Adding a deck also greatly boosts home value, and can bring as much as 70-85% return on investment if you decide to sell your house. Her focus is on construction planning and design as well as project cost estimating. See costs in your area The average cost of building a … On average, you can recoup about 70-80% of your investment into a high quality deck. – flammable material unless treated with fire retardant chemical: not great for installing a fire pit on the deck. PT should cost around $30 per foot… Maybe add railings and u will get $35-40… But not much more. – high maintenance translates to ongoing extra costs – earth friendly and recyclable, – requires staining, weatherproofing, sealing and regular maintenance to maintain both looks and durability. The Deck Cost Guide has a narrower range than ours at $45-$60 per linear foot, perhaps not considering how a gate or lighting might affect cost. UV protective additive Including UV inhibitors plus frosty surface, So that new and has wethered outdoor deck between color to a minimum. – releases toxins when burning Many contractors include the cost of a plan in their bid. Make sure your gutters are clean before they start to fill up again this fall. That is almost $15/foot. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. Labour Costs and Time Frames. – if PT wood deck is not sealed, its best to avoid walking on it barefoot. For an average deck size between 200 and 500 square feet, you can expect to pay out between $7,000 and $17,000 just for installation and labor. If you have an existing deck that is in poor condition and is not very user friendly, it is worth it to remodel it. lists questions to ask a decking professional[. Really , please correct. A decking professional will ensure that your deck is created according to your specifications. – susceptible to rot, mold and termites if not properly treated While building a deck is not easy, many DIY enthusiasts can build horizontal, grounded decks on their own. Homeowners across the US, report spending $20-40 per square foot on a new deck, including labor and materials. Estimate your total cost with our Deck Cost Calculator. if you live in a city like Austin, Texas, and as little as $4,350 if you live in a town like Little Rock, Arkansas. Building a deck often requires a permit (depending on local laws and the size and height of the structure). – if wood or PT lumber is used: sealing, staining, waterproofing, painting Moreover, a large luxury deck may also include a pool and a hot tub:). – traps and emits heat when the ambient temperature is very high so it may not be comfortable That is absolutely insane, and you should ignore that quote and not do business with those guys. New York), you will pay as much as $14,000 for a new deck. Today, there is a wide range of both natural and synthetic man-made materials that you can use to construct a deck. Moreover if you have a very elaborate deck design, you may need a pad of concrete at the foundation to support the structure of the deck. – No staining or sealing necessary Before signing the contract, make sure that you contractor includes a very detailed and itemized scope of work, as well as estimated dates of completion. – good for both ground level and elevated deck designs. – installing railing, balustrades and stairs Popular manufacturers include Trex, Timbertech, and Fiberon. – cedar wood dents and scratches easily: should not be installed on a ground-level deck. The cost of pouring a slab of concrete ranges from $3 to $5 per square foot. Depending on the terrain and the type of deck design you want, there will be a few basic foundation options: – concrete pillars with footings Here is a price breakdown for popular materials used in deck construction. In you live in a region that gets regular seasonal snow storms or flooding, its best to install a concrete pad under the footings, to provide additional support. Composite decking can be cold or hot on bare feet, depending on the weather; some brands can be slippery; mold and mildew may grow, especially in shady areas; and composites tend to sag and bend more than wood, and will eventually show signs of aging, including fading. Pressure treated wood is infused with harmful chemicals, so you should use a lot of caution and expect high maintenance if you want to safely enjoy this deck. For larger projects, search for local members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry[, Ask for a detailed explanation of the work to be done and the materials that will be used. in the calculator, and get a low end price of $5941 for Massachusetts, pressure treated wood, leaving old frame in place. Typically 1-2 cubic yards are required to build an average size deck. 3. Since building a deck is a very messy project, the contract should also discuss how trash and clean up will be handled both during the on-going phase of construction as well as upon finishing the job. I acknowledge that there are 17 posts which are driving up the cost and $3,000 of that is to to remove old decking. Many places that offer discounted wood get it from suppliers that use unsustainable logging practices and contribute to deforestation in US and around the world. Most popular decking materials include Composites (Trex), pressure treated lumber, as well as natural wood, such as: cedar, bamboo, or Pine. – overtime turns into an attractive silver grey color Labor and installation costs are not included. The cost of trex decking lies at an average of $1,500. But it’s still $180.00 per sf! Get prices for different types of decks, based on your specifications – size, type of railing, material (wood, AZEK, Composite, Trex), etc. Actual material costs and install costs can and will vary based on geographic area, site location, seasonality, design complexity, whether the product is … There is a wide range of species to consider, at different price points. Garden all winter long with an indoor greenhouse. – Available in a wide range of colors and can replicate the look of real wood 10 Labor cost is a total charge to complete building a new deck. I am having a hard time understanding this. – quality woods such as redwood are naturally resistant to warping Material pricing is easy: Count the sticks and bricks that make up the … Two-Story (very expensive): works best for a location with an easy access to the second story of the house, while the bottom portion allows entry to the first floor. The Cost of a Trex ® Deck: Let's Crunch Some Numbers The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from $9 - $16 per square foot, that's including substructure, decking … deck. – concrete deck blocks If you love to spend time outside with your family and friends, you may want to consider paying for additional accessories. – Hollow core options allow electric wiring to install lighting, stereo sound, etc, – very expensive material Includes on site setup, site preparation, job completion, trash removal and work area cleanup. 4. – Straight sections of the deck as well as stairs cost significantly less than curved designs. Tiered or Raised (more expensive): is also usually built adjacent to the house. Cost to Build a Deck? – simple shape often looks best and is the easiest/cheapest to construct The permit process requires detailed plans and drawings, to show that the deck is structurally sound and meets or exceeds building codes. The same deck will cost $6,800. 9 Total cost of material is an actual amount spent on purchasing concrete, footers, galvanized anchor bolts, lumber, joist hangers, deck screws, flashing, decking boards and other materials necessary for building a new deck. Summer is almost here and many homeowners are considering building a deck to increase living space and enjoy more time outdoors with family and friends. The estimate also includes labor. – PVC is resistant to mold – can last for decades if properly cared for This deck is more complex to build and needs to incorporate a number of safety features, including railings. While each have its own share of pros and cons, including cost, durability, maintenance/labor and lifespan, the checkmarks in the pro-composite decking column seem to be stacking up. The good news is that this cost can be virtually eliminated by doing the labor yourself. Most homeowners spend between $5,821 and … deck. When designing a deck, you should follow a few simple rules to achieve the right look: – surface of the deck should not be more than 2 inches below the access door The deck will be level and square when complete. I’m building a 400 sq ft deck in pt wood, and here in ill. Its a lot more then a dollar a square foot, with what your estaming here, total cost of material should only cost me $400 for 400 square feet, ? Jack, This runs $9 to $12 per … Fabricate decking and secure with corrosion resistant, flush mount decking screws. Labor. – resistant to insects However, building a deck is not a small feat, and requires a lot of prior experience, as well as equipment. Seven trust outdoor deck is really enjory unlimited. $4,262.10. This is a relatively cheap way to add extra living and entertainment space, especially if you compare it to the cost of building an addition, which starts at $125 per square foot. Many homeowners struggle with trying to justify the cost of composite decking. I was quoted $39,000 for a raised 200 sf single level TimberTec deck and $36,000 for PT lumber and wood rail system. Exotic species that are most expensive include Ipe, Tigerwood, Lacewood, and Cumaru. Expect to pay a total of $16,000 for a 16-foot by 20-foot deck with footings, posts, railings … The average labor cost to install composite decking is $7.52 per square foot. The average deck size is 10×12 feet (basic rectangular design), and you can expect to pay $35 per sq. – better wood grades and exotic species are very costly – screw piles. Read more about Yelena. Bamboo and cedar are budget friendly, while Redwood and Douglas Fir are moderately priced. Layout and install 6 in wide decking on existing deck support framing. Here is what will be included in the cost of labor when you hire a pro to build your deck: – excavation and site preparation Overall, homeowners who opt for composite decking should expect to pay anywhere from $9,000 to $20,000 for a composite deck, with the average reported cost, according to TimberTech, at … – may release highly toxic chemicals in the event of a fire Tradesmen will often work in pairs but can also work on their own and will on average … A 24’ x 12’ (288 SF) deck will take an average of 34.5 hours to build with a labor cost of around $2,165 for a deck to be installed … Keep in mind that these prices are for a deck of basic design. Some composites look plastic while others have more of the appearance of wood. Also, keep in mind that the final cost of natural wood species will depend on the grade and board thickness (thicker boards will cost more). It is important to note that your total price will vary greatly depending on a number of factors: -complexity of deck design I live in North Carolina. Decking Calculator estimates how much it costs to build a new deck, including all materials and labor. – can be stained and painted in a wide range of colors Materials cost, Composite materials are not biodegradable; all sawdust and shavings must be collected and disposed of properly. Composite deck railing cost, when installed by a deck contractor, ranges from $44 to $68 per linear foot. The Family Handyman magazine provides installation tips[. Cost of a Deck - Estimates and Prices Paid - Composite deck installation can cost $25-$70 or more a square foot (8,000 -$22,400 ... And charge enough to cover the case of beer you imply the deck labor is. The average deck size is 10×12 feet (basic rectangular design), and you can expect to pay $35 per sq. – since it is wood of the lowest quality, it will tend to warp, crack and split much faster than other types of wood. This is about $6,000-12,000 for a 300 sq.ft. 2. Home Advisor gives an average cost of $50 per linear foot, toward the upper end of our range. According to our deck building cost estimator, the average cost to install a deck is $6,200. – natural beauty that cannot be matched by synthetic materials Most expensive, however, are exotic wood decks made out of Ipe and Tigerwood. Cost to build a new deck vary from $21.0 to $71.0 per square foot or from $3,528 to $11,928 for standard 12’ x 14’ deck construction depending on decking prices and work complexity which directly affect the … Expert builders and realtors would advise against constructing a deck just to boost house value, as most homeowners view it as a nice extra, rather than a necessity. We recommend investing into a high quality decking material that will not deteriorate withing a few short years. – the total size of the deck should not be bigger than the biggest room of your home to maintain good proportions For example, a free-standing deck with varying elevations, a hot tub and a porch, or pavilion can cost $50,000 to $60,000. – construction is done with corrosion resistant fasteners. PT lumber is the cheapest decking option, cedar wood is middle of the road, while PVC composite and natural redwood are on the higher end of the price spectrum. and solid core – 9.45 per sq.ft.). If you are on a very tight budget, but still want to construct a new deck for your house, pressure treated wood may be the best option. Please specify the section where we may have made a mistake. – PVC (hollow core – $7.60 per sq.ft. – Polyethylene is the least durable material compared to polypropylene and PVC Labor costswill total just about two-thirds of the total project cost. Moreover, there will also be additional expenses for building permits and blueprints, if you choose to do a custom design. -your location. 10 Reasons to Shop Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28. 471 sq ft. $3,467.33. Construction requires sufficient outdoor space, but it can include features, such as: multiple levels, storage units, gazebos, etc. Yelena also has a personal interest in interior design, as well as in unique DIY remodeling projects. – virtually zero maintenance Free-standing / detached (cost varies based on complexity of design): ideal, if your home does not have a natural location for an adjacent deck. While offering all the benefits of expanded outdoor living space, a deck can actually increase your house value. For example, if you live in one of the cities on either East or West coast with a high cost of living (ex. However, there are many dedicated wood users who advocate for the material, and thus the composite decking … If you are considering a wood deck, make sure that its sustainably sourced. However, if you want a different design, you can expect to pay a … Moreover, unless you have a very large, high-end home, there is really no reason to invest into a fancy, oversized deck. Pingback: 6 Deck Renovations That Really Pay Off—and 1 That Doesn’t – Jody Minns's Notes, 2020 Cost to Build a Deck | Decking Prices & Construction Costs, 6 Deck Renovations That Really Pay Off—and 1 That Doesn’t – Jody Minns's Notes. Surprisingly, this is a reasonably priced construction project, with average costs ranging from $5,000-8,000 for a 250 to 400 sq.ft. Platform (cheapest option): typically sits low on the ground, adjacent to the house. A composite deck can cost $25-$70 or more a square foot, or $8,000-$22,400 for 16'x20', depending on the brand, project complexity and whether construction is done by casual labor or a licensed contractor. If there is an existing deck, bids should include demolition and debris removal. But only Trex composite decking is worth every cent. If you are handy and have the tools, you can build your deck and save thousands of dollars. $75 per cubic yard. There are four common designs to consider: 1. With less care and maintenance than wood, you’ll see that TimberTech costs less over time. – offers the best resale value Do-it-yourself installation is possible but can be time-consuming and somewhat difficult. – does not easily scratch or dent on impact Despite the fact that there are other durable decking options, real wood sill offers the best ROI. – treated with a toxic chemical and therefore requires a special oil based sealer coat every year to protect from harmful emissions That said, the average cost of a Trex deck varies, which is why we built a tool to gather estimates tailored to your deck … – most affordable material for a deck Pros typically charge by the square foot. However, if you want a different design, you can expect to pay a premium price for construction. I’m not sure where you got $400 for 400 s.f. So your quote is 3 times more expensive for a simple PT deck. Prices vary widely, and each material offers distinct pros and cons. With this design, it is important to ensure that all materials are treated for direct exposure to the ground to prevent rot and decay. There are innumerable tricky angles required when constructing a deck, but a builder/contractor has no problems making sure everything turns out perfect. When it comes to pricing professional labor to construct a deck, complexity of design and functionality are key factors. It's a good idea to have the furnace checked in the fall, before you need it. This deck is made from a blend of 30 to 50 percent recycled plastic with real wood fibers, and is virtually indestructible. Safety railings (including pressure-treated wood posts and balusters) (labor and materials), Build a bench with back (labor and materials), Seal a wood deck for waterproofing (250 sq.ft. Here is a quick reference chart on the cost of building a deck of various sizes. for materials. ft. for construction. Most composite lumber is a mixture of recycled plastic (about 30%-50%) and wood fibers; it is advertised as a low-maintenance, long-lasting (typically with a 10-25 year warranty), splinter-free material that resists rot, insects and UV rays. Adding a deck can add significant value to your home as well. However, this price assumes you’re hiring a decking contractor. Expect labor estimates to be approximately 10 to 25 percent more than for a deck … $1,768.16. The largest additional expense is in the labor because the crew will need equipment such as scaffolding to build the deck, and construction will be more time-consuming. With contractors charging, on average, about $35 per square foot. – leveling and insertion of fiber form tubes for the concrete footings Find A Decking … Trex deck cost can vary depending on several different factors. However, this is a labor-intensive job, and if you are unsure of you… Of all the factors that go into an estimate for building a deck, labor costs are by far the most difficult to determine.
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