Some players say that a bridge-only pickup setting on a Strat with no tone control wired is totally unusable, and that yes, the standard wiring should be changed so bridge-only works with Tone 2. Is this the way to go? For example, the Fender Standard Stratocaster (as in the Mexico model,) Squier Standard Stratocaster and Squier Deluxe Stratocaster should have Tone 2 wired to the bridge-only setting, but don't. We talked about this some months ago; now it all comes together. Stratocaster with Blender Pot. ALL of the diagrams below may be adapted to any volume and tone control arrangement. If you remember we added a jumper from A0 to B0. This was the lead tone for Western Swing, and back in the good old days of the fifties there was simply no need for a tone control for the bridge pickup. This diagram shows a tone control that has a switching option for choosing 2 capacitor values. The world's largest selection of free guitar wiring diagrams. This is the simplest Strat wiring mod you can do. Some players say that a bridge-only pickup setting on a Strat with no tone control wired is totally unusable, and that yes, the standard wiring should be changed so bridge-only works with Tone 2. The easiest way to think of a tone capacitor is that in the typical tone circuit they are a HIGH FREQUENCY REMOVAL device. How to test audio pots, capacitor selection and tone control options. One of the biggest advantages of connecting both sides of the switch via a jumper is that we can better utilize the tone pots. In a standard Les Paul circuit, replace one of the tone pots with a push/pull pot wired to create a coil tap in the bridge pickup. However, I know of no Squier Strat that has Tone 2 wired for the bridge-only pickup setting. You can always experiment with different cap values for a different sound, but this wiring is what comes standard on most Fender Strats after 2000. LAMBERTONES HUMBUCKER COLOR CODE "the Triple Shot" SSS 5-way Switch, 1 Vol, 2 Tone, Independent Tone Control for Bridge Position. The SMALLER the capacitor (like .022, .015 or less) the less the treble is removed.This is because the filter frequency shifts higher so more high frequency remains. Neck. This is a complete “Stevie Ray Vaughan” Stratocaster style 1 volume, 2 tone control, 5-way lever switch wiring harness kit. Until that time comes, you'll have to break out the soldering iron or pay a tech a little cash to have the Tone 2 mod done. The Fender American Standard Stratocaster is wired so that the bridge-only pickup setting is wired to Tone 2. Stereo Guitar Wiring. Instrument service diagrams include parts layout diagrams, wiring diagrams, parts lists and switch/control function diagrams. This incredibly simple mod allows you to change that. The Negative side goes to the back of the pot. Wait what? Some made by Fender do have Tone 2 (the "bottom" tone knob) wired so that the bridge-only pickup setting has tone control. This diagram shows two pickups wired in stereo. SS1 Modern; SS2 4-Way (Fender) SS3 4-Way (ToneShapers) SS4 Series/Parallel; SS8 Modern (Tone Bypass) SS9 4-Way Fender (Tone Bypass) SS10 4-Way TS (Tone Bypass) SS11 Blackguard; TELE SSS. It includes everything that you need (aside from the soldering gun) to build a very high quality wiring harness for your SRV Strat or other 1 volume, 2 tone control Strat style guitar. Given it's location next to the bridge, the bridge pickup is found to be a bit too shrill or "ice-pick" like for some players. By simply adding one wire to your Strat's 5 way switch, you can connect the bridge pickup to the second tone control, allowing you to tame it. Bridge Humbucker, 2. Click diagram image to open/view full size version. Switch Positions: Position 1 - Bridge Position 2 - Bridge/Middle (hum-cancelling) Position 3 - Middle Using two different tonecaps will allow you to use different types of capacitors, or even different capacitor values, for certain pickups. I want to wire my tone control just to affect the bridge pickup of my tele. Many players and makers alike use a modified wiring that connects the rear tone control to the bridge pickup, while the neck and middle share the other. Wiring Diagrams for Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson, Jazz Bass and more. The switch is a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT). To incorporate its popularity into his new technology, he wanted one pickup of the 3 pickup design to imitate the sound of a steel guitar. I took the jumper wire off the tone control and put it on the same selecter lug as the bridge pickup. I paid a guitar tech to do it because I'm no good with a soldering iron. How to do this mod is to solder in one small wire from the open terminal on the 5-way selector to the terminal right next to it. Fender Stratocaster-style controls and variations. Typical Fender American Standard Stratocaster wiring. What does a Strat sound like when tone control is added to the bridge-only pickup setting? STRATOCASTER WIRING DIAGRAMS. You see when the Strat was being designed and prototyped in the 1950s, a major sound of the era was that of the steel guitar. Neck+Mid, 5. Two tone controls and the one furthest away from me does not follow logic and does not control the bridge pickup? The switch is a Single Pole Double Throw Center ON type. With the push/pull switch down, the controls provide standard Strat style switching and controls. A step by step demonstration of wiring your stratocaster pickups and controls. Note: Most of our older guitar parts lists, wiring diagrams and switching control function diagrams predate formatting which would allow us to make them available on this page as PDF files. 2 Capacitor Tone Control. NOTE: Some diagrams do not show volume and tone controls. Easy mod #1 that I listed in Easy Strat mods that everyone should do is "Wiring in a tone control for the bridge-only pickup setting," and that's exactly what I did on my Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster. 1. I've also wired this so that when you split the pickups, you get the outside coil of the Neck pickup & the inside coil of the Bridge pickup. 3 single coil wiring : "Strat Lover's": Typical stock wiring but the flip of a push/pull or mini-toggle switch adds Rhythm/Lead and Rhythm/Middle/Lead combinations. You're about to find out. This question has been a source of large debate for years. That is Fender's modern standard, and other Strats be it Fender brand or sub-brand Squier should follow that standard if "standard" or "deluxe" is in the model name of the guitar. Bridge single coil (north)+Middle, 3. With the mod done to your Strat, now you can for the bridge-only setting and it actually does something useful. Middle, 4. For those of you that have been playing Strats for a long time but never had this simple mod done, you're probably totally used to never touching the Tone 2 knob. Yes, most. That's just weird; it spells out "Old Standard" and not "Modern Standard.". Guitar wiring diagram with 1 Humbucker, 2 single coils, 5-way lever switch, 1 volume, 2 tones. Add the Tone control by soldering a wire from Tab 1 of the Volume control to Tab 2 of the Tone control. Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster, This is the easiest guitar to play with your fingers, For the guy who can't decide between a Strat and a Tele - Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, Help with guitar setup (it's more than just adjustments), Nickel plated vs pure nickel guitar strings. Below is the wiring diagram for the American standard stratocaster model. No. Strat with a push/pull switch on the neck tone control to allow neck+bridge and neck+middle+bridge pickup combinations. Ever. Company Registration: 08967981. The only thing you have to get used to is actually having tone control for the bridge-only pickup setting. By simply adding one wire to your Strat's 5 way switch, you can connect the bridge pickup to the second tone control, allowing you to tame it. I would like to use the 1st tone for the neck and middle and the 2nd for the bridge (but I would be happy if the 2nd tone controlled the middle and bridge). This Standard Stratocaster Wiring Diagram features a Neck tone (0.02mfd) and a Bridge & Middle tone (0.02mfd). Each tone control in the above diagram has it’s own 0.022mfd capacitor. It is a really nice thing to have, no doubt about it. Tone Capacitors are the MOST misunderstood component in a guitar. Typical Strat style guitar with bridge humbucker. Did I perform this mod myself? Guitar wiring diagram with three single coils, 5-way lever switch, one standard tone for the neck pickup and one Fender TBX tone control that controls the middle and bridge pickups. If you're not any good at soldering or just don't like the idea of it, I suggest bringing your guitar to a tech and requesting this mod, as it's a very simple job. I've said this before in several different articles I've written, but for new visitors I'll explain it again. For example, with standard Strat wiring, the volume pot controls all three pickups, whereas the two tone pots control one pickup each (with the bridge pickup having no tone control at all). This is the most standard wiring – three single coil pickups, 5-way switch, 250k volume and tone pot, the lower tone pot coupled for both mid and bridge pickup and no treble bleed components/wiring. Guitarists were quick to notice and make good sonic use of an inadvertent peculiarity about the Stratocaster’s control switch. Fender Stratocaster Wiring Diagram with Middle & Bridge Tone. This wiring is great for Strat players who want a simple … One minor downside with stock Stratocaster wiring is that the bridge pickup has no tone control. … Hsh Strat Wiring Options The Gear Pagerhthegearpage: 5 Way Switch Wiring Diagram Hsh At Ibanez 5 Way Switch Diagram Trusted Wiring Diagramrhdafpodsco. This is the basic Volume control wiring. STRAT HSS. No tone control for position 3 (middle only) • LONESTAR STRAT - 5 way super switch is used to split the coil of the humbucker when in position 2 as well as to assign a separate tone control to the bridge pickup (with a .022 uf cap) and another tone control for the single coils (.047 uf). For photos of what that looks like, see the linked article above. The small jumper wire on the 5-way lever switch that connects the inner most terminal connections on the 5-way switch on the side where the wires from both tone controls connect. This enables a tone control for both the bridge and middle pickups. Beautiful, easy to follow guitar and bass wiring diagrams. Others say that tradition is tradition, and that if you don't like standard Strat wiring… Solder the capacitor from Tab 3 of the Tone control to the back of the Tone control pot, being mindful of the polarity of the capacitor. What you get: Pos 2 and 4 are slightly brighter and more open sounding, and you get tone on the bridge pickup alone, which is really useful if you like to use the bridge pickup alone; in fact, wiring a Strat this way makes using the bridge pickup alone possible without compromise, IMHO. This is not an oversight - this was was deliberately designed this way by Leo Fender himself. Stratocaster Wiring Diagrams. Others say that tradition is tradition, and that if you don't like standard Strat wiring, mod the guitar and fix it yourself. Product Description. I don't know what Fender is planning for non-American Standard/Deluxe Stratocaster models in the future, but I do know this: If Fender introduced updated wiring that brings tone control to the bridge-only setting on the Mexico Standard, that would have Strat players jumping for joy, even if it was the only change done to the guitar while everything else remained the same. Wiring Diagram for the Modified TBX Tone Control. Strat Bridge Tone Wiring Diagram from To properly read a wiring diagram, one has to find out how the particular components inside the system operate. Quick recap (standard 5 way switch wiring) In Part 2, we walked you through a standard Strat 5-way switch wiring scheme. In the bridge position it affects only the bridge, and it does nothing in the bridge position, but in the middle position it affects both. HSS1 Series/Parallel w/ Auto Split; HSS2 Auto Split; TELE SS. I did a forum search and saw a lot of comments about it but can someone supply a diagram to add tone control to the bridge PU on a strat. In the last fifty-four years, tastes changed a lot, and now few Stratocaster players use the bridge pickup alone because the sound is too trebly and shrill to them. This setup kicks in the single-coil sound any time you pull the knob on the push-pull pot, giving you more tonal flexibility than a standard Les Paul . A coil tap lets you access just one of a humbucker’s two coils. 5-Way Stratocaster (Read our step by step guide to wiring a Strat), 50s Style Stratocaster (50s Tone Pot Wiring), Super Strat HSS (Humbucker, Single Coil, Single Coil), Stratocaster with 1 Master Volume and Master Tone, © Six String Supplies Ltd 2020. The total I paid to have this mod done was $20, so it's not like it's expensive. Back Next . Humbucker, Strat, Tele, Bass and more! In the stock Stratocaster wiring, the bridge pickup has no tone control, while the middle and neck pickups each have an individual tone control. Leo Fender, the man who originally invented the Stratocaster, specifically designed the Strat with no tone control for the bridge-only pickup setting; this means it is traditional to have a Strat wired that way. Since the Strat only has space for 3 pots, I've set this up for a Master Volume, Master Tone, and one dual gang pot to control the split of both pickups simultaneously. 7 sound Strat wiring diagram with three single coils, 5-way lever switch, 1 volume and 2 tones. 45.
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