And Big Kingfish to over 11kg. The bay has several artificial reefs that were installed to cater for boaters and landbased fishermen. In Port Phillip Bay there is lots off shallow reefs. My favorite spot this time of year is just on the drop off out the front of Symonds Channel as you see in the image below, Just click on it to enlarge the Map. On this page, I will give some Tips & a Video on Catching a Squid. * In Port Phillip bay there are many Scallop Beds that hold fish. In Port Phillip Bay, long leaders (1.5m), size 4/0 hooks, and sinkers that vary from 4-12oz depending on tidal strength and location are the norm. Look forward to many more fishing reports and videos to come. thanks your page helps newbies like me out heaps. For offshore work … Fishing Report Port Port Phillip This Week See Red’s Out Wide Out From Frankston From 18 meter to 22 Meters as the Snapper start to Push South . The hook will resist wear and bend for more extended periods of time. The Lonsdale Bight is a solid early season destination. The type’s of area’s such as Black Rock, Altona,  Elwood, Frankston, Brighton ,Sandringham Mornington , Mount Eliza ,Basically anywhere with heavy reef . Please Note After Xmas I fish deep School by school they move in and around PPB, eventually peaking early November or late October depending on the moon. So it’s important to upgrade your Sinkers (lead) and Leaders to atleast 40lb, i Perfer 80lb in this area just because, gummys & other sharks .. Big January to June Snapper In Port Phillip Bay, General tips to help you catch a Port Phillip Bay snapper, Catch a fish : The annual migration of snapper from well offshore in Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean, to the inshore reef systems of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay is a highly anticipated event for many anglers. If you looking for a Christmas Snapper For the Dinner table Or are on Holiday’s Over at rosebud, Caravan Parks, below are some great area’s to fish. Below is 91cm snapper I caught at the start of September on 4/0, 5/0 snelled hooks. Although it is extremely shallow for its size, most of the bay is navigable. Catches of flathead, bream, calamari, whiting, pinkies and snapper are all possible. At the southern end of Port Phillip Bay, there are strong currents. In this video I run though My Fishing Technics. Snell Hook Rig I Fishing In Port Phillip Bay Snapper  How To Tie it Video. Fishing Mode General Use . Sounding up Snapper in Melbourne Port Phillip bay. Yellowtail Kingfish to over 12KG and Gummy Sharks to 25KG , Makos ,Squid ,King George Whiting ,Salmon, and Great Southern Bluefin Tuna to 110KG . Finding Snapper Paul explains the areas and the structure that hold snapper in Port Phillip Bay during winter. Have been hooked on what has felt like two big reds before but lost them out of impatience and excitement. This migration is believed to be due to the fishes’ urge to breed. I find out exactly what our guest recommends. *When sounding for Snapper, a little faster than trolling pace is the best put the sensitivity up a little think it as a volume knob to give you more power. You will become a better fisherman for it, cheers and good luck this season. They hold up to professional standards, and you can take advantage of their circle or octopus design with its straight shank. Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne has never been better. In this Part of the Bay, The Current Starts to run. Hopefully these come in handy for other fisherman out there. High season is February to May and October to December. Tired of fishing the same spots? Great for most parts of the bay. Mulloway are caught by dedicated fishos, mostly in winter. Jaysons Largest Snapper to be caught aboard Pro Red Fishing Charters in Port Phillip Bay Snapper is an Awsome 10.82kg and Westernport Snapper to over 9kg !!!!! View Map Early Season Fishing Spots Bigger Click Here, To tie fishing rigs with snelled hooks perfectly for Port Phillip Bay. Early season when the fish go shallow is when I fish this rig most . Organize Family Days, Christmas Parties, Social Club Outings, Corporate Challenges, Buck's Parties or just give a gift voucher, anyway you do it, just do it! , I don’t sound the fish up here, i simply Set up, and wait for them to come thru, its normally a pretty good area to fish this time of year. Snapper Fishing Charters Port Phillip Bay - Martha Cove. You can read more about fishing for snapper by reading our Snapper Fishing Guide this article contains lots of helpful tips to help you catch a big red. Port Phillip Bay Fishing Report & News. Snapper uses the big spring tides around the full moon to migrate into the bay and over the next two moon’s leading up to November. Your email address will not be published.
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