product innovation insight: how we develop our products to make them more sustainable for the future. The materials used, both plastics raw materials and additives, fulfill all food safety legislation at national and European Union levels. "Despite the ongoing movement towards more sustainable packaging, plastics still remain a popular choice, largely for practical reasons. Oxigen closes on $15m funding. Because it takes considerably more … As a dynamic company with a vibrant outlook to the packaging industry in South Africa, we are committed to service excellence. We are a medium sized enterprise with years’ of combined experience in the manufacturing industry of plastic and packaging. Plastic Packaging Companies in Kenya Silafrica Kenya. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Recycling this material to use it again in the manufacture of new plastic items keeps this resource in the economy, out of landfill, and delivers economic and environmental benefits by reducing the use of virgin plastics. The packaging is described as having a fitment closure... Henkel AG & Co KGaA has won the Diamond Award at the 2020 Packaging Innovation Awards hosted by Dow, for a pilot programme that led to a new line of sustainable cosmetic packaging. Flexible Packaging £ 89.00 £ 43.00 Read more; Global Perspectives eBook £ 30.00 Add to basket; Materials and Development of Plastics Packaging £ 133.00 Add to basket; PET Packaging Technology £ 155.00 Add to basket; Plastics in Packaging – January 2016 (Digital) £ 20.00 Add to basket You may have seen the number 1 through 7 on the bottom or side of a plastic packaging container. Until now, most of the existing offer, mainly in single-use packaging, use unrecyclable, multi-layered laminates incorporating plastics or aluminium foil," said Christophe Jordan, Managing Director of the Translucent Papers division at Arjowiggins. It helps reduce waste and the use of preservatives while maintaining the taste and nutritional value of food. These studies have shown that on average, 50% … In medical applications plastics maintain the safety and integrity of sterile goods. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Cost-effective, available, and does the work! In the near future, for instance, it will integrate printable RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips based on conductive polymers, providing precious information on the quality and status of products. Unlimited Custom Bag & Packaging Options. Plastic packaging is one of the most important contributors to protecting food from spoiling. Henkel developed the Social Plastic Ecosystem in collaboration with Plastic Bank. your username. Plastics packaging hygienically protects and preserves perishable food for longer. Furthermore, this weight has been reduced by 28% over the past 10 years!
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