Bubinga is probobly my favorite wood. Flatsawn lumber shrinkage is roughly 9 percent. I've heard good things about bubinga and came very close to buying a bubinga guitar last September. Density. Northern red oak lumber of the same size would weigh about 28 pounds. Get the best deals on Bubinga Lumber and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with eBay.com. The heartwood is medium red-brown or red to reddish-brown in color, with lighter red to purple veins. Lumber Sales: (877) 589-6637 '); Unless you love the look of Bubinga, in which case - start bubinging. Bubinga wood is commonly used in fine furniture and cabinetwork, decorative veneers, fancy turnery, inlay work, joinery, flooring, and decorative panelling. The wood has traditionally been used for guitars, boat building, joinery, flooring, furniture and even decorative veneers. LATIN: GUIBOURTIA DEMEUSEI ORIGIN: CENTRAL AFRICA Bubinga is an exotic wood from Central Africa. STAR Bubinga shells are crafted to be much thinner than their Starclassic counterparts. Sure, but why not rosewood? There are multiple species of the Guibourtia genus that are known as Bubinga, so colors and aesthetics can vary dramatically. Bubinga. BUBINGA - A UNIQUE SOUNDING AND PLAYING GUITAR TONEWOOD OPTION Bubinga is a famous type of tonewood that guitar makers have used for many years. Because of the high density, pre-boring of holes for nails and screws is essential. Because of the difficulty milling the lumber by hand, it has not historically been used for flooring. It is initially pinky-red, but darkens with age. The Ovangkol -- also known as Mozambique, Amazoue, Amazique or Shedua wood -- is a small- to medium-size hardwood tree native to tropical West Africa. It is widely available as lumber and veneer in the U.S. market; it is often quite expensive. Up to 150 feet tall, the long, clean stems are 3 to 6 feet in diameter. These relatives are much browner in color and not nearly so dense as bubinga. [CDATA[//> [CDATA[//>
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