As a precaution to prevent the spread of disease through hedgehog ownership, the CDC does advise owners not kiss or snuggle their hedgehogs too closely, to wash their hands frequently when touching or handling them, and to avoid letting hedgehogs roam in food preparation, serving, or storage areas. For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. Oddly enough, licensed breeders are allowed, but any hedgehogs sold as pets must be shipped out of state. This, coupled with a general aversion to more exotic pets in many places, has led to some bans and restrictions on the ownership of hedgehogs as pets. Returning U.S. origin pet birds might be quarantined in the operator’s home for at least 30 days. For similar reasons, states including California, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, and Maine have also designated them illegal. A domesticated … The professional Atlanta pet-sitters at Critter Sitters are experienced with sitting pets of all varieties across the Atlanta region. Required fields are marked *. (5+) *Please note: If you are interested in purchasing an animal, you must first contact us to make an appointment-no walk ins. Georgia. The state is concerned that escaped exotic animals would set up a resident wild populations. The state of Georgia allows for hedgehog breeders to raise and sell hedgehogs with a proper license and so long as they aren't selling to anyone in state or to any of the other states where it is illegal to own them. A bill in the Georgia Senate would allow residents to own an African Pygmy Hedgehog without getting a wildlife permit. Hedgehogs are quiet, friendly, low-maintenance animals that would make great pets. Also be sure to do your research on the animal you are interested in prior to purchase. It is currently illegal to own a hedgehog in California, Georgia, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Singapore : Hedgehogs of all kinds are illegal, along with other exotic pets such as iguanas , tarantulas , scorpions , and snakes . They could also increase the risk of extinction for local endangered species by competing for habitat. What Georgia State Parks Can I Take My Dog To? They could also increase the risk of extinction for local endangered species by competing for habitat. What Stores in Atlanta Can I Take My Dog Into. Hawaii It’s more difficult to predict how exotic animals will impact the ecosystem. Your email address will not be published. A significant number of animals perish as a consequence. New York City health code considers hedgehogs wild animals and therefore unsuitable to keep in the home. It seems they are concerned that escaped pet animals may set up a resident wild population. Norway rats have lived in the USA for so long they’re like family. It loves and craves attention from people, it’s going lick your face, it will cuddle with you, it’s going wag its giant puffy tail the moment it sees you, it will play with toys in your home as you try to select the fantastic Instagram picture of it. This can cause an ecological imbalance, as well as make native endangered species extinct by competing for habitat. The Atlanta, GA hedgehog sitters at Critter Sitters welcomes you to use our pet-sitting services to care for your other pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and more. The Georgia State Senate believes that they will overpopulate. In the other states, it’s still legal to acquire weaned baby birds from pet stores. Georgia For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. The Georgia DNR cited many reasons why hedgehogs would not make good pets in a joint agency briefing with the Georgia Department of Agriculture… Favorite Answer Hi there... the State of Georgia has deemed hedgehogs illegal. Hybrids or crosses between any combination of domestic animals, wildlife, or regulated wild animals and all subsequent generations are regulated in Georgia and may not be held … It seems they are concerned that escaped pet animals may set up a resident wild population. Unfortunately, recent clarification has deemed them illegal. Hedgehogs, like all other small animals, are complex and unique individuals who require a lifetime of special care, food, and supplies.So before you go looking online for a hedgehog because you love Sega’s classic blue guy and want to buy your own Sonic on a whim, read on to find out why a hedgehog is anything but an ideal “pet.” I have been working for years to try to change this law. It seems they are concerned that escaped pet animals may set up a resident wild population. See whether you can find with a solution together. Contact MassWildlife in case you have any questions regarding these lists of domestic animals. You’ll need to find a private breeder through the internet or exotic animal magazines. We at Hamor Hollow are erring on the side of caution by listing hedgehogs as Illegal/Restricted in Georgia. Another aspect which you need to discover before purchasing an exotic animal is if there’s a veterinarian in your region that will see to the animal. Hedgehogs make great pets and there's absolutely no valid reason why they should be illegal in Georgia. If you’re considering exotic pet ownership, think about contacting a rescue, and be certain you know, skill, time, and financial assets to take care of the animal. When life takes you elsewhere, we’ll be there to care for your pet, providing attention, long term pet care, and whatever your pet needs at a moment’s notice. Hedgehogs: Make Hedgehogs legal in Georgia! (Hedgehog lovers claim that if domesticated hedgehogs were to be released into the wild, they would most likely die before being able to have any measurable impact on the ecosystem.). In 2014, a bill that would legalize hedgehogs went through the Georgia state senate but was eventually rejected. It is currently not legal to own a hedgehog as a pet in the state of Georgia. Why Can’t We Have Hedgehogs in Georgia? Whether there are certain cruelty laws which have been broken (this varies from city to city) the pet store proprietor might be prosecuted. Thank you Their habits and needs should be respected, Is it Legal To Own A Kangaroo? For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. For more information about what we can do to provide your pet with the best care available in the Atlanta region, call us today at 404-793-6178. It is a pretty sad circumstance. The USA is often thought to have a number of the maximum animal welfare standards on earth and yet, in regards to captive marine mammals, even the U.S. fails to supply the essential safeguards and standards to protect one of our favorite creatures. Another reason for the hedgehog ban is a health risk for humans, especially hedgehog owners and those handling them. However, breeders are allowed (upon acquiring a license) to breed hedgehogs as long as they will not sell the animals in Georgia or any other state that has the hedgehog ban. The state does not have any regulations in regards to exotic animals. There aren’t any boarding facilities for hedgehogs . In Texas and Pennsylvania it is permitted to keep them, and in quite a few other places, you would have to ask your community legislation to see whether you will need any exceptional permit. Hedgehogs, those small and prickly little creatures, are no longer illegal to own in Fairfax County. Hedgehogs are also especially prone to spreading foot and mouth disease as well as rabies, chlamydia, pseudotuberculosis, and other fungal and bacterial diseases. Share on Facebook. Campaigning for the bill’s passage included a petition and Facebook page. Fans of hedgehogs should also note a loophole. Hedgehogs are known for being great pets. For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. Though most house owners are unable to extend the environment. Just an FYI, only European hedgehogs are at risk of becoming an invasive species. These stunning animals can be extremely affectionate, but they have survival instincts which you may not have the ability to train. Hedgehogs are thorny issues in some states Hedgehogs are banned in the state of Georgia not only in Georgia but also in California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and in some regions of New York as well. While it’s unfortunate that you’re unable to own hedgehogs in the state of Georgia, there are still many pet possibilities available to you. Georgia police departments also need to take care of tigers on the run. Exact zen, exact pricey, and quite a poor idea if you have a cat. Hedgehogs are an online sensation. Since that time, tens of millions of ash trees are killed, and their numbers keep growing. Many reptile owners get rid of their pet in a calendar year, mostly on account of the fact they’re very difficult and pricey to look after. It’s legal to get a hedgehog in the majority of states around the States. With their prickly outsides and soft bellies, they’re sought after for being cute, well-behaved, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, and photographing extremely well. Sugar glider, European ferret. In our opinion, hedgehogs still being listed on Georgia’s Wild Animals/Exotics list outweighs the current effort to legalize them through 2013 House Bill 780 , 2015 House Bill 273 , 2015 Senate Bill 180 , and 2017 Senate Bill 21 . Hedgehogs for instant are currently illegal to keep due to people's fear of them naturalizing in California (which isn't true), but rats and mice aren't native and were already introduced to California, as well as causing more impact than hedgehogs, but are still legal as pets, so there's no point of making hedgehogs as pets illegal. All rights reserved. Georgia is one of the six and I'm here to try to change that. Hedgehogs are cute but can threaten local eco-systems. Owning Hedgehogs is Currently Illegal in Some States Having a hedgehog as a pet is illegal in Georgia, California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and the five boroughs of New York City. There isn’t any law in the USA that is particularly designed to safeguard the welfare of dolphins. Fines are imposed upon anyone possessing a hedgehog, and can range from $500 to $40,000. You’re likely to need to locate a vet who’s ready to take care of bats in the very first place, and you’re likely to pay up lots of money. A permit can be obtained by filing an application through the USDA. Ask about discounts on multiple hedgehogs! The bottom line is that hedgehogs are illegal in the state of Georgia unless you obtain a permit as referenced in O.C.G.A. So have California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and the five boroughs of New York City. Our next animal is similar to something from a bad alien thought. Unfortunately, recent clarification has deemed them illegal. Why are hedgehogs illegal in some places? You might be the buyer that these smugglers hope to reach, and should you get started questioning the source of live animals, it may have a true impact. The state does not have any regulations in regards to exotic animals. The main reason that the state of Georgia cites for its hedgehog ban is that domesticated hedgehogs would cause an uptick in the wild population if they were, by chance, to escape from their homes, thus throwing the local ecosystem off balance. This state actually had some problem with this about ten years ago. What Beaches in Georgia Can I Take My Dog To? Unfortunately, recent clarification has deemed them illegal. It is illegal to own hedgehogs in Georgia. Illegal trade can likewise be a potential source of human infection. Georgia isn't the only state that's declared it illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets. Salmonella bacteria are highly present in the droppings of hedgehogs and can be carried on their bodies and anything they come into contact with; in fact, numerous salmonella outbreaks, beginning in the 1990s, have been linked back to salmonella carried by domesticated hedgehogs. Those places have also made it illegal to own hedgehogs. Not that it changes much in this case, because it's still illegal in Georgia. On Tuesday, the county’s Board of Supervisors legalized hedgehogs as household pets. The spiny mammals are also illegal to keep as pets in Washington, DC, and all five boroughs of New York City. Make sure to talk with your family and friends that are taking a look at buying pets about doing something similar. However, they cannot be sold in to a citizen of the state, the hedghog must be shipped to another state. Hedgehogs are more prone than other animals to spreading diseases. Keeping African Pygmy hedgehogs as pets is legal in most states. Why are they banned? There isn't really a reason for hedgehogs to be illegal in California. According to scientists and Wildlife experts, hedgehogs pose a threat to ecosystems. “Hedgehogs” is broadly listed, encompassing all breeds, though most hedgehogs sold as pets are African pygmy hedgehogs (also known as the white-bellied hedgehog or four-toed hedgehog), Egyptian long-eared hedgehogs, or Indian long-eared hedgehogs. Not only are hedgehogs a great pet, they are legal in surrounding states. Exotic Pets As with different areas of the Earth, exotic pets stay popular in the USA. Hedgehogs are listed as an “insectivore” on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources list of non-native wild animals. The animals listed below are examples of the exotic species regulated under Georgia Law. Georgia. Hedgehog-loving Georgians will not sit idly by without their prickly friends. Hedgehogs can carry some diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Unfortunately, hedgehogs are illegal to own, breed and sell in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and three specific areas including New York City, NY, Washington, DC, and Fairfax County, VA. With the net, exotic animals are less difficult than ever to obtain. Hedgehog ownership activists say that in order for hedgehogs to be legalized in Georgia, more buy-in from veterinarians and exotic pet experts will be needed. African Pygmy hedgehogs may legally be kept as pets.United States:In Arizona, a permit is required; the permit is very difficult to obtain.In Idaho and Oregon, European hedgehogs are illegal. Brown tree snakes aren’t in the contiguous United States of america. Their small size and agreeable nature make them ideal companions for people of all ages. ... Hedgehogs are still illegal … Hedgehogs are illegal in Georgia. Additionally, pet stores which sell these animals haven’t any obligation to confirm the legality of private ownership with buyers. Their tails also are further elongated also. Share this petition Petition Closed.
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