The dental students are interviewing you as you are eating lunch with them or touring the campus with them. They offer resources that allow you to practice answering tough questions while being recorded on webcam and then allowing you to see how you looked and performed during the interview in order to help you prepare for your actual interview. Show that you are invested in dentistry and are a well-rounded candidate. The field guide to dental school interview styles (ASDA Blog, Feb. 25, 2016) How to stand out in an interview (ASDA Blog, Sept. 23, 2015) How to ace your dental school interview (ASDA Blog, May 29, 2015) Interview Tips. Always having an interest in sports, made human kinetics a fit for my university studies and I finished my program this past spring with honors. facilities, program)? Although it was long, I hope that you were able to get a lot of good information out of this post to help you prepare for your dental school interview. There are questions on topics such as: the sciences, ethics, work, education, dentistry, etc. It is crucial to do well on it and be fully prepared. It really is important to be prepared and do well at your interview. Some schools may exclude any transcript or DAT scores when distributing your file so that an interviewer will avoid fixating on low grades during the interview. What has it taught you about the profession? If you have no luck with any of those then perhaps try finding a Facebook page of the dental school and reaching out to the dental students on the page to see if anyone is willing to host you for your interview. Do you have a hobby that is a big part of your life, like cooking or working out? Sit up straight and have good posture. You can also refer to a positive experience you have with other dental assistant (the one you visit as a patient), to your interest in dental care in general, or to anything else that motivated you to pursue this career (perhaps a childhood experience with a dental assistant).. I know of candidates that have done extremely well in school and on the DAT and received multiple interview offers from school, but were not accepted at any school because they struggled at their interviews. What types of books do you enjoy reading? The Dentistry Interview book provides an up-to-date review of common questions with full answers and pointers on what the interviewers are looking for in a candidate. Tell me about your academic background and explain the gaps in your education. Dental School Interview Questions and Answering Tips. Remember, you want to share actual examples and SHOW the interviewers who you are. In your response, do the following: 1. What differentiates you from the rest of the applicants? If you are relocating, what do you think of our school’s location? Your interview is the opportunity for the school to see and find out what they can’t learn about you from your application. Tell me about yourself. As previously mentioned, the very first thing you need to do to answer this question well is to reflect on your experiences. Some of the questions may be associated with hypothetical situations while others may be task-oriented. How does my GPA compare to others that you are interviewing. The book also  offers detailed solutions for each question with tips and hints of how to attack similar questions on the DAT. Dentistry is a professional career and dental schools only want professional people at their school. Find out beforehand what type of interview will be conducted and then prepare for it. Here are a few examples of bad questions that you should avoid asking: At the conclusion of your interview ask for a business card from everyone that you interviewed with. Many points are relevant, however, and it may still be useful to see how questions and answers are phrased to help with formulating a good answer for a tough question. Most common dental school interview questions and answers are listed in this article. I said it before and I’ll say it again, be professional; at all times and at all places during the interview. Doing well in the interview is about being an effective communicator, prioritizing the points you want to make and being able to talk intelligently about these topics that don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Avoid things like: I’m always late and not prepared, or I procrastinate a lot.). for the best strategies and techniques to help you succeed. Common questions that are expected include, “Tell me about yourself,” “Identify your greatest weakness,” and “Why are you interested in dentistry?” Some evaluators have a pre-determined set of questions that are required to ask every candidate while others employ a more conversational style where questions are asked spontaneously. 1. This will vary by school. The medical school interview is a long, arduous process, and one that is vitally important to the goal of attending medical school. And, if you have yet to partake in a health care interview, you will - "Tell me about yourself". It can be helpful, but remember that not all things in the Dentistry Interview book are relevant. Try it out and see how it works for you. Once you step foot into a dental school your interview has started even if you haven’t talked to anyone yet. Focus on your school and prior work experience and take this opportunity to explain what you can add to the dentist’s office.
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