You will foster a “safety first” culture through awareness, training and accountability. Be wary of candidates … What do they value? Where can we go to learn more about you? What is the process for reviewing, committing, merging and deploying code ? engineering work and depending on where you are working, you might or might not Your job is to enable them to succeed. During one of the annual cycles I was promoted to Senior Manager - learning you’ll receive.). During my last year at Micromax I became very interested in Distributed It is focusing a lot on career growth, decision making, resource allocation and mentoring. the engineering all hands weekly and one to one conversations with engineers. This taught me to diversify learning and How did you communicate it to your team? After school I ended up "the database backend was actually on the GPU - it was all in openGL, just in case. I've done a little bit of both and was interested in exploring this career path and I jumped on. There are already some great suggestions on here, but I love this topic so here are mine. But at the same time I became an advocate Thank you for asking this question. There I was introduced to a few languages and to the I could play it only if it compiled properly and the exe was built. I had always worked If they expect you to pick things up on your own, will they work with you and potentially pay for training classes or professional coaching? be expected to actually write code. phones are made step by step. After I've never hired for an engineering manager before, but it just popped up on our OKR this quarter. Here's some random things I'd consider green flags during an interview: I don't often hire people into manager roles if they have no management experience (usually there are internal people who are looking for that career growth, if we are pulling from outside then it's about experience). I had a surprisingly difficult time leading the conversation in that direction. The fact that you're never been in a management role even as a lead engineer (how is that possible?) Look for opportunities to do supervision. was and what I was bringing to the table. To be honest I we integrated VOIP calls to it and that’s when I was introduced to the complex 5. What do you tell developers who are considering making the switch or new to the role? It is their ability to do the work and make the deliverable and their production that shows you that you are doing a good job. 5. Teams are particularly weak if they don't have both technical and organizational leadership. Got a chance to Yes, there's a lot of things a manager can do to screw the project up. I always chuckle when, in some companies, the higher-up managers call themselves "the leadership team". The pace at which the technology is changing is absolutely incredible. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. with Android while learning many other tech stacks and platforms on the way. The team would .NET ecosystem at that time but soon moved to Java and J2ME based world. I did mentor engineers, etc. I tend to ask a lot of behavioral/situational questions to understand how the candidate would handle different situations and how his personality lines up with the team. It seems that most new engineering managers seem to get promoted from within since it allows them to leverage the respect they've earned inside the organization as an engineer. Free interview details posted anonymously by Target interview candidates. How did you help them reach the next level? Check out the second episode of my brother’s podcast - an interview with a Lead DevOps Engineer with a fascinating life story bug and was fascinated by it. were promising. I soon realized, understood As a partner to product management you're often called on to help shape what's possible long before ideas enter sprint planning or get turned into stories. Rarely does that come in one package. Specifically, I want to know how one interacts with product managers, prioritizes features, determines architecture, distills architecture to actual tasks, and guarantees that those tasks get completed in a timely fashion. All in all I had 8 interviews over a course of 6 weeks. what is going on (code-wise) and am able to explain it to anyone or ask for I can imagine someone using component entity systems where they don't exactly make sense. What will make them feel comfortable with you? What's the interview process look like? This role does not involve intense coding but requires a good high level understanding of technologies. One of the "failure" modes of new managers is that they are so uncomfortable doing these new things, and so comfortable in the software engineering role that they find excuses to write code and do development which makes the team wonder why the 'boss' is trying to do their job, and it takes your eye off actual things you should be looking out for and fixing (like team mates getting conflicted, people who are having trouble but not asking for help, etc.). custom Git workflow to build the features we are building. Target Careers Target is one of the world’s most recognized brands and one of America’s leading retailers. homegrown mobile phone. This was the time I realised why China was going to become a superpower and Unfortunately we sold irrigation controllers for large farms.". and discuss with them. Managing people is tough and you learn it by doing. Since I was not sure of what I was bringing to the table, the team was not sure with 512MB RAM, Intel core i3 and 20GB of Hard Disk running windows 98; I felt I Additionally, I often schedule lunch with the candidate and the key players on the team, without the participation of the recruiting team, so they can speak freely. Almost always though, I go back to the code Visiting Google mountain view every year to meet with Android account If you can, ask your current manager to write a SWOT and use it to pair you up within a mentor to make strengthen your weaknesses. Rather than making a good impression, you should talk truthfully about those topics. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. What are the biggest challenges you've faced so far? Understanding the team’s goals is one because there was a time when Nokia and it’s entire ecosystem came crashing down Engineering'' priority and it was rather a surprise when people started looking their engineers to understand what is the level of customization possible with a Staying aligned with the roadmap - talking to the other stakeholders of the 1. It's the typical hiring chicken-and-egg problem: You need experience doing X to get a job doing X. I realized 3. If you try to implement some kind of perfect program from the beginning you will likely fail. Starting with Part of managing people is understanding their career goals and how to help them move up, and understanding your own career, where you are, and where you'd like to go will illustrate that skill. at all times. - You mentioned mentorship, which is great to talk about. After taking an assessment of where we are with a certain project, we usually I've heard lots of names for managers, but never had someone called a "team lead" and not had direct reports. Think back, I am sure there were moments where you led/guided/coached peers or were a sparring partner. How did you give them feedback? explanation if required. What was the most difficult conversation you had with them? friend sent me a game which I had to compile to play. in the past. I found that I enjoyed that sort of nontechnical work. project and cross-functional teams to prioritize the work that the team must What has been the biggest surprise so far? 6. or something similar. my understanding had gaps. Some of what my day involves includes the following: One to One meeting with the team members - listening to what they have to Check us out on,, Now, since I was working with Micromax for a very long time and knew people in ... And if any of these sounds like you, please ping [email protected] w/ a CV :). Managers are one path in the leadership ladder. 7 Target Senior Manager interview questions and 6 interview reviews. Understanding people, their personalities, leadership quirks and management Focus on fit more that pointing out their errors. When I've interviewed other managers, I've looked for their ability to deliver feedback and, crucially, their abilities to notice the things they should be giving feedback about. 3. I soon discovered that being an Engineering India and work together for a goal of making a community based Open Source However, with a little bit of preparation, you can ace the Target Store Interview. 1. - I'm going to expand your question beyond the interview because I think it will help you with your interview. With that said, at a lot of places - and I think this is what every organization drifts towards if you don't try hard to fight it - engineering managers are expected to manage projects and provide technical leadership, with people management responsibilities merely being used to give engineering managers the stick to perform their primary duties. I was an Operations Manager, and I received very little training before I was put on my permanent shift all by myself. This may involve scrum master, project management, and even product management. My email is in my profile if you have any questions and I can be of help to you. every department, it was easy for me to navigate the hierarchies and get the job I think that was the time when I realized that I am in love with It's reasonably common for there to be a "first among equals" type situation where the person with a title like "technical lead" or "team lead" has technical decision-making authority within the team, but isn't formally a manager of any of the team members in the HR sense. position, certainly go through a small course to understand the details of it Three things I try to find out in a manager / director level interview : In general you should be more than capable of explaining your lead role as a coaching role and helping people to get better. In this article, we are going to cover seven critical questions you should ask when interviewing engineering manager candidates. I applied online. Each is effectively a team multiplier. it. Because if you have zero experience and they know that going into the interview, that's the most they can expect from you. done and approvals granted. He just means "on balance, your success lies in your team's hands". What are their expectations of a new manager? If you are somewhere where the team needs to be managed then there are better jobs out there. Never thought about it as "first among equals", this is true. but the story started much before in the past. 3. - Articles on management from an engineering manager. This can be harder to see, since you're not a part of those interactions, but if you think back, you might remember at least some part of that. You didn't know what the product was when you started? do. As part of the hiring process, candidates interviewed with the engineers on the team. In today's competitive world hiring a great team consumes a huge amount of a manager's time and energy. After that expect to explain how you deal with poor performers, how do you reward people etc. This has an impact when you need to defend it/the team to the outside world. Moving to Target Corporation with the title of “Senior Engineering Manager” Will you make sure infrastructure & operations are represented in engineering discussions? Don't try to BS your way through that or other questions, but rather acknowledge where your gaps are and let them know that they are known unknowns rather than being oblivious to their existence. I know that's hard to hear but I want you to come into this with the right expectations. and studied the jargons which were used everyday, Words like leadership, Quick feedback - If there is any feedback that needs to be given it's always Happy to hear about things I should be expecting. Very good stuff. Many engineers really like knowing all the little details and have a hard time stepping away from that level of knowledge and only knowing the larger building blocks. Conquering and deploying a specific technology is hard and feels like a real achievement. 4. [2] What is the structure of the team? My target companies were late-stage but pre-IPO, and they had to be in San Francisco. (You’ll be surprised by the amount of Getting a chance to work with SOC companies like Qualcomm, Mediatek and What's your background and what do you do? Being non-native english speaker, could you explain to me what does the IC abbreviation mean? Having made the move myself about 4 years ago, it's an often unappreciated form of contributing but I find it highly rewarding. How did you deliver the news? Interview. The author seems to be pretty clear about having been a team lead but never having directly managed anyone. An engineering manager is a professional who’s experienced in both engineering and management, giving them a unique position of organizing and overseeing complex technological projects. How did you communicate it to the engineering team and broader organization? Do you understand the role of the manager in this company, in the context, probably good to show some self awareness (Are you being hired in for a new team, existing team, if so why not hire internally etc.). That was a great the Blackberry ecosystem fizzling out. What did you ask them to do? but at Target you need to prepare for a different sort of interview. 3. So when you look back at your history and your previous managers, be sure to look at not only how your managers interacted with you and your teammates but also how your managers interacted with their managers and the rest of the org. Frontline managers often end up filling the roles that their team doesn't have anyone else for. Group communication, group mentorship and coaching, group leadership is more or less the same. Non-profits are always looking for help, and it makes you look well rounded on your resume. With expertise in engineering economics, and industrial, human resources and financial management, engineering managers run engineering projects and supervise multiple teams in the research and development of new products. What is the process for describing, prioritizing, and ultimately building and releasing new features ? job that I did not expect. They focused heavily of my personality and I did a lot of self-assessments. It'll show you the gaps between a Lead Engineer and a Manager. Does the company typically promote from within, and you'll be an abnormal outsider? Where most of my work was to write software in Android. Having a Bachelors in Commerce and with the CS diploma as a background, I Just curious about your experience. goals became clear and I was able to create a structure and roadmap for myself. 3 Target Engineering interview questions and 2 interview reviews. ecosystem. Micromax there were many things that I started doing. That said, there are a few things that would make me at least consider it. and practiced. Our standard interview loop includes: Recruiter phone screen. One pattern is a high tolerance for "good enough" results or even wrong results, as such errors don't particularly matter in a game. A lot of a manager's job is doing the little things that are necessary to get done. going for a Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University and then a Diploma in Long story short, after almost burning out a second time in my life I resigned and am now looking for new work. senior engineering tasks, not engineering management tasks. sense and also started showing a lot of importance in a multiple-location, multi Discuss it with your peers. Huge difference. Senior Engineering Manager interview questions | InterviewAnswers Some questions to think about, how would you attract top talent? Clearly outline responsibilities, accountabilities and decision rights, make I worked with a manager who considered using it, under a different name and not tied to game dev, in a very LOB application because he thought the requirements were changing too rapidly to manage in a traditional way. things that I learned in my first year at Target. Never use the word "manager" again. There I learned a great deal about AWS and GCP and Will you grow the company culture -- improve diversity, the daily environment, ...? Since it's the only thing I have on top of a strong tech background and mentorship. You should always feel like you can overrule or supplement a decision, but you don't have to be the one to come up with every solution. Recruit? I recently applied for a manager role at a great company (not a big-5). Would you care to elaborate on any of it? Yeah, they wish. Interview question No. Phone intro meeting, phone interview with recruiter, two onsite interviews with four different members of HR and senior management, a tour of the facility and video presentation with HR representative learning, understanding of the whole stack, pipeline and looking and working at -- Outside face: As a leader in a small company, can you assist with random customer-facing tasks like sales engineering and customer success? It took me a lot of 2. Sreedhar Pedda | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Senior Engineering Manager at TARGET CORPORATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED | 500+ connections | See Sreedhar's complete profile on Linkedin and connect I agree 100% on the if a team needs to be managed, it needs to be changed. #android Reading list - Edit: I would also come ready with any sort of anecdotes about how you took initiative to do something and managed it end to end. standups, 1:1 meetings, sprint planning, sprint Grooming, story allocation for needs to be done to be successful in this role. - tell me about a time you had to say no to an engineer asking for a raise or promotion. At that time I picked up J2ME and Android and eventually we saw Do you like leading from behind? In hindsight, you are doing no one any favors by not giving direct feedback on performance early and often. Code review - looking at the code written by the team, either evaluating it But ultimately, it's the team that's actually doing the work. Another possible artifact would be a custom memory allocator or patterns around memory or object management that make no sense in an application that isn't memory constrained or allocating large amounts of objects in such a way that is causing a bottleneck. It's also a different way of thinking for a lot of developers. Android Operating System. Take advantage of it! #distributed-systems Either there was some major incident or there's been a long build-up where suggestions/warnings have been repeatedly ignored. Having a similar background myself, I can say this is probably one of the biggest hurdles if you're looking to get into management. the right way. Shows you can spot opportunities. Older managers - probably want to know that you'll do what you're told, keep engineers in line and accept their management philosophy without question. ... interview, manager. The more effortless and clear you are, the more easily you can provide frequent and minor course corrections as well as provide natural encouragement of desired behavior. What we were taught and what is expected in the real world has Know your team's strengths and weaknesses, 5. real world projects was an IM Chat messenger. I'd gather you'll want to think fairly hard about scenarios you have encountered in the past where you helped a team you were on through a rough patch, or helped ship a product on time, or pull people together. Here we will discuss how to successfully answer interview questions for Target. We don't have any interview reviews for Target Engineering Group. engineer stuff for you, that’s alright but the real work is to unblock engineers Something you didn't expect? The recruiting was not what I was used to. Can you help with the ups & downs of rollercoaster startup life? The typical Target Senior Engineering Manager salary is $164,987. Everyone that is a new engineering manager or looking to take this role in the future should read through this comment. Average Target Senior Engineer salary is 20.39 Lakhs per year as shared by 97 employees. thing but understanding your own goals in alignment with the team’s goal was a Management is a great role that requires constant learning. and what is expected out of the job. Do not avoid this. Without going into details, the product was started 10 years ago by one of the programmers whom I suspect wanted to be a game developer, so the product is filled with gamedev patterns and due to a tech choice it's not possible to migrate to a modern architecture without rewriting the whole thing. Joining professional engineering institutions as a student. - tell me about your own progression from an IC to a manager. with a startup. What do you think? Later I joined Micromax informatics ( as a Lead Android Working with design houses in China to see what kind of engineering talent Free interview details posted anonymously by Target interview candidates. Thanks. Did they leave or stick around? Was there any fallout, and if so, how did you help people through the transition? mobile phones and it was important to back the right horse.
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