This enables students to have a firm foundation in social work while learning what sparks their passion about social work. Sample courses include: Field work experience is a cornerstone of the program, and all students must complete at least 500 clock hours of field work experience prior to graduation. Students looking for bachelor's in social work programs have a lot to consider when choosing a degree, including individual career goals and academic interests, cost, program length and flexibility, and specializations. Types of Social Work Degree Programs. This is a highly selective private school that will buoy a student’s employment chances once they have graduated. The program also prepares students to pursue graduate study in social work and related disciplines. Students who choose to study at CU-Chicago will find a variety of excellent opportunities for fieldwork and internships. The program is designed to give students the chance to see their skills put into practice in real-world settings. Most substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors need a bachelor's degree at minimum. This consists of a student working within an agency four days a week for one semester during their senior year, with placement being approved by a faculty field instructor. Florida State University's accredited bachelor of social work program prepares students for entry-level social work practice working with diverse clients. Sample courses include: The BSW at NYU requires 128 credit hours of academic coursework and the field experience work hours. Students also complete at least 400 clock hours of supervised fieldwork. The program is further accredited by the CSWE. It is also one of the only programs on this list that has flexible options for students in terms of scheduling. NYU is based in Manhattan and is top-ranked across many categories and departments. NYU also requires students to complete 700 hours of field work experience and practicum throughout their time at the school. Sample courses include: Fordham social work students will complete a year-long field work experience that amounts to 600 clock hours and will take place their senior year. The practicum offers hands-on, guided training with clients in need of special services, all under the watchful care of experienced professionals. The University of Georgia confers the Bachelors in Social Work for students who are interested in obtaining a career in social justice. Students of this program will be eligible to sit for the Texas state licensure exam for social workers. Classes cover social work statistics, doing good through the nonprofit sector, social work services for older adults, and social work and disability studies. List of all baccalaureate and master's levels social work degree programs that are currently Accredited or in Candidacy. Find what you need to know about social work degrees, online degree options, accreditation, certifications, job options, salaries, associations, and more. Professional social workers be able to quickly and effectively solve problems while remaining calm. The School of Social Welfare supports numerous research initiatives and centers, including the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging, the Digital Health Equity and Access Lab, and the Center for Comparative Family Welfare and Poverty Research. While it is not always the case, some students have been hired by the agency they interned with during their education. This program is focused on general social work practices, making it a great fit for students who need a foundation in social work to further their studies at the graduate level. However, law school graduates owe an average of over . This program is one of the highlights of learning at Alvernia. Winston-Salem State University confers the Bachelor of Social Work to its undergraduate students. Range of degree programs [weight = 20%], 6. George Mason University confers an undergraduate social work degree. Insofar as salary and inflation data are relevant to a ranking, we look to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many graduates also pursue graduate degrees in social work or related fields. A Place For Mom. Sample courses include: UI requires at least 480 hours of field work experience at a department-approved agency. It is also unique in a variety of ways. The bachelor of social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). To advance to 500-level courses, students must complete 54 general education credits, earn a cumulative minimum 2.5 GPA, and complete 20 hours of paid or volunteer work in a social service organization. As this is a large part of the requirements for the degree, students are advised not to work during their senior year to make room for this field work experience. Job duties vary by specialization, but they may include evaluating clients' readiness for treatment, creating treatment goals with clients and their families, and referring clients to other services and resources. Students take core classes like society and social welfare, human behavior in the social environment, social welfare programs and policies, and social work research. Social workers who specialize in mental health and substance abuse help individuals struggling with mental health challenges and addiction. The emphasis on these areas of social work are sorely needed in a society that is facing challenges in both the health and mental health aspects of life. Students need a minimum 2.0 GPA in all major courses to graduate. This is a great university for students who want to combine their Christian faith with their profession. Because of the full-time status of the internship, students are advised not take a job during their final year. This internship amounts to a full-time placement within an agency for four months. The social work degree is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The bachelor of social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Social workers need a bachelor's degree in social work at minimum to qualify for generalist social work positions. The program itself holds special accreditation by the CSWE. During the four-year degree, you will learn about professional ethics and processes in social work, as well as … This college is also one of the few institutions that offers an accelerated program for a degree in social work. Students are expected to complete at least 450 hours of this experience. The school, which is regionally accredited by the NCACS THLC, also holds independent accreditation by the CSWE. Students take classes in human behavior and the environment, social justice and social policy, introduction to community and organizational processes, and strategies of direct practice. Clinical social workers diagnose and treat behavioral and mental health disorders. This program, which focuses on preparing students to become a “helping professional,” is engaging and interactive that is a great foundation for social work education. Students also complete a 450-hour, supervised social work practicum. Social work students can choose from 150 minors to add to their degree. We ranked these degree programs based on quality, curricula, school awards, rankings, and reputation. The College of Social Work also offers a variety of scholarships for eligible students. Unlike many other programs on this list, NC State does offer a pathway to being certified as an LSW. During a student’s junior and senior year, students spend two days a week in practicum placement. The BSW program is independently accredited by the CSWE. Learners start this program by taking liberal arts prerequisite courses as pre-professional students. Students also complete a 96-hour field placement in their junior year and a 480-hour field placement in their senior year. The University of Kentucky at Lexington confers an undergraduate degree in social work that provides students with an experiential-based learning environment. To better serve the needs of prospective students, we are therefore increasingly offering filters that help you better use our rankings to find the schools that match your specific needs. This university is accredited by the NCACS THLC and the program is independently accredited by the CSWE. We take pride great pride in not only teaching social work, but being the face of social … Brandman University Program: Master of Social Work Offered on-campus or … The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College -- which is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system -- offers a practice-based bachelor's degree in social work with a focus on care coordination and child welfare. The bachelor of social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This BSW program is unique on this list in that it is one of the only programs that admits and welcomes adult learners. This is a generalist social work degree that will prepare students for a variety of different careers. Millersville University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Social and community service managerscoordinate programs and initiatives that promote public well-being, usually under the auspices of a government or nonprofit organization. Social workers help people solve problems in their everyday lives. Sample courses include: The Social Work Club is a student organization that was created to help with networking opportunities and community outreach. The University of Illinois at Springfield has an amazing social work program for ambitious students. Social workers may help clients access social services and address problems through behavior modification. Required courses include social welfare policy, social work research and statistics, human behavior and the social environment, and diversity in a multicultural society. Additionally, Chapel is mandatory for all students. The program itself is further accredited by the CSWE. The BSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Students also complete a four-course sequence of social work practice seminars and professional experiences. These 24 colleges offer the most affordable online bachelor's in social work degrees. Because most placements require availability during the day, students are advised to not seek full-time employment during their final years at the university. The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these (with expanded, detailed considerations and weights listed): 1. The three year degree plan allows a student to finish one year sooner by committing to a full-time study plan throughout the year. Sample courses include: Students at Olivet will be required to complete 540 hours of field work prior to graduation. All states require licensure for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors working in private practice. For example, school social workers help children and adolescents overcome challenges at school, while substance abuse and behavioral social workers help clients manage substance use disorders and behavioral problems. This university is regionally accredited by the SACS COC and the program is independently accredited by the CSWE. Concentrations are not required but can make a huge difference in a student’s career path. While there are a variety of placement options available in and around the campus area, students can also feel free to apply for the International Field Placement Program, which allows them to fulfill this requirement overseas. This ensures that the skills and knowledge they learn on campus is reinforced by actual work in the field. The social work program is independently accredited by the CSWE. The current requirement is 500 clock hours of supervised experience within an approved agency. This is one of the premier institutions for social work students in the entire country and is continuously praised by both former and current students. All placements must be approved by the department faculty to ensure it is in line with the school’s curriculum goals. The program is independently accredited by the CSWE. The admissions committee prefers applicants with paid or volunteer experience in social service organizations. Sample courses include: One of the great things about the social work program at Concordia is that the faculty all hold terminal degrees in the field and have real-world experience as social workers. These generally tend to be working professionals or second-career students who have heeded the call to become social workers. This includes 100 hours during the junior year and 600 hours during the senior year. Its 600 hours of fieldwork practicum internships are spread over three semesters, starting in the spring of the junior year, with an elective 150 hours during the summer between the junior and senior years. The University of Kentucky is a renowned institution that is consistently praised for its strong academic and professional programs. While field work is mandatory for all students, this program focuses heavily on skills and history that is taught in the classroom. FSU requires 512 clock hours of field work, allowing students to get a solid amount of work experience in real-world settings prior to graduation. At Wits University, Social Work thus BA Social Work is a four-year professional degree program. While human services associate degree programs and ASWs share similarities, human services programs focus on the community level. Typical job duties may include helping a student experiencing bullying, connecting a family with community resources like food stamps, or helping a victim of domestic violence find emergency housing. The University of Wisconsin at Madison confers the BSW degree to undergraduate students through its School of Social Work. This program offers scheduling options for students, something that is not available from all schools on this list. The program emphasizes relationships between people and their environments. Transfers must have a 2.0 GPA. Professionals in the criminal justice and law field interpret and enforce the law. One example is the continuum of education, allowing students to move from the BSW to the MSW with ease. A career in social work would be ideal for those looking to make a real … This school confers the BA/MSW program for social work students, and it is one of the most popular destinations for students who are interested in becoming professionals in this field. Learners study topics like program evaluation, community organizing and outreach, and service planning. It is the signature feature of this program with a mission to provide a positive learning environment for students. Sample courses include: The BASW program requires 124 credit hours for completion along with the field work experience in order to apply for graduation. This is a unique program that prepares students for field work in the junior year, enabling students to be fully prepared for field work in their senior year. Find the best online doctorate in social work programs from accredited colleges. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has a robust College of Social Work, where students can receive a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. They can work both in and outside of school settings, including at government agencies and social service agencies. Students gain critical thinking, advocacy, communication, and interpersonal skills. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors help people who struggle with behavioral disorders and addiction. Louisiana State University and A&M College offers a bachelor's degree in social work that prepares students for entry-level careers working in social policy, community organizations, family agencies, and healthcare. The program holds accreditation from the Council of Social Work Education. They receive a $5,000 employment incentive. The program also requires a practicum that gives students practical professional experience. Founded in 1955, NASW represents more social workers than any other professional membership organization in the world. The course also addresses specialized social services for distinct populations, such as the elderly and children. It is a generalist degree aimed at providing students with a foundation in the field, as well as experience to solidify their new skills. CSWA offers professional support, advocacy, and resources for clinical social workers. Spring Arbor University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Admission requires a minimum 2.5 GPA, at least 45 previous credits, and completion of two social work prerequisite courses with a grade of 'C' or better. Marist College confers an undergraduate social work degree for students through the Department of Sociology and Social Work. It’s a great learning opportunity for any student and gives them a fresh perspective on social work. This experience is supervised by social work professionals who are licensed and certified, ensuring that students are working with experienced professionals within the organization they are doing field work in. The BSW is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Sample courses include: The BSW program at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa requires 120 credit hours, including practicums and research, in order to apply for graduation. The BSW program at Roberts Wesleyan requires 124 credit hours, plus field work or an internship. Qualifying students can enter the university's accelerated master of social work program. The Social Work Program, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, prepares students for the beginning level of professional social work practice and for graduate school. The BSW program holds independent accredited by the CSWE. Ramapo College of New Jersey provides undergraduate students with a social worker degree that will prepare them to become social workers in any field they choose. Citations: For a broader account of our ranking methodology, especially as it relates to's underlying educational philosophy and, in other ranking articles, looks beyond academic excellence (as here) to such factors as return on investment or incidental benefit, see our article "Ranking Methodology: How We Rank Schools at TBS." This course covers common social work environments, the skills required for specialist and generalist social work, and the core values of the field. This university is regionally accredited by the MSCHE and is further accredited by the CSWE. The school considers applicants with a lower GPA for provisional admission on a case-by-case basis. The BSW is further accredited by the CSWE. Sample courses include: Students who choose Malone will find that the BSW at this school will give them the opportunity to sit for the Ohio social work license. Required courses include introduction to social work policy, human behavior in the social environment, social work practice in child welfare, and social work practice and learning laboratory. Mary Baldwin University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The 120-credit program includes classes in introduction to the social work profession, the social worker in the group, human behavior in the social environment, and social welfare in the United States. Tips and Tricks for Negotiating Financial Aid, Financial Aid for International Students Attending US Colleges. Students must earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in social work courses and complete at least 30 credits in residence at KU during their senior year to graduate. The bachelor of social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This program has unique opportunities for students who would like to be licensed. The University of Pittsburgh has a strong Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program for generalist social work students. Sample courses include: Fieldwork at LUC is of great importance. Next, these pieces of data were then weighted with data from other public sources, including U.S. News & World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics, and Social workers support communities by providing social services, helping clients manage mental health disorders, mentoring children, and connecting clients with resources. This program utilizes classroom teaches that are then put into practice during the student’s internship placement. San Diego State University confers a social worker degree that is comprehensive and interactive. Admission requirements include completion of required pre-major coursework and a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. The University of Texas at Austin, known colloquially as UTA, is home to one of the strongest social work programs in the country. Students examine the role of culture in shaping individual values, worldviews, and beliefs with a focus on the way society shapes personal identity. The 120-credit program covers topics like oppression, power, evidence-informed practice, and advocacy. This makes classroom courses much more diverse, leading to exciting discussions between students and faculty members. This includes an on-campus bachelor’s degree in social work, along with bachelor’s and master’s degree … Students must be admitted to UT Austin before applying to the social work program. This course introduces social work majors to U.S. social policy and service delivery systems. Students can complete fieldwork in areas like community planning, children and youth, family services, and substance abuse. Liberty University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Graduates secure jobs in community services organizations and agencies as case management aides, community outreach workers, and social work … Courses are taught in a variety of ways, including lectures, team projects, simulated exercises. Admission requirements include at least 45 credits, a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.5 GPA in all social work prerequisite courses. This is something that all prospective employers are looking for. The degree houses an option Child Advocacy Studies program, also known as CAST, that was designed to train students as mandated reporters. This is the only program on this list that requires students to do field work every year of their education. Each student in the university’s social work program completes a diversity project in their junior year. This is a collaborative program that mirrors the social work field. Here is how we do it: The value of any ranking list of schools and/or degree programs depends on having a methodologically sound assessment of each school’s/program’s characteristics, especially insofar as these can be objectively measured. Social workers often exist in nonprofit organizations, private for-profit companies, and government agencies to provide care and support for people stuck in cycles of exploitation, like substance or physical abuse, as well as work with couples and families to provide therapy services. The program is separately accredited by the CSWE. It is also a great pathway to move into graduate education, allowing students to further specialize within social work at the master’s level. Happy hunting! From direct client care to research, you can gain experience in an area of direct interest. They can also pursue graduate study. Knowing... Search schools to find the program that is right for you. This school’s social work program has a focus on engaging students on subjects both in the classroom and in the field. Abilene Christian University confers the bachelor in social work through the School of Social Work. The bachelor of social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Students have access to online continuing education programs, career services, and social work research programs and institutes. Students will be able to choose a schedule for their classes that best fits their needs. The Bachelor of Social Work at Stony Brook requires at least 120 credit hours and 450 hours of fieldwork for completion. Social welfare majors take classes like social work as a profession, practice in social work, social welfare policy, and social science and crime prevention policy. Getting Bachelors in Social Work at this school ensures a strong academic foundation that is supported by the ethical perspective taught by Alvernia faculty. Sample courses include: This degree requires 118 semester hours for graduation. Colorado State University confers a social worker degree at the bachelor’s level. Sample courses include: This program is unique to most of the other schools on this list in that through the social work major, students can also choose to concentrate their studies. This university is regionally accredited by the WSCUC SCUC. Social workers have several specialization options. Although this program is listed as a generalist social work degree, the curriculum is actually preparing students for practice straight after graduation in community and government organizations. Some law school career paths include high-paying roles like […]. Field work experience hours will vary, depending on a student’s concentration, so students are advised to speak with a department admission advisor about this requirement. The school is regionally accredited by the NCACS THLC. As well, earning a degree in social work will grant you access to a growing profession: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social work professionals earn an average of $63,530 with a Bachelor’s degree, and that the profession on the whole will experience a faster than average growth rate at 10% between the years 2014 and 2024. The program cultivates interview, assessment, advocacy, and problem-solving skills. The College of Social Work also offers a five-year program in which students earn their undergraduate and graduate social work degrees concurrently. At Olivet Nazarene University, the bachelor in social work is a popular and selective program. Sample placements include Indian reservations, child protective services, and shelters. Graduates can work for advocacy programs, hospitals, and public health agencies. While the fieldwork can be time-consuming for students in their final years of education, it also provides them with a strong work experience that they can put on their resume. Brandman University Program: BA in Social Work. Students learn about social services, mental health, and healthcare systems, with an emphasis on the historical development of these systems and their current challenges. BSW graduates can work in mental health clinics, nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. Students may also take on an optional internship to benefit their resume. This enables students to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the same four years it normally takes to get a bachelors degree. The BSSW program requires 120 credit hours of academic coursework and at least 450 clock hours of fieldwork in order to be considered for graduation. This university is regionally accredited by the NCACS THLC. Applicants must submit transcripts from all previously attended colleges, a personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and a social work-related resume. These schedules were created to alleviate the stress of the field work experience and courses all during the day.
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