A refugium is defined as a “place of refuge” that can come in the form of an external box that lives out of sight in your aquarium cabinet, as a discreet hang-on-back unit, or in full view in the aquarium itself. It holds water and provides a location to place various pieces of equipment that our systems need. First the refugium then in the middle an ATS and last the return. To minimize the possibility of the product being delayed over the weekend, we ship our products Monday - Wednesday. There are many benefits to building or creating a refugium in your saltwater aquarium. Algagen offers a few different types of live ‘pods’ that can be added directly to your established refugium to help increase the biodiversity and seed the refugium with different species. Rubble rock is used to anchor Caulerpa. Once it is filled with water, let it settle before turning on your pumps. Just about to set up a fuge for my 150g. I am new and intend to setup a 125gallon reef tank with a 55 sump.I intend to create a SPS coral reef tank. In your sump, you will most likely have two or three sections. Many people build their own sump with a 40 gallon breeder tank. The baffles ensure gentle water flow through the refugium and will keep all of the sand, rocks, and other things inside your refugium where they belong- away from your return pump in the third chamber. Mangroves are also a great option but do have some additional care requirements so be sure you are willing to put forth the extra effort and have the space required to grow a Mangrove. Hi guys I have been toying with the idea to add a refugium to my sump for a while now. Most agree that placing the refugium as close to the main tank as possible is the way to go. Mount the controller away from water spray and salt creep. adroll_pix_id = "FFKYM3VW3ZBQLBOXZ7VCJL"; With regular sand, it will take 4 inches or more to create an effective anaerobic zone. This is a good thing, it’s really bright. As the refugium becomes established, macro-algae will start to grow quickly. This is incomparable in terms of reliability, ease and convenience of use and A1 performance. Do I wait another week to end my cycle and then add the refugium starter pack? This works, but requires a water return pump unless draining back into a sump or main tank. Did it 3 times no points ? Just think about it, you’ve already got the water moving from the display aquarium through the filtration media and pumping back to the display aquarium. To ensure that you receive the freshest, highest quality product, we generally harvest and package the items the same day we ship them. If you have room for more water in the return area, add more. Glass dividers are best but you can use acrylic. Discount for Military, First Responders and more! Many people also use them to help filter the water from their display tank. Do you have to use a substrate? Alternatively, sterilizers connect to a dedicated accessory pump, with or without a sump. Chaetomorpha and Caulerpa are the most popular macro algae for refugiums because they are easy to grow, which makes them very effective for controlling nutrients and provides a great habitat for copepods and amphipods. We are using the WavePoint Micro Sun, which has the right spectrum and power at a great price. You will need to periodically harvest the overgrown macro-algae and remove it from your refugium. Definitely will come in handy when we setup a refugium for our university coral farm! As some of these ‘bugs’ will inevitably make their way into the display tank, they will also help feed the animals in your reef tank and increase the biodiversity in your aquarium. Really appreciate this guide, thanks! You also may need to increase the flow rate through the refuge to obtain a steady temp in the display. Cant wait to start growing. That way you balance your Ph at night. A full spectrum light in the 6500-10,000K color range works best. Refugium & Sumps. And they are, indeed, plumbed in the same general manner. Use two heaters (or more). AlgaeBarn, LLC offers promotional free shipping on all purchases (excluding items that require overnight shipping such as live fish, live clams, or frozen foods) that subtotal exceeds $40 (not including taxes or fees) and the delivery address is located inside the continental United States of America. It is perfectly OK, and they are helping to keep your tank clean! A week or so in the ‘fuge should be long enough, and then you can put them in the main tank. I have an interesting project that I want to undertake, and I want to see what you all think of it. I am planning out to do a review gym after reading your article. A sump is the term used to describe any type of container used beneath or behind an aquarium. Algae barn pods are the best. If you followed these instruction and tips you will now have had successfully set up your refugium. From the onset, it's helpful to understand the differences between sumps and refugia. It is also a good idea to fish out any floating debris with a net prior to turning on your pumps. Refugium; Live Sand; Extra Live Rock; Bio Media; Return Pump; You can purchase a ready-made sump or build your own. We have tried many others. This second chamber is an ideal place for a refugium. All rights reserved. I have started my first reef tank. Reactions: Bdroid. Refugium mud is extra beneficial because it helps restore trace elements and is the perfect size and texture for micro-organisms to burrow and reproduce. Also, some aquarists create a mini refugium by using a dedicated box compartment in their sump or purchasing a small aquarium for the purpose. Many hobbyists run the refugium light at night, opposite of the display aquarium’s photo period, because doing so helps reduce large pH drops when the lights are out in your main display. Both the Precision Marine and Trigger Systems sumps are perfect options and offer various sizes to fit just about any tank. Typically, we ship with USPS Priority Mail. Do I add before or after cycling the tank? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The ATO feeds in before the bubble trap. Oct 25, 2018 #4 Mandelstam Well-Known Member View Badges. Had a massive one on the old tank. A sign of that would be the plant turning white. Also, Refugium is used to grow algae that will help break down or absorb waste. The Ultimate Sump Design. If you have sensitive fish, like Mandarin Gobies, a refugium is a great place to get your them acclimated to your aquarium. And the third … Once started, how often do I replenish the copapods moving forward? Once it’s cycled I’ll be adding chaeto and pods. Don't worry though, if an unforseen shipping delay occurs, we still guarantee it, even if it is the carriers fault! It gives them a place to eat plenty of food and relax without competition from other fish. Just started setting up the fuge on the 120. This service tends to take 1-3 days for delivery and may depend on locality. A good grow light does not need to be on all the time. adroll_currency = "USD"; In Sump Refugium The Fuge is usually filled with either a Deep Sand Bed, ‘Miracle Mud’ or Ceramic Bio-Media Plates with various forms of macroalgae placed on top. Joined Oct 29, 2017 Messages 685 Reaction score … This seems to get placed all over the place in sump designs. Discussion Starter • #5 • Feb 9, 2012. i know that, im talking about a dedicated area for just the protein skimmer. adroll_version = "2.0"; With a sump based refugium, the refugium is a second tank which you place below your real tank. In order to set-up your refugium, you will need: a light, substrate, some rubble rock and whatever you plan to grow in the refugium. Thanks in advance for any help or info. This refugium sump kit is specifically built to offer more affordability and simplicity of design. Notice how a baffle separates the first chamber from the second. Well I finally received my 110 waterbox and with the sump it came with i was thinking of putting a refugium in it. Having a refugium increases the overall biodiversity of your tank, which improves the wellbeing of the aquarium. I would love to have the space to put refugium on my biocube, definitely on a bucket list for my reef aquarium. I would like to set up a display refugium. I’m building my new 140 gallon Reefer XL525 and not sure when to add the refugium starter kit. Just need to get some macroalgae, pods, and phytoplankton to complete. Additionally, the fine grain size and dense nature of the mud creates nitrate-reducing anaerobic zones with just 1-2 inches of depth. Thank you. If your fuge is under your tank in a regular stand, be sure you enough height between high output lights like the Kessil H360 and the water surface. This is the ONLY info I can’t seem to find a good answer to. I don’t have many copepod eaters in my reef, is it okay if there are an excess amount crawling on rocks/glass? This is great info!! These seem to keep my fish happiest. Are there other effective algae’s that you would recommend that are also attractive? Select a sterilizer of an appropriate size for the aquarium. I am upgrading my tank to a 75 gallon which will have a sump. Congratulations! So when your sump is set up and running, turn off the pump. Our 5,280 blend provides three great species that will help clean algae and detritus from your system, they make a great compliment to amphipods! I had it going on my 26-gallon sump, and I realized very quickly that I am going to have to move it up. Refugiums are great because they provide a means to export waste and nutrients and also provide a safe haven for small, beneficial organisms to grow and reproduce. I have everything I need for the refugium except the macroalgae and substrate. Chaeto, does not look very attractive. The baffles ensure gentle water flow through the refugium and will keep all of the sand, rocks, and other things … Your email address will not be published. We offer a few different types of refugium muds including the popular Ecosystem Aquariums Miracle Mud, CaribSea Mineral Mud, and Walt Smith Fiji Mud. For starters, it gives us a place to hide things like heaters, protein skimmers, and it also gives us more gallons in our system, making it more stable. A sump might also containa refugium or vice versa, but that is about where the similarities end. Made of clear acrylic, the sump was positioned underneath the aquarium. The porousness of the rock also provides space for the ‘pods’ to reproduce. I'm amazed at how few sump designs show reactors, maybe it's something that most people do without? They also provide a habitat for small beneficial organisms so they can reproduce without getting eaten. Copyright 1998-2020 Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies. This is how the nitrate and phosphates are removed from your aquarium water. That’s about it. I found with proper lighting you don’t need and even get better growth on a reverse daylight schedule. here is what I am thinking. If you do not have a sump there are other methods, but ultimately having a sump will be best. A demonstration of how to install a UV Sterilizer in sump behind a refugium We plumb UV sterilizers directly above the return pump in your sump. The best place for it is in a sump. Might have to set one up now! Since refugiums have become so popular, many of the sumps we carry are now designed with compartments ready for a refugium. Check the dimensions to make sure it fits in your sump. I cant wait to start my refugium with chaeto and copepods. This will increase the effectiveness of the skimmer and prevent those tiny beneficial organisms growing in your refugium from getting chopped up or removed by your skimmer. I am currently in the process of building my in sump refugium. For substrate, sand is perfectly suitable but refugium mud is the best choice. adroll_adv_id = "L4QQTQKG7BFMPMUBEME44M"; When contemplating installation of a refugium, several factors should be considered. How to set up a Successful Refugium. Then, the algae is harvested and the nutrients are successfully taken out. When guests visit we want them to appreciate the livestock in as natural a setting as possible, without a bunch of cumbersome devices scattered throughout the tank. Macro-algae is grown in a refugium because it will absorb nitrates and phosphates from your aquarium water and help prevent the spread of nuisance algae in your display aquarium. Can you guys let me know if I commented on this post already lol.. This "work" tank is usually kept under wraps and handles your water pump action for reef tanks as well as manages extra filtration. Patience and slow start up is the best way all g with adding the statues kit from algae barn.
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