I was sceptical getting this book as I am a pantser and thought this book would be more focused on plotting and planning. By: The Great Courses, The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript, Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story, By: Designed for screenwriters, novelists, and movie fans, this book gives listeners key breakdowns of the 50 most instructional movies from the past 30 years. Honestly, i think the book is quite mediocre. You've heard of "outlining," but that sounds too rigid for you. Series: Save the Cat! Erik Bork, Narrated by: All around the world, novelists are using the Snowflake Method right now to ignite their imaginations and get their first drafts down on paper. Inspired by questions from his workshops, … Yes...this IS the LAST book on novel writing you'll ever need. The flip side to that, is there are some things I disagree with. Randy Ingermanson. By: This ultimate insider's guide reveals the secrets that none dare admit, told by a show biz veteran who's proven that you can sell your script if you can save the cat. Save the Cat!® The Last Story Structure Software You’ll Ever Need has codified this method. Others include these:Â. Through exercises at the end of each chapter you will build your own outline, and you'll do it without sacrificing the creativity that is so vital to telling great stories. Â, By: By: My attitude was that I would grin and bear it and glean the information. Has helpful tips if you cant figure out why somthing isnt working or dialog is lacking he gives you some nice tools to use. He completely lost me when he started taking jabs at classic movies. Why write what you feel when you can write to a formula for success and money. Story. Check out this great listen on Audible.ca. You've heard of "organic writing," but that seems a bit squishy to you. This is a great book for writers and especially for screenwriters. From Macbeth to Breaking Bad, McKee deconstructs key scenes to illustrate the strategies and techniques of dialogue. Fantastic listen. In Dialogue, Robert McKee offers in-depth analysis for how characters speak on the screen, on the stage, and on the page in believable and engaging ways. and Save the Cat! Featuring interviews with many of today's most talented writers, producers, and directors, as well as revealing stories (e.g., what to do when the skinhead crack addict next door begins screaming obscenities as soon as you call "action") from the sets of her own short films, Roberta walks you through the minefield of mistakes that an aspiring filmmaker can make - so that you don't have to make them yourself. It is inedible. Lisa Cron. Unabridged: 5 hr 22 min Format: Digital Audiobook Publisher: … Bell's "Mirror Moment" is the secret, and its power is available to any writer, at any stage of the writing process...Bell presents a truly unique approach to writing a novel, one that will stand the test of time and serve you all your writing life. Save the Cat … It's worth recommending to anybody who writes fiction but I found it very interesting tool to analyse the books I know and well love. In other words, that writing is a learnable skill and that I could do it. It will help you dissect any plot conundrum, conceive your story's blueprint, and give a beat to every pivot of your hero's journey." It’s a must get if you’re into screenwriting. Robert McKee. I have learned more from this book than I did in 3 years of screenwriting classes. James Scott Bell, How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel (Before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere), By: Owen King, The Art and Craft of Unforgettable Endings, How to Write the Story Beneath the Surface, By: and others. Judith Weston. By: That being said, the genuine approach, coupled with what was at its core extremely detailed information, made this a great audiobook, and I’m glad I experienced it. Save the Cat! Overall would 100% recommend to aspiring screenwriters. By: Cat Lookabaugh, Write Faster, Write Smarter Series, Book 7, By: I'll always come back to this book if I'm stuck on an issue. With a PDF that includes charts, lists, and exercises from the audiobook. Save the Cat! and Save the Cat! Joseph Campbell. From predatory film distributors ripping them off to huckster film aggregators who prey upon them, the odds are stacked against the indie filmmaker. The old distribution model for making money with your film is broken, and there needs to be a change.Â, By: Creative writing (by definition IMO) doesn't have rules but that doesn't preclude certain tales/genres/patterns from being particularly appealing to the human mind. Donald Maass. I am a skeptic by nature and believe that we has humans tend to accept evidence which supports our existing views and discard evidence which does not. just what I needed to help me on my novel journey definitely a book to read more than once. Will listen multiple times for all the gems. If nothing else, there is a wonderful beat sheet that will almost certainly revolutionize either your outline process or your revision process, depending on what sort of writer you are. Lisa Cron. Inspired by questions from his workshops, lectures, and emails, Blake listened to you and provides new tips, tactics, and techniques to solve your writing problems and create stories that resonate. Save the Cat is just one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying, others include these: The four elements of every winning logline; The … Judith Weston, By: Why? As an editor, I've encountered hundreds of horrible stories that had a ton of potential. The Great Courses, Narrated by: Series. Taught by award-winning novelist James Hynes, a former visiting professor at the famed Iowa Writers' Workshop, these 24 insightful lectures show you the ins and outs of the fiction writer's craft. James Scott Bell, The reading itself by the author was heartfelt, and I personally appreciate the effort, but it was also a little cheesy. By: Goes to the Movies, has delivered the audiobook countless readers and students have clamored for. Blake Snyder, Narrated by: The only Save the Cat! I feel in general, that when I've bought something I don't need more commercials for the thing I've bought. Narrator: George Newbern. Blake Snyder, author of Save the Cat! Most screenwriting books tend to focus on story structure, scene writing, navigating the business, and other parts of the craft that come after the initial choice of the central concept for a story.
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