Although somewhat geeky, this was on our bucket list to drive through one of these giants. The Chandelier Tree near Leggett is a more straight approach for slightly bigger cars. Redwood Highway California drive thru Shrine Tree antique car ~ 1930s linen. These estimates were calculated in the late 1930's at or near the time the opening in the tree was cut. hillary h/Flikr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Illuminate Light Show at The Meadow Event Park — Doswell $12.95. Shrine is a chimney tree whose trunk was hollowed by fire (perhaps the result of a lightning strike) more than a century ago. We were all able to fit barely in the carved tree houses. more, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Scenic Drives. Fees collected during that time were donated to the Shriners’ charitable causes. The tree is not. Turn left onto Boy Scout Road, turn right into the park entrance, and drive north 250 ft (76 m) to Shrine. Drive-through Coast Redwoods. Turn right onto California State Route 254 (Avenue of the Giants) and drive north 0.2 mi (0.3 km) to Boy Scout Road. Super cute. Unlike the others, the cleaved opening was created primarily by nature, not man. The Original Drive-Thru Tree in Myers Flat has been family-owned since 1958. We had to fold in our mirrors and go through just right in our Nissan Pathfinder to make it safely. Amazing but true you can carefully drive through. The Shrine Drive Thru Tree is one of the oldest tourist spectacles along the Avenue of the Giants. 32.0 km from Shrine Drive Thru Tree 2.5 out of 5.0 Located in Shelter Cove, Oceanfront Inn at Shelter Cove is by the ocean, within a 5-minute walk of Mal Coombs Park and Shelter Cove Marina. Other park attractions include the Balance Tree, Cathedral Tree, Children's Step-Thru Stump, Drive-On Log, Rings of History, UPDATE! When Avenue of the Giants was still an unpaved trail, horses pulled wagons through the tree. accommodate vehicles. Notes: Shrine Drive Thru Tree, also known as Doust Tree, Redwood Shrine Tree, and Shrine of the Redwoods, is located at 13078 California State Route 254 (Avenue of the Giants) in Myers Flat, California 3.9 mi (6.3 km) south of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park visitor center. There is a small admission fee and a gift shop, as well as several other sights, including the Drive On Tree, Tree House Village, and Cathedral Tree. It was a pretty tight fit with our minivan but we were able to get through. 13078 Avenue of the Giants Myers Flat, California 95554 Local Phone: (707) 943-1975. Not only do they have a drive thru tree, but they also have a walk thru stump and a drive on stump. Religion event by Christ Chapel Life on Saturday, October 31 2020 with 177 people interested and 51 people going. Picnic grounds available. The giant redwoods of Northern California are the biggest trees in the world. 296 miles east, Calaveras Pioneer Cabin Tree collapsed during a storm Sunday, January 8, 2017. The “Glitter and Glow Drive Thru” will feature stationary floats decorated by the local community for the holiday and winter season. Shrine Drive-Thru Tree. Tree House Village, and, of course, a gift shop. "Loved the drive thru the tree and has the greatest gift shop with fun gift..." Tree in Myers Flat, CA A wonderful stop along the Avenue of the Giants. Shrine is 78 ft (24 m) shorter, 3.8 ft (1.2 m) narrower, and more than 490 years younger than the sign indicates: 175 ft (53 m), 21 ft (6.4 m), and 3,000 y respectively (the oldest known living coast redwood is 2,342 y old). It was fun taking pictures in the other parts of the park. In the late 1920s, Ford Model Ts would turn off the highway, drive through the tree, circle back to the highway, and speed off. There is a minimal fee to drive through the tree. Northbound: From U.S. Highway 101, take Exit 656 Myers Flat. merchantable timber. If you have a large SUV like a. Yukon or Suburban, don't even try it. A tunnel through the tree resulted from the fire, and has since been widened, allowing vehicles to drive through. by Mario Vaden . Unlike most of the other drive thru trees, shrine tree looks like it was split on the bottom by nature. Woods Edge Drive in Leesburg has become a viral sensation called Edwards Landing Lights, and it is back at it again this year with lights synchronized … Shrine Tree The closest to Eureka is the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree, 50 miles to the south in Myers Flat, on the world famous Avenue of the Giants. Shrine Drive-Through Tree. Another drive through tree. You’ll pay about five bucks to drive through each tree. Located in Myers Flat, four miles south of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center, it's an easy stop right on the Avenue of the Giants -- just look for the signs and the Gift Shop. At least that one is still alive. Consider its demise in relation to my question about potential weakness of the coast redwood Shrine Tree. Although Shrine is the oldest of the three drive-through coast redwoods, it remains the least-popular. 193 Reviews. Located in Myers Flat, four miles south of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center, it’s an easy stop right on the Avenue of the Giants — just look for the signs and the Gift Shop. Known worldwide as the Shrine of the Redwoods, the natural opening in the tree was created by fire centuries ago. Other drive-through redwoods include Shrine, Tour Thru, and Tunnel Log. The opening is claimed to be partly natural -- an early 20th century lightning strike sparked a fire that hollowed out the giant. It measures 21 feet in diameter and is approximately 3,000 years old. “An iconic road trip attraction” The Shrine Drive Thru Tree has been attracting visitors for years.
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